IL-14: Ted Gradel Posts Comparison Piece

Ted Gradel

While not stating on the comparison, looks to be Gradel vs. the two state senators

The campaign website had a new selection from the main menu marked “Issues”, and thinking Republican congressional candidate Ted Gradel may have published a policy/position statement/paper, upon clicking, it was the same six issues he’s had on the main home page since last April.

But there was a “Compare” button at the bottom of the new sub-menu, which yielded this slide:

Jim Oberweis
Sue Rezin

While no “opponents” are named, given the subjects compared it appears both State Senators Jim Oberweis and Sue Rezin are the apparent targets.

Candidates James Marter, Jerry Evans, Catalina Lauf and Anthony Catella are not the targets.

This comparison piece was launched quietly, and if the Gradel campaign issued a press release, McHenry County Blog has not seen it.

ANALYSIS: It appears Gradel’s campaign has done polling this month, and consistent with Oberweis’ verbal swipes at Rezin at last week’s debate, Oberweis and Rezin have apparently emerged from the crowded field, and Gradel is beginning to play catch up against them.

Oberweis was expected to be the frontrunner based on his name ID, but Rezin appears to have been, even before her introductory mailer hit the streets, separating herself from the other candidates including Gradel as the apparent #2 in the field.

Armed with the new polling data, Gradel is going to work pointing out Oberweis’ and Rezin’s years in Springfield, 7 and 9 years respectively, is something that is a negative.

The “career politician” as well as his number one issue being term limits go hand-in-hand with the comparison piece.

Maybe there will be more forthcoming from the Gradel campaign, but using the football kicking scenes viewed on Gradel’s videos earlier this month, it appears Gradel is trying to aim for the right upright while trying to make the kick good.

Comments? Is Gradel kick “good”? Or did it go “wide right”?


IL-14: Ted Gradel Posts Comparison Piece — 9 Comments

  1. Marter!

    Gradel is a non-starter.

    But he’s way better than moo-codger or the resinous RINO witch.

  2. This is a lie.

    Like Oberweis and Rezin or not, they both strongly favor building the wall and have been for strong measures to secure the border.

    “Overseen the destruction of Illinois…” well they both have been in the superminority in the State Senate and haven’t “overseen” anything.

    Is 7 years and 9 years respectively in the State Senate make either a “career politician”?

    This is from the guy (Gradel) who won’t say where he lived (Florida) as of a year ago or what is immediate past employment has been.


    After warning him for years against his shady health clinic business in Florida that the South Florida Sun Sentinel said “preyed upon desperate patients,” the FDA took him to federal court last spring and won.

    Only Gradel and one of his partner’s signature is on the federal court consent decree and only the two of them were named on the first page of that document from the federal court as the defendants.

    He has lied to numerous people about being a “distant investor.”

    He was a co-owner and is listed on the State of Florida’s website as Manager.

    The FDA court action against his company “US Stem Cell Clinic” only named him and one woman in their lawsuit.


    Because the state of Florida and the South Florida Sun Sentinel show him as as the “Managing Director” and “Co-Owner” of US Stem Cell Clinc.

    The FDA won a PERMANENT federal court injunction on Ted Gradel personally from praciticing biologics for the rest of his life.

    The court and the FDA shut down the shady clinics permanently.

    So Gradel is running for Congress now to have authorization and appropriations authority as a Congressman over the FDA.

    Shady, shady, shady.

    All of Gradel’s contributors (including the misguided Governor of Arizona) need to be made to answer:

    “Did you not care about Gradel’s scandal of preying upon desperate patients that caused 3 women to go blind or did you know and not care?”

    No opthamologist would treat both eyes on the same day, especially with surgery.

    Can’t get cataracts in both eyes removed on the same day.

    But Gradel’s shady clinic put inexplicably invasively treated both eyes on the same day and one woman’s knee on the same day as both eyes!

    As if they were operating an auto repair business.

    This was so egregious that the New England Journal of Medicine conducted a study on Gradel’s clinic’s treatment that caused 3 women to go blind.

    Ten world renowned physicians mocked Gradel’s US Stem Cell Clinic’s dangerous treatment in the New England Journal of Medicine.

    It seems Gradel was so hungry to get rich quick that he used unapproved treatments on desperate patients that the FDA warned him repeatedly were dangerous.

    So now the con artist is running for Congress.

    I wonder has Lou Holtz met the 3 women who Gradel’s clinics treated and went blind?

    Look past the footballs he kicked in the 1980’s to what this con man was doing only a year ago.

    Seems the MSM doesn’t want to expose Gradel because most in the mainstream media want a weak Republican nominee so Lauren Underwood will win again.

    But make no mistake–Gradel as the nominee would be roasted and devastated politically by Underwood, the DCCC and national Lefists if was our nominee.

    Caused 3 women to go blind because of personal greed, and in defiance of repeated FDA warnings.

    Ask him at forums if he really was a “distant investor” and why he ignored repeated FDA warnings?

    Did he have no heart for the patients he was ripping off?

    And will he release numerous other patients who sued his clinics from their non-disclosure agreements from their own malpractice lawsuits against his clinic? Will he let voters get an idea of the total amount of damage his clinics did to desperate patients?

  3. A website update with a new slide?

    How’s that supposed to compete with what Oberweis and Rezin have been doing?

    This guy is in the big league of politics now, not college sports.

  4. Correcting, I’m guessing there is more coming, and will be finding out directly.

  5. Ted is the propped up product of consultants looking to make money off of ads and mailers.

    He has an Achilles heel and he’d get destroyed by Underwood in the general, the DCCC is salivating at the prospect of Ted coming out of the primary.

    Wake up, people.

  6. I agree with Price about consultants making money off of mailers and ads.

    I dont agree that Underwood would destroy him or that the DCCC is salivating at the chance of him as an opponent.

    This post on his website is good even if he is bending the truth a little (even though he says the same thing three times just worded differently).

    Its could also a little confusing how he did it but the overall message is good.

  7. Agree with price both Ted and Jim are the dccc pick to recreate a Hultgren 2018.

    Sue can’t win primary our only option is Lauf which is honestly the best match up against Lauren anyways

  8. Lauf makes me laugh.

    Rezin makes me retch.

    Mr. Moo makes me hold my nose.

    Gradel is hard on the eyes.

    Catella is a ghost candidate.

    Jerry E reminds me of the kid in school clamoring for attn, bc his parents didn’t pamper him enough.

    I must go with Marter.

  9. Mr. Jeff, tonight’s debate should be interesting even without Oberweis and possibly Rezin.

    We’ll see if there really is a third candida who will not show in Batavia tonight.

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