Pritzker Backs Off on Order to Criminalize Violation of His Coronavirus Orders — 14 Comments

  1. And the big turd is trying to withdraw all his illegal orders now to save face. Like anyone would let this uneducated criminal tyrant wash. LIAR!

  2. YIPPIE!

    Now Governor put McHenry in Stage 3 or 4!

    Separate us from Cook County.


  3. We are getting back doored on this….AGAIN.

    Listening live right now to the King’s press conference.

    Get ready Illinoisans to take another hit when this is all said and done.

  4. The fact that Pritzker dwells on punishment as his main theme speaks volumes.

  5. During today’s JB presser they all seemed pretty contrite.

    At this point I will give them props and the benefit of being reasonable for walking back and explaining why they did what they did when they did.

    The 1st amendment to the US constitution obviously has bearing on this matter.

  6. Chuck Wheeler is a perfect example of a cuckservative.

    A do nothing who shouts yippie, w/o having lifted a finger for the past 2 1/2 mos!

  7. Pritzger is taking 690.40 to a new level after being rejected by public outcry.

    Good work Illinoisans!

    Next level, state legislators will be drawing up the fines and penalties for businesses not ad-hearing to the rules set forth by butter boy for each level of opening.

    Keep up the push, nudge, shove back in these Marxists faces!

  8. Ft Drum why dump on Wheeler, he’s one of the better ones.

    Did you hear the late A. Shepley, Franks or the harridan called ‘the Yensen.’

    Nitwit Vujik wanted the cops to start a database for 1.

    Covid infected and 2.

    Covid deniers

  9. Lana? Can’t you hear the drums and the smell of hemp twisting into knots?

  10. Oh Fred Flintstone did you ever hear what Yahweh has said you being such a j.q. he said,….

    “Let My People Go”

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