Psst. Don’t Tell People Sandoval Is a Democrat

Blue Ribbon winner?

From commenter “Bred Winner”:

“The 4 main tv news stations of Chicago had news stories posted on the internet covering this guy pleading guilty BUT none of them mentioned that he was of the Democrat Party.

“Wonder why.

“The list of Illinois Democrat politicians doing crimes is very, very, very long.

“The most recent famous Democrat being Rod Blagojevich who is now in jail.

“The people of Crook County and Illinois prove over and over and over again that they are incredibly dumb in continuing to vote for politicians of the Democrat party.


Psst. Don’t Tell People Sandoval Is a Democrat — 11 Comments

  1. Oh please!

    You’ve got the most corrupt politician in history on trial right now, the guy who just demanded bribery is made legal, the one who’s bought off his mistresses, the one who’s told 16,000 lies in three years.

    The one who pardons war criminals and insults U.S. Vets.

  2. I’d rather have a lying politician that gets things done, as opposed to lying politicians that don’t.

    It doesn’t matter which party you support – THEY ARE ALL crooked liers.

  3. Is Joe Kidvera perhaps like Sargent Schultz. “I see nothinnggg, I hear nothinnggg, I know nothinnggg?

    Besides Sandoval, Chicago Democrat politicians charged with corruption in recent times are Alderman Burke and Representative Arroyo. Other Democrats from Chicago or Illinois charged with crime over the years include Rod Blagovich, Mel Reynolds, Jesse Jackson Jr, Thomas Keane, Ed Verdoliak, Otto Kerner, Barbara Bennett, Dan Walker, Dan Rostenkowski, a number of Democrats in Operation Silver Shovel in the 1990’s, a number of Democrats in Operation Greylord in the 1980’s, etc, etc. Some of these served time in jail.

    A prominent Republican politician who went to jail was Gov George Ryan.

    Perhaps others could add to the list of Illinois politicians who were charged with crimes and/or convicted of crimes, Democrat or Republican.

    Who has the greater number? D or R?

    Besides crimes actually prosecuted, there is the issue of gross incompetence by Democrats as evident by the record of Democrat politicians in Illinois and crook county who have been in charge for over many, many decades. Illinois has been and is the worst State of 50 (57 for Obama) in the U.S. on a fiscal basis.

  4. Joey needs to have his head examined.

    What about all the crimes committed by the FBI against Trump and Gen. Flynn?

    Witch Hillary and Biden should be jailbirds. Obongo, too.

  5. Joe? If you are speaking of the sham impeachment – that is NOT a trial. No wonder we have such a failed system when the hoi poloi doesn’t even understand how their governement works.

  6. “The one who pardons war criminals and insults U.S. Vets”

    As opposed to Obama who releases war criminals and gives them back to fight another day.

    As opposed to Obama who sold out the Iraqi government to Iran as part of his negotiations for peace in the middle east.

    As opposed to Obama who used wire taps and IRS investigations illegally against Trump and republican organizations.

    As opposed to Obama who signs the Paris accords only to limit the US to climate change action while no one else honored the agreement and India and China didn’t even have to participate until 2030 while being by far the 2 biggest contributors to pollution.
    oe you’re going to look even more stupid when Trump become the first president impeached in the house and reelected.

  7. Greylord, was the first investigation of a Courthouse in US history.

    The players included, Judges. Lawyers, Police Officers, Court Appointed evaluators and more.

    They were so bold about their transactions, bribes were being accepted in the halls of the Courthouse, the courtrooms and within the Judges Chambers.


  8. Interesting Cal, didn’t know that.

    The potential for Corruption is not determined or limited by, gender, religion, race, socio-economic status, or political affiliation.

  9. People in one’s party, may be relevant in influencing and encouraging corrupt individuals.

    A political party does not create corrupt individuals, people in political parities cultivate and empower them. Prime example is Nancy Pelosi.

    Many people representing the Democratic Party lead the way for Corruption in Illinois and Madigan is their leader.

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