IL-14: Jim Marter Makes Appeal

From James Marter, Republican Candidate US Congress 14th District:

Jame Marter

“I’m James Marter for Congress, the 14th district President TRUMP Won!

“I love America, treasure our FREEDOM’s, LIFE, LIBERTY, Constitution, and our republican form of government which must be defended by every generation.

“I will join the House Freedom Caucus!  Like Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, support President Trump, put America First, STAND & FIGHT for your 2nd Amendment rights, respect our Flag, defend our Constitution, fight for Conservative Pro-Life & Pro-family values, and support Term Limits.

“We must secure the border, block immigrants from terrorist states, eliminate sanctuary cities.

“I’m a leader you can Trust, with global experience in international business and manufacturing.  An entrepreneur and small business owner who meets with workers on the factory line, in warehouses, labs, and meets with executives in the boardroom.

“LIFE, Religious Liberty, faith in God, fellowship, and family are the most important things to me.  My beautiful wife Jill and I have been married 34 years, we are blessed with our four children and our first granddaughter!  I’ve served my communities more than 25 years as Scout Leader, age-group swimming coach, youth basketball coach, precinct committeeman, and Republican Party Chairman of Kendall County.

“I’m asking for your VOTE to Keep America Great!”


IL-14: Jim Marter Makes Appeal — 4 Comments

  1. Actually it will help him get elected! He just got my vote.

  2. Trump won the 14th district, and this is a primary anyway.

    The MAGA hat is a positive.

  3. He’s the only real patriot and Conservative in the race. Knows all the issues, who voted how, and he knows History.

    Hardest working candidate out there in this race!

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