Minimal State Aid to Education for McHenry County Under the New Formula

Former Cary Grade School Board President Scott Coffey offers the following information on how the new State Aid to Education formula is affecting McHenry County Schools:

“In general, Illinois is throwing ever more money at education but generating virtually nothing in return.

“Illinois has added roughly $300-350 million per year, every year, for the last three years to education, but virtually none of that money is reaching McHenry County.

“For this fiscal year, McHenry County schools share of the $300 million in new “Evidenced-Based Formula” (EBF) funding is only $4.7 million.

“That’s $4.7 million spread out over roughly 47,000 students.

“The amount of new funding coming into McHenry County schools is nearly immeasurable.

“For instance, the share to be received for both D-3(Fox River Grove) and D-46 (Prairie Grove) is $1.11 per pupil.

“Most districts in the County will be receiving less than $100/pupil.

“So, even though the State is spending increasing sums on education and getting very little in return, very little of that money is making its way into McHenry County.

“For the most part, McHenry County schools will continue to rely on inflated property taxes because all the new State money is targeted to more favored cities/counties.”


Minimal State Aid to Education for McHenry County Under the New Formula — 3 Comments

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