McSweeney & Skillicorn Question Pritzker’s Stay at Home Order — 23 Comments

  1. Please advise Federal government to NOT send stimulus payments to public sector workers whose compensation continues uninterrupted by any crisis.

  2. My Texas Truck is equipped with Stay At Home Order deterrent technology.

    It’s called a Rifle Rack.

  3. Hey D J, bet you got it all. You have the gun rack, bale of hay, an old dog, and likely a CB radio from the 1970s.

    Yup, you fit in there in north Texas.

  4. I’ve currently retreated to El Rancho DJ on Richland Chambers prepping for my bi-monthly night hog hunt.

    If you pay tribute in the form of frozen pizza’s, skittles and vodka, you may be allowed to camp outside the walls of my Forbidden Hog City, in the post virus hellscape.

  5. Jumbo Boy is doing what good Libs (now Socialists / Marxists) do – virtue signaling.

  6. Illegal. Unconstitutional. Immoral. AND UNENFORCIBLE. Do NOT let anyone cow you into believing they have ANY control over you whatsoever. Hug your neighbors. There is no “virus”. THEY ARE LYING TO YOU ALL! This is a worldwide mind control fear project that you are LETTING them get away with by being in fear. Have you learned nothing from all the crap they’ve thrown over the past decades? TURN OFF the news and live your life! Don’t let Satan steal your soul!

  7. And remember what Jumbo Boy and his fellow travelers have done to us
    when you go to vote this November.

  8. Wow.

    These two are all for watching out for the public.

    I can’t think of of one decent idea or response that Skillicorn has ever tried to communicate.

    I hope that he is voted out next election.

  9. Well, Skillicorn won his primary with over 70% of the vote, so he likely thinks he is a world beater.

    Suzanne Ness awaits.

  10. I think old John is still feeling the burn because his girlfriend lost the primary election.

  11. Fierabras, looks like you are flushing the Johns and have me mixed up with someone else.

    Skillicorn won his primary with 70% of the vote.

    Ness won her primary with 78% of the vote, and nearly twice as many voters.

    Skillicorn could be in deep weeds come November, but we have all spring, summer and fall to see what happens.

    And let’s not forget, Skillicorn is going to the Republican National Convention as an alternate delegate this summer.

  12. Faraby, you’ll be the lucky one to survive.

    Woodstock had a racial incident today.

    Let’s see if the NWH runs anything about it.

  13. Leopard man, what happened now?

    As a firearms owner who never complied with unconstitutional Illinois gun restriction laws, I’m locked and loaded for the marauding gangs that are sure to materialize.

    Now the masks will start coming off the diversity propaganda. Big time.

  14. What happeneded, inquiring minds want to know.

    The Woodstock cops hide stuff all the time.

    His Majesty, Brian Sager, decrees it for ‘racial harmony’?

  15. I order Fat Pritzk to quit cheating on property taxes and pay his fair share from his unearned billions.! And I order him to shed 200 lbs. He can stay home bound until then. No cheating, Pritzk! I know your kind is v. Good at that!

  16. How do these two malignant narcissist imbeciles keep getting re-elected?

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