Message of the Day – A License Plate

From on Route 14 in Crystal Lake, a Chicago White Sox plate saying, “GO CHI.”

“GO CHI” license plate.


Message of the Day – A License Plate — 2 Comments

  1. With mindless sports and idol worship preempted a certain % of white males will snap out of lib mind control and take matters into their own hands.

    Important matters.

    Like survival.

  2. Sports fans and even people at political events for many decades have been singing “Na Na Hey Hey” to taunt visiting sports teams or political opponents. Little do they know that this song and tradition began with White Sox fans 43 years ago, 1977, at Comiskey Park (not Cominskey Field as Barak said). Per WIKI:

    Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

    “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye”

    Single by Steam
    from the album Steam
    B-side “It’s the Magic in You Girl”
    Released November 1969

    Recorded 1969 in New York at Mercury Sound Studios
    Genre Pop, psychedelic pop, pop rock
    Length 4:08 (LP version)
    6:20 (Long version)
    3:45 (45 version)
    2:59 (45 radio version)
    Label Fontana F 1667 (U.S.)
    Songwriter(s) Paul Leka, Gary DeCarlo, Dale Frashuer
    Producer(s) Paul Leka

    “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” is a song written and recorded by Paul Leka, Gary DeCarlo and Dale Frashuer, attributed to a then-fictitious band they named “Steam”. It was released under the Mercury subsidiary label Fontana and became a number one pop single on the Billboard Hot 100 in late 1969, and remained on the charts in early 1970.[1]

    In 1977, Chicago White Sox organist Nancy Faust began playing the song. It is generally directed at the losing side in an elimination contest when the outcome is all but certain or when an individual player is ejected or disqualified. It has also been sung by crowds in political rallies, to taunt political opponents or to drown out and mock disruptive counter-protesters.[2]

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