Brian Sager Sends First Mailing in Effort to Secure Democratic Party Nomination for State Rep.

Here’s the first mailing from Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager, who is running against Madigan opponent Peter Janko:


Brian Sager Sends First Mailing in Effort to Secure Democratic Party Nomination for State Rep. — 11 Comments

  1. Sager should have done this campaign mailer instead with a picture of himself prancing around to the music of Boy George or some other group of Homosexuals with a caption ” He’s Too Sweet!” for realistic value in my opinion.

  2. Brian, you used to be incredibly sharp.

    What happened?

    You send out some saccharin silliness stating:

    “Overhaul state ethics laws” while your newly chosen party has spent decades dismantling or standing resolutely against any accountability for their actions against The People.

    Not at all likely and the voters are smart enough to know that’s a lie.

    “Prioritize education funding” while your newly chosen party already has bled this state dry of funds to have one of the highest per classroom and per student funding levels in the nation with no discernible advantage over public schools spending far less.

    This is a naked attempt to bribe everyone tied to education to vote for you and The People no longer have the appetite to support this nonsense.

    “Protect a woman’s right to personal choice” which your newly adopted party has interpreted to condone infanticide, forced sterilization and destruction of the sanctity of any life.

    Seems a pretty radical shift from your previously held belief women had value and life shouldn’t be degraded to the point of murder being publicly condoned but everyone can change their mind as can the voters.

    Just exactly how are you going to “push for clean energy” when we already have wind farms, solar farms and nuclear facilities being underwritten with public funds?

    More public funds?

    From where?


    “Demand greater access to mental health care” while the man at the very top of your adopted party destroyed public mental health support on purpose and without any remorse in spite of the screams against this course from conservatives.

    A little blind to the party you joined and it’s priorities Brian?

    You used to be so sharp.

    We are sorry you’ve made such uninformed, misogynistic, blatantly researchably ridiculous statements which will never happen or already are happening without you and we hope you regain your footing to let your innate intelligence be seen.

    Don’t let your consultants destroy you with this kind of stupidity again.

    We want you to put on a real race.

  3. Bath House Blues for Bri.

    Bri, you can’t get Caronavirus rectally from a Mexican beer bottle.

    Mayor Pete can confirm it!!!

  4. Such intelligent comments!

    You truly must be Trump supporters…

  5. Brian Sager would be an exemplary representative and we are fortunate we have a candidate like him and simply not a bunch of jerk-off’s like Marder, Oberweis, Lauf or Catella.

  6. A vote for Sager is a vote for Franks and both are symbols of whats wrong in McHenry County….

    Please Remember that Democrat Sager wanted to be Mayor of Woodstock..

    he realized that a democrat couldn’t win, so he ran as a Republican…

    this is just a small example of the subterfuge and chicanery that is used by the Franks Team …

  7. Perhaps dentbla is in fact Sager! Or maybe Heinrich! Or both!!!!

    Brian Sager is a complete failure. I found this out from one of his exs, “Bruce”

  8. What are the actions or accomplishments that show our Woodstock mayor deserves another pension?

    – bag tax?
    – fuel tax?
    – our property taxes go up regardless based on supposed property value increase (which is suppressed by our incredible tax burden)

    Our city manager does the actual “work”.

    Mayoral position is unnecessary in Woodstock.

    And yes, we need to be done with J. Franks already!

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