IL-14: Nearly $750K to be Spent Against Jim Oberweis in Final Nine Days

Jim Oberweis

Illinois Conservatives PAC to oppose Oberweis with over $710K media advertising

On Saturday afternoon, a Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing was posted indicating an Independent Expenditure (IE) from the nearly formed Illinois Conversatives Federal PAC will launch over $710K in media advertising in the final days before the March 17 Republican primary.

Additionally, five of the seven Republican candidates have raised money at the level to require an FEC Form 6 filing.

The Form 6 filing is similar to the Illinois State Board of Elections A-1 form.

For the FEC, within 21 days of the election, if a candidate receives a contribution, or takes a loan of over $1,000, the Form 6 must be filed within 48 hours.

Additionally, IEs must file a Form 24 for significant expenditure to support or oppose a candidate.

Before looking at financial activity after February 26, the final Form 3 Pre-Primary report was filed, so the final list of financial activity is as follows:

Given the above table shows where the candidates were at financially through February 26, below will be the receipts, IEs and loans candidates have taken since February 26. Cycle to date numbers and Cash on Hand are not listed.

The larger numbers are broken out as follows:

  • Jim Oberweis Opposition by IE
    • $710,100 from Illinois Conservatives Federal PAC 3/2020
    • $30,922 from New Prosperity Foundation
  • Sue Rezin
    • Receipts include a $100,000 loan from herself to her campaign
    • Opposition by IE in two equal amounts from New Prosperity Foundation to be spent in the next nine days
  • Ted Gradel receipts include a $60,000 contribution to himself (individual candidates are not limited by the $2,800 contribution limit individual donors are)
  • Catalina Lauf, all of her nearly $15K is from donors, and she has raised at least a little over $97K since the first of the year, not counting small dollar contributions since February 26

Small dollar, defined as less than $1,000 in this context, are not included in the post February 26 receipts.

The Illinois Conservatives Federal PAC was created this past Monday through a Form 1, Statement of Organization filing with the FEC.

McHenry County Blog will continue to track the FEC website for any more Form 6 or Form 24 filings of the candidates, or IEs.


IL-14: Nearly $750K to be Spent Against Jim Oberweis in Final Nine Days — 6 Comments

  1. After Gradel and Rezin’s hits on Oberweis he was already sunk.

    Guess this is national conservatives wanting to make absolutely, positively, completely sure this six-time loser doesn’t get the chance to ruin Republicans chances of picking up this seat.

    This seat is needed for the majority and Oberweis is just to blinded by ambition to begin to realize that Underwood will eat him alive if he is nominee.

    I have spoken out about Gradel’s unfair and fully concocted hits on Oberweis.

    But Oberweis also tried to play the bully with his fakery of putting in a half million dollars that he repaid to himself two weeks later.

    Now he sees what the other side of bullying is like.

    Again, not so “inevitable” now.

    It has been a Wizard of Oz campaign.

    All built on inevitability.

    When that cloak was yanked off all voters could see is a vain person too full of ambition and it’s not appealing.

    The outcome of this primary is inevitable…that Oberweis will lose…again.

    It’s too important to the nation not to elect someone who can beat Underwood.

    Oberweis can’t, and neither can the man whose greed made three grandmothers blind, and who lied about what he was doing just a year ago.

  2. I say we take up pitchforks and torches and march down to the Oberweis Bastille, liberate him of all his ill-gotten possessions and righteously take it all to the local pawn shop for cash.

  3. Milk Boy is likely crying and pouting over a bowl of melting ice cream.

  4. Wow this anti-Oberweis TV ad is on Chicago TV nonstop yesterday and today.

    Powerful ad.

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