Winnebago Jail Problems Could Be Economic Opportunity for McHenry County

WREZ-TV in Rockford is reporting on economic implications of problems in the Winnebago County Jail.

“Acting Deputy U.S. Marshal Jason Wojdylo to Chairman Frank Haney warns the U.S. Marshals could pull 65 inmates, losing $1.9 million annual revenue for the jail,” the story says.

An outside study of jail conditions warned of “chronic staffing shortage that creates a dangerous environment for guards and inmates.”

The U.S. Marshal wrote, “I have a responsibility to insure the prisoner population is being properly supervised and minimum detention standards and programs are being met at all facilities where federal prisoners are housed in the Northern District of Illinois.”

Continuing he says, “The alternative will leave me with little choice but to relocate the federal prisoner population back to surrounding counties.”

McHenry County Jail

Since the Woodstock jail is pretty close to Rockford, some such Federal prisoners might end up there.


Winnebago Jail Problems Could Be Economic Opportunity for McHenry County — 6 Comments

  1. Whats not to like?—Overtime for existing employees, new hires added, and increased revenue for the County…the more Federal detainees kept here (ICE, etc) the merrier for many in the County. They make money off the Feds, not so much off the local residents busted.

  2. Plenty of space available because of the ineptness of Kenneally.

    McHenry County Jail as vacant as his hair line with plenty of room for rent.

  3. Surprise!!

    When affirmative action types run instructions, bad things happen.

    You can bet on it!

    Hey that Black guy that just murdered 5 (6?) in the Milwaukee Coors plant, was a big Warren Supporter.

    Funny I’d it had been a White guy who liked Trump, the airwaves would be jammed with ant-trump hate……

    but this case is quickly shunted from the public eye, just the Black mass shooter in Aurora…..

    Doesn’t fit the narrative!

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