IL-14: Jim Oberweis Responds to Attacks from Ted Gradel and Sue Rezin

Jim Oberweis

Confirmation Oberweis will not be at Batavia forum, campaign confirms polling shows he’s the man to beat for the nomination

Jim Oberweis’ congressional campaign responded to the Ted Gradel comparison piece and Sue Rezin’s mailer over the weekend:

“Our polling last fall showed Jim Oberweis as the clear front runner.

“Since that poll has been taken, Jim Oberweis has dropped two newspaper mailers, began running ads on cable and put together an experienced grassroots field team, opened two campaign offices and has received the endorsements from the Lake County Republicans, Winfield Township Republicans, Lake County Right to Life and Citizens for Life Federal PAC.

“Jim Oberweis is still the front runner in this race and not-so-veiled hit pieces from Ted Gradel or Jane Austen-length-newspapers from Sue Rezin has changed that.”

Jim 2020 Campaign spokesperson

Additionally, the Oberweis campaign confirmed the candidate will miss the Batavia candidates’ forum tomorrow night, hosted by the League of Women Voters:

“As to the LWV event – Jim has long scheduled events that conflict with their forum.”

Jim 2020 Campaign spokesperson

McHenry County Blog note: Therefore, it’s confirmed that at least one of the three candidates whom Daily Herald reporter James Fuller tweeted over the weekend will not be in attendance at the Batavia candidates’ forum is Jim Oberweis.

Additionally, Crain’s Chicago Business published an article from Greg Hinz which would confirm the race is a 2-person race at the end of January:


IL-14: Jim Oberweis Responds to Attacks from Ted Gradel and Sue Rezin — 10 Comments

  1. So in short, Oberweis is pointing out his campaign has spent quite a bit of money and bringing up the poll he had done with 200 potential voters that had him losing in the primary.

    It just wouldn’t be a Jim Oberweis response without at least one typo in it, would it?

    Read a book Jim, the author is Jane AUSTEN.

    I think his point would have been clearer if the writer hyphenated several of the phrases he used correctly, as well.

    At least he’s excited about trying for loss #7!

  2. Mr. Price, since that 200 Republican sample size poll he did over the summer, Oberweis did additional polling in early to mid October, details he has yet to release to anyone.

    That is the poll he’s referring to, and it was confirmed on his 4th quarter FEC filing he submitted 2 weeks ago.

    And that summer poll, which had 500 likely voters for the general election component, showed him losing in the general, not the primary.

    I should have caught that typo from the Oberweis campaign spokesperson, which I should go ahead and correct with an additional input that’s come out since the story was published.

  3. Didn’t all the polls say the wicked witch Hillary would crush Trump hands down?

  4. Once again I’ll remind all, that Australia has compulsory voting complete with fines and 90% plus turnout.

    If any election system where polls should be authoritative exists it’s Australia and it’s last election proved the polls were absolute garbage.

    Polls here are less about lumination and more about gaslighting.

  5. Who cares if the poll was taken in October, it doesn’t have anything to do with where the race is today.

    Polls are a snapshot in time they don’t predict the future.

    This response, while sort of funny in an ironic way, is pretty bad.

    To say “Oberweis was ahead in October and he’s campaigned since then” absolutely does not prove he is ahead now.

    A better response would be attacking Gradel and Rezin on their stances or background not on attacking their attacks on Oberweis.

    I’m assuming this response came from Travis Akin which makes sense, and shows why Oberweis lost all those other races.

  6. Mr. FLamont, you are correct that October is 3 months in the past.

    Surely, Oberweis will be doing more polling between now & March, if he isn’t doing it already.

    As we move into February we should all be seeing the first poll(s) done for the Chicago Tribune and possibly other media, & see if what is suspected is true, and if so, how much.

    Right now, the educated guess would give Oberweis a 20 point lead, say around 25 to 30 percentage points, Rezin cracking double digits but a clear 2nd, and the remaining candidates in single digits.

    I think that explains Ted Gradel’s comparison piece.

    Going into this weekend, the campaigns who are in it to win it, will jump start their campaigns with either a district wide mailing, and/or a TV ad buy.

    And if they haven’t launched their campaign’s platforms in some detail, they had better do it too.

  7. The Oberweis campaign is responding to Rezin and Gradel’s attacks.

    For once, they’re not acting like they’re already facing Underwood in a general election.

    Has the Oberweis campaign ever mentioned Marter or Lauf who regularly attack him?


  8. The way Oberweis, Rezin and Gradel are acting means they think it’s a three way race, which it probably is.

    Marter and Lauf are trying to get traction by attacking the front runner but Oberweis isn’t taking the bait.

    He knows who he needs to focus on.

  9. Mr. Flamont, I disagree it’s a 3-way race at this point.

    I do not know what Ted Gradel has done to raise his profile.

    We know he’s released videos, but to my knowledge, we haven’t seen any TV ad buys, or even digital ad buys using the videos.

    If anyone else has seen anything that resembles such a buy, please tell us.

    You and Correcting are right Oberweis isn’t taking the bait from Lauf or Marter.

    His polling likely says that he doesn’t need to, and neither turned in their FEC reports yet to even give a hint of viability.

    All FEC year end reports are due tomorrow, so we’ll know how all the campaigns stood at year end financially by tomorrow night.

    And we must remember, after 3rd quarter Lauf released her receipts 2 or 3 days after Sept. 30 cutoff.

    She didn’t do that for year end.

    The only one Oberweis has been going on offense is, from the debate last week, is Rezin.

    He added Gradel, but that was response to the comparison published by Gradel.

    That is why my educated guess is Rezin at this point, is the only one who has emerged from crowded field to challenge him in primary.

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