Tribune Endorses Byrnes for Coroner, Hansen for Judge — 22 Comments

  1. Her biggest problem is that she creates a conflict of interest.

    The Coroner”s office Is in charge of evidence and storage among other things that prosecution depend on.

    Her husband is a deputy.

    Defense attorneys would have her recuse herself.

    When asked about this, her answer was that she would recuse herself and contract out the work.


    Pay her and then the person that does the actual work???



    Do we want a funeral home owner as a coroner????


  2. Angela Byrnes is NOT vice president of Journey Care!

    She is vice president of the Access division of Journey Care.

    at is the part of Admissions and Liasons.

    She is a glorified admissions person and scheduling!

    She says that she has background in sexual assault forensics.

    Did she take one class and now she is an expert?

    There is a certification called SANE that she does not have.

    She says that she has 100+ hours of forensic experience?

    How many calls has she been on?

    Why didn’t she apply to be a Deputy Coroner when there were 3 spots available?

    Thought that was her dream job.

    When did she get her bachelors degree for Nursing?

    You can be a registered nurse with a 2 yr degree.

    She has conflicts of interest along with never voting in a Republican Primary.

    She is conning any Republican voting for her!

  3. Justen for Coroner signs went up in a flurry during the last week.

    Of note, he proclaims himself to be “Most Qualified”

    Has anyone seen/heard just what he proclaims his qualifications to be?

    It might be fun to hear him explain to us all just what it is that makes him the most qualified?

    Somehow,I think that either Rein or Byrnes might have a decided advantage in that office.

    OTOH, wasn’t he the late entrant to this race? Could he be doing a favor for somebody like. . . and splitting the vote to make Byrnes a winner?

    It would not surprise me to see, if she wins, her rolling over and playing dead when Jacko makes a last dying effort to abolish the elected office of coroner in McHenry County.

    Grab the popcorn and watch the show.

  4. We all know Tribune endorsements are bought and paid for.

    Dr. Mike Rein is far more qualified to be Coroner!

    Dr. Rein is honorable and honest.

  5. I love a good contested McHenry County race, and watching the establishment squirm and create all sorts of conspiracy theories when their candidate is going to lose.

    Whenever that happens I know that I should be voting for the outsider candidate and I haven’t been disappointed in doing so, so I recommend that my precinct does the same.

    Remember the Prim/Zinke race??

    Thankfully we dodged a bullet in that race.

    The party is divided and the leadership is in much need of changing.

    If you don’t get your heads out of each other’s butts, and if you continue to tout your good ole boy network, this county is going to turn blue and you only have yourselves to blame.

  6. Ms Byrnes also spent time using her RN as a school nurse.

    This does not benefit the coroners office in any way.

    Also, she has issues with her ethical behavior and commitment.

    She is NOT the candidate we need…she will be another crony!

  7. During the upcoming weeks, as voters come to understand the depth of Mark Justen’s businesses experience and his impressive credentials, it will become obvious that he is far and away the most qualified person to run the Coroner’s Office.

  8. Dr Rein is the most qualified and when he was on the county board he saved millions by making a small adjustment in the county’s insurance.

    He also TAUGHT Pathology.

    Rein is also the only candidate without any conflict.
    My money’s on REIN and Hansen.

  9. After I read these posts, I could see that Angela has been outed.

    I too doubt the accuracy of her resume which when first published was plumped-up to be “all things to all people.”

    The previous posts were right on point.

    Is she Franks’ pick?

    Michael Rein is by far the best choice for coroner.

  10. The only thing that has been outed here is that the county party is dirty and they’ll do anything to get their chiropractor buddy, an unqualified insider, elected to an office in which he shouldn’t hold.

    The propaganda machine of the Tirio’s and Evertsen is working in overdrive to make up for Rein’s lack of experience for the office.

    He’s a glorified masseuse who made some friends along the way and is looking for a government handout since his business has been lacking.

    The amount of FAKE NEWS that these retards try to spread about Byrnes is laughable at best.

    Byrnes is by far the most qualified and the only person out of the group that I’d want talking to the family of the deceased and taking care of the deceased.

    Judging by recent endorsements (Daily Herald, Tribune, and personal) she clearly has the lead in the race and is the most electable candidate.

  11. Leave it to the that paper to run with a headliner only…. that is all they know… to stir the pot… useless..garbage fake news…


    The others do not have anything near enough education and experience to run that office.

    Would have to hire others to do the work..

    Tax dollars out the window

    Is Byrnes going to leave her childr

    All ten in the middle of the night to go to an accident or other death incidents??

  13. Justen is a complete hack.

    Byrnes’ campaign is in hospice care.

  14. JUSTEN was put up by Franks and has conflicts having family owned funeral homes. He is Not the Most Qualified. You can put anything on a sign.

    BYRNES has a conflict in that her husband works for the sheriffs office. She plans on contracting someone else to do her job when a conflict arises with a death involving law enforcement. That will Cost the Taxpayers! She has also inflated her resume making her untrustworthy.

    REIN has only had one term on the County Board and most of his involvement in the community is volunteering. Would NOT call him a good ol’ boy at all. When he was on the board he was a true conservative. Franks lied to the Herald and said he had no Pathology. He is a doctor with his own practice and is the most qualified. He will be composed and compassionate. His plan includes working with the Sheriff and the States Atty to Prevent deaths due to epidemic substance abuses. Neither of his opponents have a plan. REIN IS THE ONLY ONE WITH MULTIPLE CORONER CERTIFICATIONS.



  16. Byrnes has the right combination of forensics training, health care experience and management skills. Byrnes offers a fresh start, something the office needs.

    She’s well-versed in the issues and eager to pursue accreditation for the office from the International Association of Coroners & Medical Examiners as a way to set up best practices and add a layer of accountability.

    Plus, Byrnes is professional and well-spoken, important traits for an official who must communicate with law enforcement officials and families who’ve lost a loved one under sometimes horrific circumstances.

  17. “BYRNES has a conflict in that her husband works for the sheriffs office. She plans on contracting someone else to do her job when a conflict arises with a death involving law enforcement. That will Cost the Taxpayers! She has also inflated her resume making her untrustworthy.”

    That sounds like a pretty rare thing.

    I am curious about this supposed resume padding though.

    I’ve heard some things on this blog about it, but haven’t seen any links/evidence so remain skeptical.

    When I look at these candidates’ qualifications, it sounds like Byrnes is the best fit, but IF she’s lying then that could change a lot of people’s minds.

    Voters deserve to know the truth.

  18. @correcting- that’s all you’re going to hear from commenters on this blog.

    All rumors and smear with no substance.

    They’re in fear because their buddy’s campaign is losing so they have to resort to fake news.

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