Unemployment Spike Unprecedented: IL v FL

3.5% was the national unemployment statistic in February.

Without including a source, NPR estimates the unemployment rate will jump to 5.5% and Goldman Sachs predicts 13% in the next few months.

Illinois claims went from 10,870 to 114,663 in one week.

Florida, with about the same number of Covid-19 cases, but which has not pretty completely shut down the economy increased from 6,463 to 74,021.

Illinois had 2,542 cases with 26 deaths, according to this CDC comparison, while Florida had 2,484 identified Corona infections with 29 deaths.

Illinois has a Democrat as Governor. Florida has a Republican.


Unemployment Spike Unprecedented: IL v FL — 5 Comments

  1. Wow.

    Could you cherry pick any better than ole’ cal. Hmmmm.

    What’s different between the populations of Illinois and Florida?

    Classic cal pretending to be a real reporter.

  2. Little Tommy Snowflake knows this fiscal disaster is because of his overlords – the DEMOCRATS of the
    formerly great state of Illinois.

    Like all the useful idiots, he just can’t admit the truth.

  3. So, IL is taking this seriously and forcing social distancing.

    Florida is not.

    Is that your point?

  4. Florida, with a larger population, has about the same number of cases with looser restrictions than Illinois.

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