State Says 52 Coronavirus Infections, County Says 51

The Illinois Department of Public Health reports that there are fifty-two cases of Covid-19 virus.

Strangely, the McHenry County Department of Public Health says fifty-one, as of yesterday:

“As of March 28, 2020, there are 51 identified cases of COVID-19 in McHenry County and 2 deaths.

Even more confusing, yesterday the County Health Department said there were forty-seven cases.

I’ll check again after five o’clock and see if the county number is updated to fifty-two for March 29th.

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When asked, the County Health Department rapidly informed me that the state figures are more up-to-date.

The five o’clock update had this report:

“As of March 29, 2020, there are 52 identified cases of COVID-19 in McHenry County and 2 deaths.”


State Says 52 Coronavirus Infections, County Says 51 — 23 Comments

  1. Again where!?

    Or I call bs!

    Fear mongers Fred flintstoians.

  2. This discrepancy is nothing short of a major scandal. Sunshine blogger, many thanks for getting to the bottom of this as soon as possible. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  3. I’m the missing Covid patient. I tried to tell the County authorities but they were too busy figuring out how you could get 8 regular hours and 25 time and a half hours into a single day, March 27th.

    I gave up and went home.

  4. Wow, I assume Barack Hussein Obama, or Jack Franks had something to do with this major event…

  5. Give it a rest “Cindy”.

    This Andrew Coffey video you linked of him driving around McCormick Place on a Sunday, looking for trucks like was used in a movie was at best premature. The McCormick Place plan was only announced on Saturday, and the shots WLS-TV shot whenever are the same ones Coffey shot on Sunday of an empty McCormick Place.

    The article says the plan was to convert McCormick Place into a 3,000-bed hospital, not that the work had started.

  6. Why hasn’t the work started?

    This was declared a pandemic by the WHO nearly three weeks ago.

    We’ve already been on lockdown for a while. If the cases are exponentially growing, just what are they waiting for?

    Do they want to wait until they are overflowing with sick patients for them to begin building the capacity to care for said sick patients?

    This doesn’t add up.

    It’s either not as bad as they are telling us or maybe we just have lots of stupid people who will get us killed or perhaps people who want lots of us to be killed…???

  7. **Why hasn’t the work started? **

    You can’t produce the equipment, supplies, labor, etc by snapping your fingers.

  8. Hey Shake, you think you’re smart guy so maybe you can answer this.

    One person starts working on something a two weeks ago. The other starts tomorrow.

    Which one finishes first?

  9. Hey correcting… it depends on a lot of factors that you didn’t mention.

    Are they starting the same something, in the same place, with the same logistical questions?

    Do they have the same number of people helping them?

    But, also, just because work hasn’t started within McCormick Place (and we don’t that this is true), that doesn’t mean that the work, planning, ordering, etc hasn’t started.

    Any other questions?

  10. You have to wonder WHO will do the physical labor at McCormick Place that the Army Corps of Engineers is planning. Over the years, at the current Place and the original McCormick Place, there were always stories in the newspapers about exhibitors at trade shows complaining about setup and takedown costs of their booths and displays. Will Army personnel do the labor or will that be subbed out to various trades and labor unions?

    Below is an article about this:

  11. China built entire hospitals from scratch in days.

    If you’re telling me it takes weeks to set up tents and convert existing buildings that are up to building codes then you might as well just start learning Chinese.

    Peak infections are supposed to spike within the next few weeks but we’re just starting on processes that will take weeks to finish?

    Wouldn’t you want to be ahead of the curve instead of lagging behind it?

    What has all this social distancing been about?

    We’ve been on lockdown for over a week and schools have been out for nearly two weeks but we’re just starting to ramp up production?

    Where were the public health officials, where were the governors and mayors, the whistleblowers, the military, etc?

    Again, why didn’t we start preparing earlier if it’s so bad?

  12. John Lopez? Perhaps you could also explain why ALL the hospitals are empty. Not even “real” patients for any “other” ordinary disorders. (There are hundreds of regular people filming hospitals all across the world that are empty. If you weren’t eating Cheetoh’s on your couch watching the scrying mirror lie to you, you might have found that out for yourself.) People like you that believe anything they see on teevee are very dangerous. You are the kind that are destroying your immune system with gobs of hand sanitizer and wearing a useless mask while hoarding toilet paper. You are dangerous! The Gestapo is looking for people like that. They love it. It is the programmed masses that have caused all this fakery to be spiralling. The blood will also be on the hands of the morons and nitwits that not only allowed this to happen but gleefully cheered it on. Fear and stupidity are never conducive to solutions.

  13. **Perhaps you could also explain why ALL the hospitals are empty.**

    They’re not.

    Good try though.

  14. **Peak infections are supposed to spike within the next few weeks but we’re just starting on processes that will take weeks to finish? Wouldn’t you want to be ahead of the curve instead of lagging behind it?**

    1) the additional beds are not yet needed.

    2) the temporary hospital at McCormick Place is supposed to be up and running by 4/24, likely just in time for the expanded need and peak.

    3) it isn’t just about building tents. Its about ventilation. Its about wiring. And oxygen. And plumbing. And all the things. These things don’t happen overnight.

  15. Also… Gov Pritzker just said that the first phase would be up and running this week, with 500 beds having been delivered on Saturday.

  16. Busted!

    You fruitcakes like Alabama need to just go to youtube and put empty hospitals in the search. You will come up with pages and pages of empty hospital videos by real people NOT the fake news.

  17. Yea… youtube is always a reliable trustworthy news source.

    I work with frontline hospital staff in IL.

    None of their hospitals are empty.

    And there is a huge stress on the healthcare system.

    You can listen to YouTube.

    I’ll listen to the people on the front lines.

    And the scientific and medical experts.

  18. Also… an 8-minute video of a 2-second stock video clip, so you think everything is fake? 🙄

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