Gradel Allies Add Catalina Lauf to Hit List

For the first time, Ted Gradel’s 14th District supporters seem to think that Catalina Lauf may have a chance of beating their favorite.

Maybe that’s because the latest poll showed Gradel at 6% and Lauf at 14.6%.

Maybe seeing their favorite being beaten by a 26-year old got under their skin.

In any event, here is the mailing:


Gradel Allies Add Catalina Lauf to Hit List — 7 Comments

  1. Finally someone exposed her for working for baby killer, gun grabber, open border failure Bruce Rauner.

  2. Democrats eat their own too.

    It’s called a Primary.

    Grow up!

    The voters need to know because often times they don’t get involved in vetting.

    And the low IQ voters vote for someone because of their looks or the sound of their name.

  3. How soon the democrats forget when the LaRouchies won the primaries because they were not vetted and then were surprised about it.

  4. Joe, still better than democrats wanting to kill their own.

    Can you say abortion.

  5. So what happened here was Gradel’s ally sent out mailers hitting Oberweis and Rezin, did a round of polling and saw that any voters that left Oberweis and Rezin moved to Lauf and not Gradel.

    Which is why they are now hitting all three at once.

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