IL-14: Sue Rezin’s Newest Commercial Goes on Attack on Jim Oberweis

Sue Rezin
Jim Oberweis

Rezin shows once again the verbal jiu-jitsu she displayed on Oberweis last fall but does it with a velvet hammer

State Senator Sue Rezin’s newest commercial goes on offense against Jim Oberweis reminding voters he is unelectable and playing her winning message of her perfect electoral record:

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IL-14: Sue Rezin’s Newest Commercial Goes on Attack on Jim Oberweis — 15 Comments

  1. Rezin is set to peak at the perfect time in this primary.

    Oberweis’ desperate attacks on her last week in the mail and on TV are evidence that he is freaking out about her surge in the polls.

    Oberweis is about to rack up his 7th loss because most Republicans want to win and know he can’t.

    This ad goes right for his jugular.

    Besides Oberweis, Underwood has to have anxiety because Underwood knows Rezin is the only Republican in this race capable of winning in November.

    Rezin surging plus Sanders’ surge for the dem nomination for president is ominous for Underwood.

  2. Sue Rezin effectively rips Oberweis to shreds…with a smile.

    She makes the race a no brainer, do we want to nominate a winner or a loser?

  3. Rezin may not be as conservative as some would wish, I think she has a real shot at winning the primary and then ultimately beating UNDERWOOD which is the real goal.

  4. I definitely feel like Rezin has the momentum and a track record of winning tough elections.

    After losing so many times Oberweis still isn’t ready for primetime.

  5. Common Sense, sorry, but I do not have a strong feeling about Lauf being able to win the primary.

    Also, you need more than a “feeling”, if you have evidence to back up your feeling, please share with Cal and me via email.

  6. Lauf made a recent appearance on Newsmax.

    Newsmax on Twitter
    “”@RepUnderwood’s just as bad as AOC, not only in policy but also in rhetoric..she’s voted further left than AOC,” @CatalinaLauf tells Newsmax TV’s Chris Salcedo “The values of the representative are suppose to represent the values of the district…Lauren Underwood does not.””

    A group called “iVoteIllinois” just endorsed Lauf. This group started their Twitter in October 2019 and many of their posts well before the official endorsement were retweets of Lauf or retweets of her media appearances. The oldest opinion piece on the official iVoteIllinois website is from August 10, 2019, after she announced she was running for congress. However, it looks like this group is part of a national organization called iVoteAmerica (which I have heard of, although only recently). Add this to the list of strange endorsements, Lopez, and it may be something you’d be interested in investigating. <<<Endorsement

  7. Correcting, I have been tracking the recent interview, endorsement and I know she is currently at CPAC.

    The clearest evidence Lauf is making a move on the frontrunners will be when she is being attacked by them in mailers and/or media advertising, and so far, Lauf, Evans, Marter and Catella are garnering no such attention.

    Lately, these attack ads from Ted Gradel & his supporters’ PAC has got my attention & that’s what I’ll be writing on soon.

    Discernment is really needed there.

  8. Vote for James Marter. The only candidate who will support President Trump.

  9. Rezin is a RINO just look at the Union money trail, Lauf created a group Vote Illinois to endorse herself!

    She has no support or endorsement locally.

    Marter for the 14TH

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