Red Light Camera Opponent Former State Senator Dan Duffy Weighs In

Former State Senator Dan Duffy, an ardent opponent of red light cameras, has this reaction to the guilty plea of Senator Martin Sandoval:

Dan Duffy

“It is about time. 

“Is this really a shock to anyone? 

“Sandoval pleading guilty to soliciting bribes totaling a quarter of a million dollars over a three-year period is not even the tip of the iceberg.

“This specific corruption scheme using red light cameras to rob hard earned money from taxpayers and enrich Illinois elected officials has been going on for over a decade. 

“In 2009 when the RLC corruption payoffs were at their peak, I proposed the first pieces of legislation in Illinois to eliminate Red Light Cameras. 

“Sandoval and President Cullerton did their best to stop me. 

“They even tried to publicly bully and embarrass me by illegally using private RLC clips that are intended solely for law enforcement officials. 

“They did not and could not stop my efforts to raise awareness about the RLC scam. 

“I continued to fight the Red Light Camera scam every day I was in office. 

“When traveling across the state while in the senate, I used the RLC scam as a primary example to highlight the culture of corruption in Illinois.” 

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Red Light Camera Opponent Former State Senator Dan Duffy Weighs In — 3 Comments

  1. well I see where most of the corrupted $$ went to sure not hurting for food

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