Gasser Responds to Commenter’s Critique

Steven Pokorny offered this comment on a recent article:

“Pinkman ‘We will cut our levy again this year.’

Really, why couldn’t you have lowered it more last year.

“oh yeah, legal fees.

“How much more could you have saved us with out your political payback agenda, and general ignorance?

“Maybe you can get your spin doctors to write another BS article about how it’s never your fault.”

Andrew Gasser

Here is Andrew Gasser’s response, written on Friday:

“If only every taxing body in McHenry cut taxes like we did in the highway department.

“I do realize I was ignorant.

“I never thought the sheriff would refuse to investigate the highway department and it was my assumption based on what was discovered going on at the highway department any competent prosecutor would have indicted the former highway commissioner…

“Steve – I was wrong.

“The sheriff refused to investigate and the prosecutor refused to pursue the case.

“This is why I now say there are no democrats and their are no republicans.

“It is the elite political class against the rest of us.

“Personally – I take your criticism as a badge of honor.

“While so many people out their tolerate their elected politicians taxing to the max I get critiqued for not cutting taxes more.

“I am proud we lowered taxes every year despite “republicans” voting no on my levy.

“Maybe you will decide to run someday and (try to) do a better job.

“Always easier sitting on the sidelines and Monday Morning quarterbacking.

“Have a blessed weekend Steve.”


Gasser Responds to Commenter’s Critique — 19 Comments

  1. Andrew I experienced the same thing during my term of office.

    Those on the sidelines just can’t imagine what its like.

  2. Steven said: “your political payback agenda”

    Gasser’s retort waltzed away from answering or even referencing that part of Steven’s comments.

    I believe the legal fees referenced as Gasser’s political payback agenda will be some where around at least $1 million.

    Hard to say as the wasted legal fight over the union and hiring back the fired continues.

    Maybe the resolution of the union issue would come to an end much quicker if our Ghost Highway Commissioner Gasser spent more time in his office in IL, than in Mississippi.

  3. Townships are a license to steal……

    and Miller sure outdid his granddad and daddy!

  4. Kenneally is a part of the corruption.

    Like a leprous leprechaun, he skips around shucking and jiving.

  5. I’m completely impressed with Andrew.

    He has a belief in right and wrong.

    He pursues right.

    As far as porky goes, he complains about lawyer bills.

    If that is waste, how much was Miller wasting.

    Clearly, the Road Dist levy declined by more than Gasser spent on a single years fees.

    Importantly, Gasser completed installation of three bridges that had been ignored by Miller during his 24 years in office.

    Andrew deserves a round of applause, not the criticism of Monday morning quarterbacking.

    Porky you have championed the waste of miller on plenty of occasions.

    Again here Gasser is correct, Kenneally gave a 52 page missive why he wasn’t going to prosecute blatant misconduct.

    That missive was beyond comprehension.

    What he should have done is present the facts to the grand jury.

    They were the ones that should have decided on the excuses.

    Because of political nonsense there is this ridiculous excuse list.

    Kenneally abdicated his obligations to the people on this one.

  6. I did not watch what Del Miller did, but Bob Miller’s grandfather was a reformer.

    For example, his predecessor refused to put the township logo on the side of the truck he drove.

    That changed when his grandfather took office.

  7. Pokorny has a conservative spirit but he hasn’t a clue and is a total enabler to theft and corruption.

    If he had his way, he would still be being ripped off but in the dark about it. . . would he be any happier?

    The guy is a chronic complainer.

    If he has such wonderful solutions why the hell don’t we see his name on any of those campaign signs.

    Andrew Gasser is and has been trying to rid this county of corruption since he’s been in office on the county board.

    He had a great case he handed over on a silver platter.

    Shame that the powers that be didn’t want to do anything about it!

    That’s what Pokorny ought to be complaining about!!! ( or was he on Bob’s gravy train too?)

  8. Frank You are a complete moron, did you ever get passed the 3rd grade.

    Never once have I ever championed Bob Miller.

    Bob Miller should be in jail with his wife, the real brains behind their criminal conspiracy.

    In fact I worked on 2 campaigns to oust Miller in the nineties.

    I knew who he was.

    I even voted for Gasser.

    But from Day one he went into his job not with the intention of maintaining our roads but with punishing the Millers.

    That was the SAs job not his.

    Keneally should be voted out of office.

    My complaint is how much more could Gasser have saved us by not playing his games of trying to punish the Millers.

    Day one he fires union employees without due cause and claims ignorance of the agreement.

    Yet was asked about the employees certifying the union prior to his taking office.

    Has anyone ever heard of due diligence.

    Not this guy.

    He goes in with both guns blazing like he is re-enacting Pickets charge, Same outcome.

    Claims he lowered our levy, great.

    it should have been more, why be happy with crumbs when we should have gotten whole slices.

    He has wasted more than a million dollars playing “I was right”.

    Gasser should have just stuck to maintaining the roads which he was elected to do.

    thinking is beyond his reach, and we are still paying for his missives, there are still lawsuits pending.

    Yeah, I should be grateful for the gift of Gasser.

  9. I have taken down a comment that said someone committed a crime.

  10. Isn’t ripping the taxpayers off a crime?

    Trips to Disneyland?

    Township credit cards buying expensive purses and plane tickets?

  11. Gasser is a great fellow to have taken on the likes of Bob Miller and kicked that sleaze out of his dynastic den.

    I salute him!

  12. Not enough Gassers in this County to save it from the libs and crooks.

  13. The arbitrator has ZERO jurisdiction, the rulings are for naught and can’t be enforced.

  14. The courts already ruled the township/Gasser has to hire them back.

    Gasser said under oath, that being ex military he knows how to follow orders.

    “Good honest people accept the rulings and honor their position as a steward of tax dollars by not wasting them on inevitable loss after loss after loss.”

  15. How does this Kenneally guy look at himself in the mirror?

    Personally I don’t think he’s the States Attorney based on his legal skill, knowledge or looks.

    He’s in all likelihood somebody’s but boy.

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