McSweeney’s Red-Light Camera Ban Bill Overwhelmingly Passes House

Fox River Grove has a red light camera endangered by a David McSweeney bill.

From State Rep. David McSweeney:

The Illinois House today took a bold step toward ending corruption in Illinois by approving legislation State Representative David McSweeney (R-Barrington Hills) is sponsoring to ban red light cameras in non-home rule communities in Illinois.

House Bill 322 would prohibit non-home rule units of government from enacting or enforcing red light camera ordinances. McSweeney passed the same bill in the House in 2015 and it was killed by former Senator Martin Sandoval.

“I am fighting hard to end the corrupt Illinois red light camera program,” McSweeney said. “These cameras are not about safety. They are all about producing revenue and lining the pockets of political insiders. It is wrong; it is corrupt and it must stop.”

Rep. McSweeney has long been a proponent of banning red light cameras. He believes that red light cameras are more about revenue than improving safety. He said the bribery charges against former State Senator Martin Sandoval provide even more evidence of the need to ban red light cameras.

More than $1 billion in fines have been collected from red light cameras over the past 10 years and multiple people have been indicted for crimes connected to the red-light camera industry.

“When I passed this bill in 2015 in the House, Senator Sandoval helped kill it,” McSweeney said. “Of course, we did not know then what we do know now. This time, I’m hoping for a different result. This legislation is a significant step forward in ending the corrupt red-light camera scam in Illinois.”

The Illinois House approved House Bill 322 by a vote of 84-4. The bill moves to the Illinois Senate for further consideration.

From State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:

Rep. Skillicorn Votes to Ban Red Light Cameras in Non-Home Rule Communities, Looks to Pass Statewide Ban

Springfield…State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R- East Dundee) was pleased to sponsor and vote in favor of House Bill 322 today in order to stop Red Light Cameras to operate in non-home rule units of government.

House Bill 322 would prohibit non-home rule units of government within the counties of Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, Madison, McHenry, St. Clair, and Will from enacting or enforcing red light camera ordinances.

Rep. Skillicorn said, “This corrupt system has enriched local elected officials and municipalities on the backs of hard working Illinoisans.

“Thanks to the action of federal authorities investigating corruption in Illinois, we know now how deep corruption involving the red light camera business runs.

“A State Senator has pleaded guilty to taking bribes from a company and faces serious jail time for his crimes.

“What we have learned is that the red light camera industry is much less focused on public safety and very much focused on making profits,” Skillicorn said.

“Currently we are aware of tens of thousands of dollars in payoffs to one elected official.

“Millions of dollars in fines have been levied against the citizens of Illinois.

“The red light camera industry is part of the corrupt, broken system in Illinois.

“I am happy to see House Bill 322 pass through the House today, and I look
forward to seeing it pass in the Senate soon.

“I am also sponsoring legislation to eliminate the use of red light cameras in the entire state.

“I believe my statewide red light camera ban has bipartisan support, and I urge its immediate consideration and passage,” added Rep. Skillicorn.

House Bill 322 passed the House 84-04-05 today and has head to the Senate for concurrence.

The House Roll Call follows:


McSweeney’s Red-Light Camera Ban Bill Overwhelmingly Passes House — 3 Comments

  1. Here comes FRG’s “bag tax” or other creative ways for local govt to make up the lost revenue by sticking it to; shoppers, residents, visitors, businesses.

    Thank goodness the redlight camera will be gone, but will its leaving bring in more govt interdiction in peoples lives to pick their pockets to make up for the HUGE revenue shortfall FRG will feel from its removal…not so much for Algonquin, 62 and 31—they have plenty of dough so its loss wont hurt as much.

  2. Algonquin is a Home Rule city so will not be affected by the proposal.

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