IL-14: Catalina Lauf Fundraiser Monday in Cary — 9 Comments

  1. Would love to visit the new Brewery in Cary and meet you–but I’ve already met you at the Debate, thank you, and the $100 to meet and greet at the Brewery is a bit steep, but will send a smaller donation to your website.

    Some of the other candidates are turning me off, particularly Oberweis with not showing up for the Batavia debate–feels like he’s got money, some recognition, so why work at it.

    Thats why he loses so often, takes things, and people for granted.

    You were polite and available at the Debate, the Oberweis folks were neither (except with their buddies).

    Makes a difference.

  2. Ms Trumpion you really don’t have a life do you.

    All of the negative comments towards Lauf, the disgusting posts made on Facebook by you and your Marter squad about her just make me more motivated to want to help and support her.

    Bob she posts events on her Facebook page I think she has a couple smaller open houses/ events coming up.

    I agree with you she’s a great candidate and what our district and the country needs

  3. Mr. Jeff, while I agree with you that the Marter Mean Girls have long ago gotten tiresome, Catalina Lauf, in my opinion, needs to really get going in this primary race & that begins tonight by having a superior debate performance in Batavia.

    She really must overcome what went wrong last week at MCC & turn in a breakout performance tonight even without Oberweis present.

    She also needs to roll out her platform.

    She first said she’d launch it in October, then she postponed it.

    She hinted in social media earlier this month, but it’s end of January & still nothing. That needs to change.

    She’s an “also running” at least in yesterday’s Crain’s Chicago Business & if she wants to change that, she’s got to do something more, and fast.

  4. John – I was at the debate.

    I think Catalina did great and I remember the loudest applause in the room was during one of her answers.

    She is the only one who has gotten national media attention, so your Crain’s Chicago reference means absolutely zero to me and probably most people in this district.

    I used to read this and really enjoy your commentary and objective opinion.

    Now this is just a waste of time.

  5. Correcting, Duffy is a fairly common last name, and they look nothing alike. My guess is, no.

    Mr. Jeff, you were at the MCC debate as a supporter of Catalina Lauf, not from the point of view of an undecided discerning voter. Had you been the latter, you would have seen the same things I did.

    As far as the loudest applause for Lauf, I tweeted when that happened. And as I said in a blog comment in the article with the debate video, that came towards the very end of the debate, and she needed to be having her best moments earlier, say an hour or 1.5 hours earlier.

    I also wrote how she blew it on the E-Verify question, which was asked 25 minutes into the debate.

    Yes, Lauf got a lot of earned national media back when she launched her campaign in August and throughout the fall. Apart from an OAN interview, and an online article plus a couple of radio interviews, that has tapered since the first of the year.

    The evidence I see is what candidates’ internal polling is saying, and how the candidates who paid for those polls are acting. The Crain’s article is a symptom, along with the actions of Oberweis, Rezin & Gradel. None of them are going after her individually, by name or inference.

    While your feedback about how you feel about the writing I do I believe is honest, know I am here to do what I do by the Highest Authority & as I’ve said many times before, I’m not here to tickle ears, but to write the truth.

    And in the past few months I have been accused of being a Lauf supporter, an Oberweis supporter, Rezin, Evans, Gradel & Catella. I’m sure someone will accuse me of supporting Underwood before this year is out.

    It doesn’t matter what people think. When the Spirit guides me to ask tough questions, I must obey, and obey I will.

  6. I think there was also a flyer at the debate last night for a Catalina event on the… 11th?

    At a VFW?

    You’ll want to double check the specifics of that one, John.

  7. Correcting, I saw that flyer for the 11th.

    That’s in Geneva in the Tri-Cities of Kane County, which isn’t just over the county line from McHenry County.

    I know I did the article late last year about James Marter’s St. Charles fundraiser that is also in the Tri-Cities, but now that we are into 2020, unless there is a major headliner for it, will probably no more than mention it, given she’s having a fundraiser in Cary on Monday night.

    Interesting pattern, these two Lauf fundraisers coincide with Democratic presidential nominating contests, with Iowa Caucuses on Monday night, and New Hampshire primary on the 11th.

    Sure it’s purely coincidental, but the pattern is noticed.

    Nevada caucus is #3 and South Carolina Democratic primary is Feb. 29th.

    The last one, according to social media, Lauf will be at CPAC in suburban DC that weekend.

    Curious how many other 14th district candidates will leave the campaign trail to attend CPAC.

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