Franks’ Host Committee Co-Chairman’s Criminal Trial Delayed Until Next Year

The Chicago Tribune reports that Chicago Alderman Ed Burke’s trial will not be held until 2021.

What’s the relevance to McHenry County?

Burke has been a marque name on fellow Democrat Jack Franks’ fundraising invitations and a contributor for years.

Jack Franks didn’t have Mike Madigan as a headliner on his 2016 Chicago fundraiser, but Ed Burke was still featured.
Mike Madigan is missing from this 2016 Jack Franks’ Chicago fundraising invitation, but Ed Burke’s name was right on top.
Jack Frank’s invitation to this 2014 fundraiser has Ed Burke second.
In 2019, Ed Burke’s name disappeared from Jack Franks’ invitation.

Other public officials have given contributions from those indicted to charity.

Looking through Jack Franks’ campaign expenses since Ed Burke was indicted shows no charitble contributions.


Franks’ Host Committee Co-Chairman’s Criminal Trial Delayed Until Next Year — 6 Comments

  1. The Roosevelt Group, listed as Sponsor of the bottom invitation, was disclosed as one of those belonging to the “llinois Integrity Fund” who sponsored the flyers sent to the voters in McHenry County just before the 2018 Primary defaming Joe Tirio, Ersel Schuster and Orv Brettman.

  2. Don’t those of us in Illinois that vote for Democrats at any level get tired of the corruption and self serving narcissists.

    The only answer is term limits which will never happen without a Constitutional amendment.


  3. Adjusted for inflation, property I own in Cook County is now worth the same as it was in 1925.

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