IL-14: Jim Oberweis Endorsed by DuPage Conservatives and Al Salvi

Jim Oberweis
Al Salvi

From the Jim Oberweis campaign:

DuPage Conservatives Endorse Jim Oberweis for Congress

Sugar Grove, IL – The DuPage Conservatives Steering Committee is endorsing Jim Oberweis as the conservative candidate best qualified to serve as the next Congressman in the 14th Congressional District.

“I am pleased to have the support of the DuPage Conservatives.

“They know I won’t raise taxes. They know I support the right to life for the unborn, and they know I will be a strong advocate for border security because I have a long track record of supporting conservative principles in the Illinois Senate.

“I am the conservative candidate that can win the General Election and I am delighted the DuPage Conservatives agree.”

Jim Oberweis

In addition to the DuPage Conservatives endorsement, Oberweis has been endorsed by the Winfield Township Republicans organization, the Lake County Republicans Executive Committee, the Lake County Life PAC organization, Citizens for Life Federal PAC, former Congressman Don Manzullo and former State Representative Al Salvi, who was the U.S. Senate nominee in 1996 and Secretary of State nominee in 1998.


IL-14: Jim Oberweis Endorsed by DuPage Conservatives and Al Salvi — 12 Comments

  1. Oberweis needs attn, just like Bloomberg and Sanders.

    Vote smater, Vote Marter!

  2. I was trying to find who the other Illinois GOP congressmen (Kinzinger, Bost, Davis, Shimkus, LaHood) endorsed in the 14th district.

    I didn’t have much luck finding anything, but did learn that Sue Rezin was a Jeb Bush delegate.

    Kinzinger was too.

    Oberweis was a Marco Rubio delegate.

    These people are so out of touch with Republican voters lol

  3. Correcting, I guess 2016 is a blur for me. I knew about Oberweis and Rubio.

    Congressman Adam Kinzinger is definitely supporting Sue Rezin.

    Not sure about the other four Republicans from Illinois.

  4. Like birds of a feather, losers have an affinity for each other.

    Rolling out another endorsement from an experienced loser (this one from the 1990’s) is a window into why and how Oberweis has lost six elections so far and why he will have a seventh loss soon.

    This desperation is not laughable–it’s far beyond that.

    It’s sad and pathetic.

  5. Big Tent, I hear you, but Jim Oberweis had Al Salvi listed as one of his endorsements, and remembering Mr. Salvi and Cal Skinner were partners in crime for two terms in Springfield back in the 1990s (including the one time in the past 50 years when Republicans controlled the state House), there are folks like me who remember him.

    After 1998, Al Salvi didn’t run for public office again, though his brother Dr. Tom Salvi challenged Jack Franks’ first reelection bid in 2000 and Al’s wife Kathy lost the primary for Congress in the old 8th district to David McSweeney.

  6. One loser endorses another loser.

    How impressive.

    Also – the tagline “Vote Smarter Vote Marter” is a tagline you would expect from amateurs like Jim Marter and his supporters.

  7. In other words, there are now people old enough to vote who were born after Salvi left office.


  8. Who’s the Salvi that was accused of forcing himself on some women tenants. It wasn’t Al,

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