IL-14: Gradel Drops Fifth Mailing

This arrived in mail boxes this week from 14th GOP congressional hopeful Ted Gradel.

Again the piece contains an attack against Jim Oberweis, as well as a pitch for himself.


IL-14: Gradel Drops Fifth Mailing — 16 Comments

  1. Supporting Trump in IL 14 is fatal to any campaign.

    Learn your District before you opt to run.

  2. Gradel lies about his deep involvement (claims it was a passive investment) in the corrupt and shut down by court order US Stem Cell Clinic that left three women blind thru shady medical practices.

    And now the Former Rauner consultants who put out these garbage mailings criticize Oberweis for opposing a wildly deficit Federal budget that funds Planned Parenthood and was voted no on by Ted Cruz and other conservatives.

    (Omar was a no because she wanted an even bigger deficit budget).

  3. Does Gradel understand the office he’s running for?

    What’s with all the state issues he keeps siting?

    How will he break up the Madigan Pritzker machine and repeal the gas tax as a congressman?

    Has he been injecting US Stem Cells into his brain?

    Someone help this poor mope!

  4. Reality Dave,

    I’ve said elsewhere, but I think Gradel’s strategy is to point to how bad Illinois really is, and then associate Jim Oberweis and possibly Sue Rezin, since they have both been involved directly as members of the state senate for 7 years (Oberweis) and 9 years (Rezin).

    Additionally, many voters, particularly primary voters, have a definition of “career politicians” that would qualify both Oberweis and Rezin as career politicians, though both have served in Springfield for less than a decade.

    Gradel is down to just under 3 weeks to make his case, and surge from single-digit support to win the primary. Since Gradel’s criticism lately has been targeting only Oberweis, while promoting himself, Rezin is taking hits in Gradel’s mailings. Whether Gradel can win the primary is very problematic, but the attacks on Oberweis could end up playing spoiler if not for Gradel himself, possibly for Rezin.

  5. This is going to be such an interesting campaign to watch for the next 2 weeks.

    Gradel obviously thinks his path is just bashing Oberweis.

    Rezin thinks the same thing.

    Oberweis sees Rezin as a bigger threat.

    We have no idea what to believe because public polling has been non-existent and we can’t rely on Oberweis’ polls from months ago like they claim to.

    What we do know is Oberweis is clearly the front runner.

    Rezin is probably in second but Gradel thinks he can leapfrog her by attacking Oberweis and focusing on positive self image.

  6. But one thing is for sure: FLamont is a blooming idiot.

    And Underwood is pure poison.

  7. I will vote for James Marter who is the only true conservative in this whole field of candidates

  8. James Marter has my vote.

    The only true Conservative of the bunch.

    Resin only likes to vote for tax increases, believes in the ERA (we fought that war in the 70’s).

    Oberweis has a huge conflict of interest – he does business in China with his Sec. Firm.

    He is also a very rude man to woman, proven fact.

    And he is for Climate change, that came out at a forum before the Batavia forum.

    VOTE James Marter please.

    He will join the Freedom Caucus and help keep America Great.

  9. To all you James Marter supporters, if you’re candidate is so good, why are his campaign contributors make him #6 out of 7 candidates in raising campaign cash from donors?

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