McSweeney Triggers Investigation of Potential Official Misconduct

Capitol Fax reports the following from State Rep. David McSweeney:

I was made aware of allegations of a potentially serious crime involving public official misconduct and immediately reported it to law enforcement authorities.

I have been authorized to report that there is an ongoing investigation into the allegations.

When the investigation is complete, I will urge for all the documents and reports to be fully released to the public and will answer all questions authorized by law enforcement officials.

I believe that as a result of my involvement in this investigation, misinformation is being intentionally shared regarding my red light camera ban bills.

As such, I want to make it clear that I will not be intimidated and will continue to fully cooperate with law enforcement on their important investigation described above.

Law enforcement has also been made aware of these concerns.

On a separate note, my HB 322 (bans red light camera for non- home rule units of government) has passed the House and will be sent to the Senate. Yesterday as promised, I officially asked for HB 323 (bans ALL IL red light cameras) to be released from the Rules Committee.

We must end corruption in both parties in IL!

Rep. McSweeney said the potential crime did not involve red-light cameras, but did clarify that “One of the people who has knowledge of my interactions with law enforcement” is involved with spreading the above-mentioned misinformation about his bill.

He said he wasn’t authorized to tell me if this public official was a legislator or which law enforcement agency he notified.


McSweeney Triggers Investigation of Potential Official Misconduct — 4 Comments

  1. The Corrupt State seeks to swallow up Sweeney.

    Why isn’t Franks in Jail!

    Or the Miller crime gang?

  2. Obviously need more specifics to fully understand what this is all about—but given that McSweeney is not running for reelection, is on his way out and has done a remarkable job in his role as State Senator, he’s no doubt rubbed some folks the wrong way—in particular probably having to do with the Red Light Camera Bill, and the dirt and rats that have been exposed in trying to block it all this time.

    keep your Head up Dave, you’re one of the few Good Ones in office…

    you will be missed when your Term is up.

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