So, What Will Happen with Party Conventions?

With government officials trying to prevent large meetings, the question arises with regard to Republican and Democratic Party conventions next month.

Both parties have more Precinct Committeepersons than are recommended.

The conventions are mandated by state law.

The Democrats have met at the Woodstock Opera House in the past.

They could sit six feet apart.

Republicans recently have met at the McHenry VFW in a much more crowded room.

What will happen?

What should happen?


So, What Will Happen with Party Conventions? — 12 Comments

  1. Counties that have experienced overall losses in the last two years should replace their leadership.

    We all supposedly strongly favor term limis.

    But we must walk the walk for party chairs, SCC members and especially the state party chair and national committeewoman and national committeeman.

    Our national committeewoman has served for 12 years which is too long to begin with.

    But she wants 4 more years.

    That just piggish.


    Too much.

    Time for someone else to have a chance.

    Time for Republicans to practice what they preach—8 year term limit on party officers.

    None are indispensable because we have seen epic losses to the Democrats under their leadership.

    All that failed leadership needs to be replaced by new blood with a fresh approach.

    Demetra DeMonte is the prime example of someone who has been in office far too long, and her service is all about her power to stay and stay- as opposed to specific things she has done to elect more Republicans and fewer Democrats.

    She has been a utter failure at that.

  2. Dianne Evertsen has caused so much damage to the local GOP as chair, I really wonder if she’s not a Eyechaner mole.

  3. I’ve already supported bans on Pols appearing in Public with the exception of tar and feathering events.

  4. Who cares?

    Half the pct committeemen are RINOs or democrats.

    Over half are govt employees (county, township, municipalities, schools, state, etc.) or spouses of same.

  5. Why does it matter where Precinct committeeman work?

    Its not a paying job, its not illegal.

    Over half are Government employees?

    Any facts or figures on this statement?

    Republican and democrats.

  6. **Dianne Evertsen has caused so much damage to the local GOP as chair, I really wonder if she’s not a Eyechaner mole.**

    LOL – sure. Fred Eyechnar is secretly behind Dianne Evertsen. HAHAHA.

  7. Ah GasserBacker, Unfortunately the doom and gloom is because of previous Republican Leadership in the County and State!

    If you don’t have Republicans with a spine then it is time for them to step down!

    Letting Jacko become the King of the County is on the weak County Board Members!

    They are Democrats not Republicans!

    What makes them a Republican?

    Most of the Township People are not Republicans!

    They want their easy life with a nice pension!

    They are in it for themselves off the backs of other people!

    Sounds like a Democrat to me!

    The State will pay for it though and most Republicans will go where their vote makes a difference!

    Funny how all the Pension hogs move out of this state because of the taxes!

    You think this state is bad now wait for another 10 years and see where it’s at!

  8. Delay them a month and see where the state is with the virus.

  9. Republicans announced today their convention will be held as usual.

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