Sheriff Bill Prim Sues County Health Department for Names of Those Infected with Coronavirus

To protect his Deputies McHenry County Sheriff Bill Prim is asking the Court to force the McHenry County Department of Health to turn over names of those infected with Covid-19.

Here are the guts of the case:

Various police departments are requesting to join the suit.


Sheriff Bill Prim Sues County Health Department for Names of Those Infected with Coronavirus — 13 Comments

  1. Is bill saying that his department is not prepared to handle this public health and safety situation? Sure seems like it to me based on his written document.

  2. Sheriff Bill Prim has a Responsibility not only to all the inmates, but to his Staff. It’s irresponsible of the health department, what are they going to do next. How do you Monitor these individuals ? They need Medical attention.

  3. Not giving zip codes to the general public was one thing, but preventing LEO and First Responders not knowing, from a 9-1-1 call if they are going to a call where someone has the virus–is absurd and potentially life threatening.

  4. Why is the illegal Mexican out mowing lawns as I don’t believe that this is a necessary job function?

  5. I would hope that every Deputy would assume they are entering a situation where someone might be a carrier of covid 19, and also entering a situation where there might be a loaded firearm.

  6. Political correctness gone crazy. Democrats, liberals, the mostly left wing media and goofballs refer to those coming into our nation from other nations as “Undocumented Immigrants”. But in fact, these so-called immigrants came here illegally. They did not obey or follow U.S. laws. They are illegal immigrants or also illegal aliens.

    Now, a whole bunch of crazies are getting upset because Andrew Gasser posted something about the pandemic virus on facebook and referred to it as the Chinese Virus which designates the nation in which it originated.

    There is information that the Chinese government and WHO covered up the extent of spread of the virus and how very contagious it is. All the more reason that it is perfectly OK to refer to the Virus as the Chinese Virus if one so chooses.

  7. Jose? Because they are probably not as stupid as you all are to hide in your basement cheering on tyranny while the one world order is taking EVERYTHING you ever had away from you while you all take illegal orders from people that wear socks!

  8. Cindy, you best take a good long look in the mirror!

    Stop promoting the false propaganda that the virus is not real.

    You are the one falsely trying to mislead the public.


  9. bred? You are a moron. There are no political parties. That was your past life charade. The new world order doesn’t have any of those trappings. There are no presidents, no nations. Nothing just the Club of 300, the World Bank and you hiding under your bed until they dispose of you. What kind of boot stamping on your face will make you wake up to reality!

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