Lining Up to Buy Guns in Marengo

A Friend of McHenry County Blog sent this photo of a line of people waiting to get in Marengo Guns:

Marengo Guns the day Gov. JB Pritzker’s Stay at Home order takes effect.

Perhaps the ad below brought people in:


Lining Up to Buy Guns in Marengo — 64 Comments

  1. “…and a 12-pack of jumbo rolls of toilet paper for every 12 dozen purchase of shells!”

  2. What does that mean Lopez?

    The preppers don’t seem so crazy now, do they?

    Why is a FOID card needed to exercise certain constitutional civil rights? Other states don’t have them.

    Somebody with a Wisconsin, Canadian or Estonian drivers licence or passport can buy any gun or ammo they want at that store.

    But Illinoisans, the sheep they are, can’t w/o a magical FOID card.

    A card which Gov. Fatso has ordered his ISP winged monkeys to sleep on it.

  3. If I were a cop, I’d be thinking very seriously about hassling anybody that
    is out and about just to prove how omnipotent you think you are.

    This could turn out to be a very tragic situation for all parties involved.

  4. Confusion reigns…got a letter from OnTarget gun range today (below) saying they’re closing at 5pm today due to Governors mandate.

    Then a story on Breitbart (today, link attached) saying Pritzker has determined Gun retailers to be “Essential businesses” that can remain open.
    Dear Valued Customer,

    The On Target Range & Tactical Training Center will be closed at 5pm on Saturday March 21, 2020 until April 8, 2020 when we open our doors again at 9am.

    All regularly classes, special events, and private instruction already planned between the above times and dates will be re-scheduled.

    Essential Law enforcement training will continue to be hosted by On Target for the duration of our hiatus and beyond.

    Those customers awaiting delivery of their purchased firearms will be notified upon their arrival and an appointment time and date for pick up will be arranged. Please bear in mind that On Target is not responsible for any delay within the background check process.

    As you know, On Target has always tried to outfit and train our customers throughout this national emergency. Per the Illinois Governor’s mandate to “stay at home,” On Target will demonstrate our civic responsibility as we do our part to ensure the safety and health of our customers and employees.

    Please keep in mind that April 8 is a target date for Illinois non-essential businesses to resume operation. This date, however, may change. On Target Range will post, through email and Facebook, any further notifications and updated information. In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy, and we’ll all be back in the saddle before we know it.

    Tom Dorsch
    Director of Operations

  5. Guns. Just what you need in a pandemic.

    Or a hoax.

    Or if you’re low on TP.

    Or if you need to stay home.

    Or go out.

    “The preppers don’t seem so crazy now, do they?’

    Uh, no.

    They are crazy.

  6. In response to the second comment, yeah, the preppers, panic buyers, and twitchy people do seem crazier than ever.

  7. kvidera, time to migrate.

    You won’t last too long when the SHTF.

  8. Marengo Guns has a notice on their website that they will remain open during the stay at home order.

    The line is because they are only allowing four customers in the store at a time.

    Those people in line are amateurs; real gun nuts learned from the last ammo shortage and always maintain a good stockpile at home.

  9. I was there yesterday loading up in case of trouble.

    Undoubtedly if things get worse, we’ll have to fend and protect our own families and ourselves with Dipstick Patty Kenneally on duty.*

    We’d be better off with George Costanza.

    * Likely working from home under the bed in my opinion.

  10. Billy Bob? Or we buy in bulk from online warehouses like Lucky Gunner.

  11. How sad when in a time of a health crisis, these idiots run out for guns.

    Do they think someone will rob their pork and beans?

  12. Nancy and Heinrich, you are sickos.

    Your time of reigning over normal people is winding down fast.

    Can’t wait for the round ups.

    You cultural Marxists are going to be quite surprised how this all ends.

  13. The revolution is murderous and violent.

    And then it gets worse.

  14. That place is 2 miles from me.

    It’s not long lines.

    They’re only letting a few people in at a time bc of Fatso Gov.’s illegal order.

    The scaredy cats are the ones in lines.

    And the ones getting gouged.

    There’s a place in Beloit, WI selling junk handguns at 20x value to idiots.

    No foid card needed.

    Numbnuts are buying way-overpriced (10x) .22 ammo for junk .357s and .38s.

    One goof complained he couldn’t fit game shotgun shells into his .22 rifle.

    Too much!

    I wonder how many were liberals, now scared their little teen daughters will be mauled by hoodie thugs from the ghetto?

  15. Owl, the liberal fathers now wetting their pants didn’t give much of a ‘hoot’ when brain-washed daughter started dating a Sect. 8 thug.

    NOW, they’re worried?!

  16. I guess crises bring much that was long-suppressed to the surface showing the Lie of what America really wasn’t about.

    Don’t let them take your guns.

    Shoot them in the face!

    That’s why the Swiss require every male, even pansies, to keep two loaded firearms in their homes at all times (a pistol and a rifle) and actually inspect once every 3 years to figure out who’s not complying w/ a heavy fine.

    It’s a good law.

    Take a look at the European map in 1942 and ponder why nobody invaded.

  17. Dear Heinrich, see about getting a cadaver scrotum transplant. It might actually work if the tissues were kept viable.

  18. Nancy, if you were referring to eunuch Heinrich, OK.

    But if you were referring to Cindy, Shempley and/or Mr. Leopard Man, you are part of the problem.

    A problem that may soon be fixed with proper resolve and historical background.

  19. I just love it that all (with the exception of three so far) in here are using their critical thinking. Three expressed their distaste at what they automatically saw as bad as they have been programmed to believe. They actually threw out their buzz words crazy and sick in trying to castigate “the other side”. Not so fast there retarded learners. All the others saw this photo as something a little deeper than just what it looks like on the surface and pointed out that it just may be a photo of the retarded learners that would stand outside to be gouged when it is way past the time to learn. Kudos to all the ones that engaged their brain on this and take nothing at face value. I am slightly encouraged to know there are some.

  20. What is wrong with this picture above that troubles me is that these people in line ARE TOO close.

    Now WE know why the coronavirus is on the rise in McHenry County.

    What good will all those weapons and ammunition stockpiles do for you fools and your families if you catch the coronavirus?

  21. Eric, you must have a loser book to write or some women to stalk while everyone else is in seclusion.

    Maybe it’s time for you to throw a temper tantrum and leave town.

    Run for the hills it’s time for an explosion by Eric!

    Narcs don’t know how to handle rejection.

    They blame everyone but themselves!

  22. “The difference between winning and losing is most often not quitting.”
    ~ Walt Disney (1901-1965)


    Now that says it all. STALKER TALK BY ERIC!

  23. You should really learn how to be cognizant of the potential dangers of those thoughts Eric.

  24. OOPS!

    Eric’s mirror broke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He would rather run out of town, than find another one!

  25. The people that are standing in line are more than likely healthy.

    Even if they did catch the virus they would be fine in the long run.

    The second amendment gives everyone the right to buy any weapon at the Gun Shops!

    I would say most people are just there to buy ammo.

    Hearing that around the County Gun Shops are selling out a lot of common ammo.

    But I believe that the second amendment is just as essential as buying food.

    Make sure you have enough to survive for a given length of time.

  26. WOW, my number one groupie needs to relax, did you runout of popcorn?

  27. Apparently, the people in South Carolina don’t like Eric either. He’s a trouble maker wherever he goes and he’s been on the news.

    Let”s see, which town he runs to next, and creates more problems for the people. Hopefully, it’s not some women who rejects him. He throws temper tantrums and he is a stalker.

    Eric never changes, because he has inflated and delusional ideas about his own self importance. You really need to wake up, Eric, because you will always be a loser!


  28. I was wrong, you didn’t runout of popcorn, you obviously ran out of your medication.

    You will be okay, just take deep breaths and try to relax.

  29. You are the one that needs medication. You just refuse to face yourself.

    No one wants anything to do with you, and you still don’t get it!

    Funny that’s what you told your previous hypnotherapy clients, take deep breaths and try to relax. You really should stop talking out of the side of your mouth.

    You are are Pathetic!

    Your daughter needs to take custody of you and put you in a home, where you can’t cause anymore problems for anyone.

    You are a stalker with an inflated ego!




  31. Thank you so much for the entertainment, especially during these times.

    You are certainly the Blog Clown.

    You should think about moving to somewhere such as Michigan where you can be under close supervision.

    Be well……

  32. At least the owners did not cave to the new world order. T

    he wimps at OnTarget are crying on their knees and closed because of the fake wireus.

    That bunch of sissies will never get any of my business ever again.

  33. Eric, get a life and move on.

    Get a clue, Eric, You don’t have any power or control over me. However, you do have the choice to get yourself some help.

    Make good choices, it will make your life and everyone’s life around you better. Though, that probably won’t happen because you clearly like to live in your own drama!

    The Authorities, need to remove all of your guns, ammunition and any weapons you have. You are not stable and therefore should not be in possession of those items where there is potential for you to do harm to others.

  34. Racist AlabamaShake, you must have something else to do like defend some corrupt Democrat!

    Pelosi, is a major embarrassment to the whole Country.

    You Democrats better get your act together!

  35. AlabamaShake, the racist, is a paid political consultant. His agenda is money!

  36. It’s not a story it’s a fact.

    You get paid for being a political consultant. Further, being on this blog allows you to promote your business and your clients.

    So, stop lying!

    AlabamaShake = NO CREDIBILITY!

  37. One, you’re a blatant racist and have no credibility.

    I’ve shown that pretty clearly.

    Two, I am not promoting my business or clients at all.

    But good try.

    Being on this blog only allows me to expose racists like you.

    Oh, and what am I lying about? Be specific, please.

  38. Dave Lowitzki is the founder and principal of Lowitzki Consulting.

    Before founding his own government relations and political consulting firm in 2015, he spent eight years leading the policy and legislative work for SEIU Healthcare Illinois Indiana, one of the largest and most politically and legislatively active unions in Illinois. Over the years he has developed strong relationships with legislators on both sides of the aisle and in both chambers, legislative staff, the Governor’s Office, and state agencies. He has helped advocate and organize around numerous budget and policy issues, including the tax increase campaign in 2010-2011, Medicaid expansion, minimum wage, marriage equality, the abolition of the death penalty, Secure Choice, and individual state programs such as the Child Care Assistance Program, the Home Services Program, and the Community Care Program.

    He has also played large roles leading and coordinating coalitions, including acting as the legislative chair of Illinois Unites for Marriage (the coalition for marriage equality that included LGBT, labor and community organizations), legislative chair of A Better Illinois (the Fair Tax campaign that included labor, community, and social service organizations), on the steering committee of the Responsible Budget Coalition, and as a lead with Raise Illinois (the minimum wage coalition of policy, labor, and community organizations).

    Dave brings specific expertise in the budget and appropriations process, bill drafting and analysis, and bill negotiation, and has developed legislative and policy expertise in numerous areas, including:

    Budget and appropriations
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    Child care
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  39. Our Services

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  40. Well, well, well, AlabamaShake slapped you in your big mouth.

    It has been confirmed that you are indeed a racist.

    Also, do you realize that you go off on your rants late in the afternoon. You show signs of having symptoms of sundowning syndrome.

    Symptoms that you have:
    Hear or see things that aren’t there
    Trouble separating dreams from reality.

  41. Teresa Holmes, is looking for a Political Consultant.

    But, I know she won’t hire AlabamaShake.

    She doesn’t hire liars!

  42. Eric and Dave sitting in a tree.


    You two love birds, can have each other.

    Just one question AlabamaShake AKA Dave, does your wife know?

  43. I made my case, You show signs of having symptoms of sundowning syndrome.

    A bird on a Twigg is watching YOU.

  44. Goodbye Eric.

    I refuse to have a dialogue with a known stalker.

    Come into my neighborhood again and you will be appearing before a Judge.

    That is a warning.

  45. **Just one question AlabamaShake AKA Dave, does your wife know?**

    I’m not married, but thanks for asking.

  46. Are you really that stupid that you don’t get it?

    We both live in the same misty neighborhood bonehead.

  47. DALA seems a little more unhinged than usual.

    He is entering the Cindy zone.

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