Marijuana Grow Facility Meeting in Harvard

Thanks to Gary Christ we have the following summary of the meeting in Harvard about establishing a grow house:

“The meeting was a power point presentation showing their plans to use a vacant bakery in Harvard to grow and process cannabis.

“They will not be selling any product there.

“Taxes raised will support different government and civic organizations helping people with drug education and rehabilitation.

“They will hire 51% of the workforce from economically disadvantaged areas as well as those convicted of cannabis related laws.

“They mentioned that Harvard was very easy to do business with and a Harvard city manager was in attendance.

“There was  a petition being passed around to show support for this venture.

“All positive response from everyone there, [and] no, the cupcakes were not loaded!

“The contact person is Brad Zerman from 7 points, Chicago.”

Here are the main power point slides presented at the meeting:


Marijuana Grow Facility Meeting in Harvard — 13 Comments

  1. When will McHenry County get dispensary is what I’d like to know!

  2. Nice job Cal, glad you had the slides to go with the post.

    Fear not!

    Ask any cop, what causes more trouble, cannabis or alcohol.

    Everyone I talked to says alcohol is the real problem. We need to end the discrimination against cannabis users.

    The “Atlantic “ newspaper had an article about veterans serving long prison sentences for simple possession of a weed that works better than pills.


    Private prisons thrive on drug laws, to me that equates to slavery.

  3. If it does, there will be folks coming down from Wisconsin, just as kids used to go to Wisconsin when the drinking age there was 18 and 21 here.

  4. Agreed, that is why the Nixon imposed CSA of 1970 should by overturned.

    Nixon’s own, hand picked Schaeffer Commission said to legalize, but Tricky Dicky knew that federal prohibition would allow him to lock up the war protesters and invade their coalitions with infiltrators, so he ignored their advice.

    Give Peace a chance!

    BTW, I wonder if WI, who has the highest rate of alcoholism and domestic abuse is “against “ cannabis reform due to the alcohol lobbyists pouring money into politicians elections. Hmmm.

  5. This is tooo funny, they are right near 90 so that will be renamed cannabis hwy.

    They can’t sell .. famous last words!

    Great funny for a Friday…

  6. Just go the Township Hwy Depts. Grass can always be found there!

  7. Sunshine blogger, we need to stop this. We are counting on your leadership again. Any gun-clinging, compassionate conservative ready to grab his musket? Stay tuned…248 days, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  8. I hope there are enough rational citizens in Harvard to stand up and say this is a bad idea.

    Wherever marijuana has been introduced has caused multiple problemd.

    Don’t buy that pitch that these taxes are going to bail out any failing program for the people of Harvard.

    Are they trading Harmilda for a bleary-eyed bovine staggering around the streets of Harvard?

  9. Is it better to have an underground, untaxed, unregulated cartel selling who knows what to whoever, filling jails and wasting police time putting non violent ordinary folks in jail?

  10. My concern is more idiots driving under the influence.

    This on top of the idiots on their phones.

    Adding in more legal intoxicants cannot be good.

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