IL-14: Sue Rezin Sends Last Minute Hit Piece Against Ted Gradel

Ted Gradel and his allies have inundated mailboxes with negative mail mainly about Jim Oberweis and Sue Rezin.

In the process of being delivered y the Post Office is Rezin’s third newspaper, four pager this time.

It is a hard-hitting piece aimed directly at the Achilles heel of Ted Gradel, his stem cell business in Florida that caused blindness in senior citizens.

The piece gets a few digs into Jim Oberweis as well.


IL-14: Sue Rezin Sends Last Minute Hit Piece Against Ted Gradel — 14 Comments

  1. Excellent piece by Rezin campaign exposing Gradel for who he is.

    Completely unelectable.

    This scandal is disqualifying.

  2. As romantic as it may be to think inexperienced outsiders will make an impact in any legislature it just doesn’t prove out.

    There is a vast world of difference between the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch.

    One man can change the focus of the nation from the big Executive chair but even “Master Politician” Pelosi is powerless in a divided legislature and ends up looking impotent for trying to direct the nation from her position.

    This said, the young, energetic, sweetly naive and greatly inexperienced have nothing to lose by entering the race but have no place in the current legislative knife fighting.

    The more life experienced but still politically virginal will get railroaded and wrecked by Republicans and Democrats alike because they will be used and abused for others ends.

    Oberweis and Rezin are scarred from some battles and can hit the political landscape with a little momentum.

    The problem with Oberweis is he’s never been satisfied with any political office The People have entrusted him with and, while doing little to nothing in his current office, continues to attempt to climb ever higher politically to do nothing.

    Rezin is scarred, no Pollyanna, has the resume and the experience to actually win back the seat while being completely prepared to serve her constituency from day one.

    For those who call her a RINO for one reason or another just know that is the exact reason she works for the district.

    The district is moderate politically and has accidentally elected a lunatic liberal to the office.

    The liberal excites her base so she’s got a strong run coming.

    Oberweis excites no one but the GOP who needs self funding candidates to preserve their meager war chest.

    Rezin may polarize the Right but she will appeal to Moderates who have watched the Democrat run to the far left and feel left behind by her lunacy.

    Ultimately all conservatives will need to coalesce around the GOP candidate but only Rezin can bring home the win.

    Retire Oberweis to Florida.

    Encourage and vote for Lauf and Evans for lower offices so they may come back to the national stage better than ever.

    Love Marter and Catella for their run but encourage them to become servants in the political arena before aspiring to offices they are wholly unprepared to inhabit.

    Vote for Rezin.

    She is truly the only winning choice for The People in her district.

  3. Take a look around at the handful of people that run this state.

    They continue to be reelected.


    Gov. Pritzker closes restaurants and bars starting Monday night

  4. Gradel is easy to take down—just spread the truth.

    Rezin also had a big ad on this in the Daily Herald on Friday and again today.

    Gradel has been over the top attacking Rezin and Oberweis and then Catalina at the end too.

    Glad Rezin hit him back hard using facts to reduce Gradel’s campaign to ashes.

  5. Sentinel, seeing how Rezin has hit back, and hit back hard, would you say Rezin is the most able to take on Underwood, the Democrats and their allies in the fall campaign?

    If another candidate has addressed being on the receiving end of attacks, and has successfully fought back against their attacker(s), please show/tell me where/when?

  6. John Lopez in answer to your question, no I haven’t seen any of the other candidates hit back successfully at an attack, let alone as hard as Rezin.

    Remember a week ago you did a post about Rezin’s digital ads against Gradel.

    Now Republican primary voters all over the district received Rezin’s third tabloid in the mail going hard in exposing Gradel, and Rezin boldly also has half page ads exposing Gradel’s scandal that are designed like news articles.

    Great 1, 2, 3 punch to knock Gradel way back by exposing the truth about him.

    All Gradel’s money talking about him kicking footballs in 1987 while attacking Oberweis and Rezin is now swirling around the toilet bowl being flushed down.

    Kicking footballs in 1987 is the shallowest foundation of any campaign I’ve ever seen.

    She rips that to shreds with the graphic on page one of her tabloid.

    She also used humor in her second tabloid with the hilarious 7 scoops of ice cream page against a Oberweis.

    That was as good as the epic dead cows mailer against Oberweis from 2008.

    Rezin is the type of candidate we need to take on Underwood.

    Also remember, Madigan and Cullerton couldn’t beat Rezin in top state House and Senate races even after they spent millions trying to defeat her.

    She has won all 5 of her elections

    The consequences for our country are too great to lose this general election.

    Others say they can win (like Oberweis did in his phony biter guide) but only Rezin has proven it and proven it repeatedly.

    All her ads are grounded in truth and substantive.

    All are documented.

    Contrast that with all the mailers from other candidates which have been simplistic and bland platitudes, stretching the truth and outright lies.

    All the mail from the other candidates looks like the same tired consultant designed them.

    All 8.5” x 11” with amateur graphics at a time when voters are thirsty for substance, clear speaking and not hiding behind dark money superpacs.

    Whenever opponents tangled with Rezin they got burned.

    Rezin has been tough on Oberweis and now Gradel, but she has admirably fully owned everything she has had to say about them—and it’s all true, documented and relevant.

    We will see the effect Tuesday night.

  7. To the new commenter “Jen” who groundlessly throws around the epithet “rino”–the only association Rezin has with Democrats is that she has defeated 4 of them–badly.

  8. Rezin has 10 years experience in the Illinois legislature and over that time has SOUNDLY beaten Democrats in elections. She is the one to face the Democrat Lauren Underwood.

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