Skillicorn Comments on State of the State Speech

From State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:

Rep. Skillicorn Reacts to Governor’s State of the State Address

Springfield…State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R- East Dundee) released the following statement in reaction to Governor Pritizker’s State of the State address on Wednesday:

“While we appreciate that Governor Pritzker signaled his support for a small number of Republican-sponsored ethics reform proposals, we believe there is more that needs to be done to root out corruption in state government once and for all.

“There is a black cloud over Springfield, and it seems we learn of new developments regarding an ongoing federal investigation into corruption and self-dealing in state government on a weekly basis.

“I have filed dozens of real and substantive ethics reform bills, pension reform legislation, and bills to provide property tax relief year after year that stay completely frozen out by the Speaker to languish and die in his tightly controlled Rules Committee.

“The Democratic majority thrives in the current corrupt status-quo that they have created over four decades.

Chicago Tribune 1-29-20

“They freeze out real reform bills and treat the taxpayers of Illinois as their personal piggy banks, choosing to protect a well-connected chosen few over doing what is best for the all the people of the State of Illinois.

“It is time to finally deal with reality and focus on working together to address our unsustainable and massive pension disaster that grows larger every day.

“I have proposed a five-step pension reform plan that will fix this disaster in an ethical and fair way, but to do this we need full bi-partisan support for this reform to become a reality.

“During this session, I plan to advocate for real solutions to the pension crisis.

“I have a 5-step plan to address out of control property taxes, a proposal to create a 1% percent hard cap, and end the unethical practice of letting legislators draw their own district boundaries and choose their constituents every ten years through a broken remap process.

“Two months ago, I called on the General Assembly to support legislation ending the practice of legislators moonlighting as lobbyists.

“I applaud the Governor for joining me in this common sense reform. 

“With our state’s terrible outmigration problem, we need to do everything we can to lower our property tax burden and create jobs so our communities will thrive.

“I will continue to work with any lawmaker – Republican or Democrat – who will work to end corruption, lower property taxes, and create jobs for the people of Illinois.”


Skillicorn Comments on State of the State Speech — 5 Comments

  1. Lee Daniels was also responsible for emasculating the GOP in Illinois.

  2. Rather than file “dozens of ethic reform bills,” why not file one that might pass.

    And drop the sideburns Al.

  3. Heinrich, again I see your reading comprehension is not good.

    all the bills get stalled in committee.

    Meaning the Dems don’t want real change.

    They only pay lip service and then do not act.

  4. Ah yes the black kettle Fred Flinstone calling out all the other black tea pots… what a joke!

  5. They always draw the donkeys to look like AOC or John Kerry.

    It’s an insult to donkeys everywhere.

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