Andrew Gasser Bashed for Called Coronavirus “Chinese Virus”

This story popped up on Patch:

Concurrently, Bill Maher was using the same terminology:Conorvieus Maher

“You can’t yell at people for a breaking a rule that you just made up just made up,” Maher begins.

He proceeds to name all sorts of diseases named after where they were discovered, e.g., Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lime Disease (named after the town in Massachusetts).

“Why should China get a pass?” Maher asks.

“This isn’t about vilifying a culture. This is about facts,” he continues.

“Viruses come from China like short stops come form the Dominican Republic” was another line in the

Read the persuasive linkage of Covid-19 to China in the National Review expose linked in the following McHenry County Blog article:

Pinning the Tail on the Dragon, National Review Tracks Coronavirus Back to Chinese Wuhan Labs


Andrew Gasser Bashed for Called Coronavirus “Chinese Virus” — 28 Comments

  1. It’s Lyme Disease, and it came from Connecticut (where it was 1st Dx’d)

    All this ‘racist’ virtue labeling gonna go “BOOM!” When the SHTF.

    Watch the cities return to cannibalism.

    Oh, yeah, it’s coming.

  2. Yes, let’s rely on a washed up comedian for answers.

    That’s as silly as electing a washed up reality tv show person and often bankrupt loser as our president.

  3. The term “Chinese Virus”, which identifies the country of origin, would have been totally OK by the mostly left wing media if it had happened during the regime of Barak Hussein Obama and he referred to it as such.

  4. Combination of Billy Bob and nancy on this one.

    It is much ado about nothing, but any local official, whether Andrew Gasser or State Rep. Allen Skillicorn, need to stop thinking they are Donald Trump and should avoid picking fights that are unnecessary.

    There is only 1 President Trump, and while he can get away with references like this whether in social media or press conferences, Gasser and Skillicorn can’t, and these references become a waste of energy and distraction.

    That said, I’m not going to stop referring to the 1918 pandemic as “Spanish Flu”, and being of Hispanic ethnicity, I don’t consider that term racist, and it is not.

    It was referred to as Spanish Flu for over a century, and there is no real reason to change the history books to make them politically correct.

    Now given Gasser and Skillicorn both face the voters within the next several months, these kinds of unnecessary fights can/will catch up to them.

    Didn’t hurt Skillicorn in the primary, but he’s facing real opposition in the fall, and giving your opponents fresh, free ammunition is never a smart strategy.

  5. After reading the Northwest Herald detailed write-up on this, and not the abbreviated Patch story, please remember what was learned from the #MeToo movement, it’s not how words/actions were intended, it’s how they’re received.

    Fortunately, Gasser made clear in the Herald story that in future, he will use a different reference that he used on Facebook.

    Gasser has learned his lesson.

  6. What happened to First Amendment, Truth, Transparency and Facts?

  7. When a American yells “go back to China”, it’s because of backward thinking xenophobia.

    When a Democrat yells “go back to China”, it’s because their bravely defending their communities against the ravages of gentrification.

  8. I very seldom support Gasser at anything. but this is absolutely ridiculous.

    “It is now very common to hear people say’I’m rather offended by that.’– as if that gives them certain rights.
    It is no more than a whine. ‘I find that offensive.’ It has no meaning, it has no purpose. it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. ‘I’m offended by that.’

    Well so f**king what?………Stephen Fry

  9. OMG! At his daily Virus update today, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke the words, “Spanish Flu” regarding the 1918 pandemic. When will the mostly left wing media admonish and crucify him for this? The Nightly network newscasts? Will these leftist handmaidens for the Democrat Party say that Cuomo greatly insulted American citizens having Spanish ancestry? That he cast a stigma not only on Americans of Spanish ancestry but also on all citizens of Spain?

    ANSWER – Not likely. The mostly left wing media has two standards how to report and when NOT TO report. One standard for leftists, liberals and Democrats and an entirely different one for Conservatives and Republicans.

  10. Dear genius commenters:

    We have learned from history that referring to these viruses by their area of origin – e.g. Spanish Flu, MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome), etc. – has deleterious effects.

    Read the recent stories about how some people are attacking Asians because they are assumed to be Chinese and therefore brought the virus to us.

    So, in order to learn from history and not be doomed to repeat it, learned people refer to today’s virus as Coronavirus and not by its area of origin.

  11. Thanks for the tip M.

    I’d hate to wake up in some Chinese prison with my organs harvested, just because of some half-assed snark.

  12. “That said, I’m not going to stop referring to the 1918 pandemic as “Spanish Flu”, and being of Hispanic ethnicity, I don’t consider that term racist, and it is not.”

    Lopez, if you support Trump, you are a HINO; Hispanic in name only!

  13. Nancy needs a spanking.

    Not a Biden sort of spanking either.

  14. I won’t be eating any Chinese food for awhile as I have no doubt that this was a biological weapon used by the Communist Chinese in retaliation of the trade policies implemented by President Trump.

    Oh, they’re some sneaky S.O.B.’s!

  15. Pokorny – That is the purpose of my post, to educate “some people.”

    Many of the comments made on this extremist blog are far-right, and those are the “people” who tend to be ignorant bigots who believe that all Asians are Chinese and that the Chinese created the virus in a lab to kill Americans; except for Cindy who claims that there really is no virus.

  16. Ignore comments from M who is merely a fictional character in James Bond movies.

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