IL-14: Lauren Underwood Bipartisan Claims Not Backed Up by Metrics

Lauren Underwood

“Underwood also emphasized her role as a bipartisan congresswoman who can appeal to a variety of voters. She said many Trump supporters voted for her in 2018, and hopes to continue that trend.”

From Daily Northwestern article covering Lauren Underwood in Evanston on 2/18/20

Throughout her time in office, Congresswoman Lauren Underwood has attempted to emphasize her accomplishments, and House actions she’s supported, are “bipartisan”. McHenry County Blog going back to last summer, has consistently questioned Underwood’s voting record, based on the votes themselves, are significantly partisan.

From Sue Rezin campaign mailer in January

And when addressing the Leftist organization Indivisible’s Evanston chapter back in late February, Underwood revealed how she would attempt to “sell” her reelection bid as someone who’s bipartisan.

Jim Oberweis

Whether the record says she’s bipartisan is inconsequential. Underwood and her Leftist allies will say it to 14th district voters in order to convince electors she should be elected to a 2nd term over Republican nominee Jim Oberweis.

As shared in multiple articles going back nearly a year, Underwood has one of the most liberal voting records of all of the freshmen in the House, according to the UCLA Voteview project. Among freshmen, she’s #2 most liberal, and overall in the 116th Congress, she’s ranked #15 through last Friday’s vote on the HEROES Act.

Last week, The Lugar Center and Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy, issued its Bipartisan Rankings for the first year of the 116th Congress. The Lugar/Georgetown partnership has issued its rankings since the turn of the century, and last week’s rankings are based on legislation sponsored and cosponsored by members of the House during 2019.

Basically, if a member of Congress sponsors legislation, the cosponsors from the opposite party rates the legislation as bipartisan. Additionally, if a member cosponsors another member’s legislation of the opposite party would be counted positively in the metrics. Through indexing, a ranking is determined.

The metrics do not take into consideration if legislation passes or ever leaves committee.

For 2019 legislation, 437 members of the House were ranked, excluding Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy.

According to Lugar/Georgetown, Underwood ranks number 344 out of 437 members who were ranked.

Put another way, over three quarter of the House of Representatives is more “bipartisan” than Underwood.

Underwood is not bipartisan in spite of her words to the contrary.

Here are the 2019 bills sponsored by Underwood contributing to her 344th bipartisan rank:

ReferenceTitleCosponsorsRepublican Cosponsors
H.R. 1757Raise State and Local Taxes (SALT) Deductions Limits200
H.R. 1868Reforms to Affordable Care Act390
H.R. 2005Women’s Retirement Protection Act30
H.R. 2372Veterans’ Care Quality Transparency10
H.R. 2401American Cures Act10
H.R. 3525U.S. Border Patrol Medical Screening Standards Act210
H.R. 3526Counter Terrorist Network Act11
H.R. 3636Caring For Our Women Veterans Act50
H.R. 3819Climate and Health Protection Act300
H.R. 3932Veterans Preventative Health Coverage Fairness Act365
H.R. 4240File Once FAFSA Act20
H.R. 4241Student Loan Contract Act20
H.R. 4281Access to Contraception Expansion for Veterans Act30
H.R. 4282Veterans Colunseling10
H.R. 4457Chronic Condition Copay Elimination Act120
H.R. 5444Lower Insulin Costs Now Act64

Out of the 16 bills Underwood sponsored in 2019, only a quarter had any level of cosponsorship from a Republican in the House.

Here is a listing of bills Underwood cosponsored which were sponsored by Republican members of the House:

H.R. 4870U.S. Public Health Service Modernization Act
H.R. 4194National Suicide Hotline Designation Act
H.R. 4056Medicare Audiologist Access and Services Act
H.R. 3824Cahokia Mounds Mississippian Culture National Historical Park Act
H.R. 3246Traveling Parents Screening Consistency Act
H.R. 3245Restore the Harmony Way Bridge Act
H.R. 3183Feed Emergency Enhancement During Disasters
H.R. 2442Puppy Protection Act
H.R. 2435Accelerating Veterans Recovery Outdoors
H.R. 2431Mental Health Professionals Workforce Shortage Loan Repayment Act
H.R. 2322Accelerated Payments for Small Businesses Act
H.R. 1975Cybersecurity Advisory Committee Authorization Act
H.R. 1824Mary Jo Lawyer Spano Mesothelioma Patient Registry Act
H.R. 1781Payment Commission Data Act
H.R. 1766College Transparency Act
H.R. 1058Autism Collaboration, Accountability, Research, Education, and Support Act
H.R. 1002WOOF! Act
H.R. 728Title VIII Nursing Workforce Reauthorization Act
H.R. 555Disability Integration Act
H.R. 500Christa McAuliffe Commemorative Coin Act
H.R. 499Service-Disabled Veterans Small Business Continuation Act
H.R. 141Social Security Fairness Act

The 22 bills Underwood cosponsored is out of a total of 216 bills introduced and cosponsored by her in 2019, which contributed to her ranking. Of the bills she cosponsored in 2019, a little over 10% were sponsored by Republicans.

These metrics alone place Underwood in a dubious standing with mainstream voters in the light of the truth of her claims she’s a “bipartisan congresswoman”.

Combined with her voting record and the bulk of bills which passed the House with her votes are partisan, not bipartisan, one can only lead to local Republicans and the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and other Republican-allied groups to add a new hashtag in social media to distinguish Underwood’s claims from the truth: #FakeBipartisan.

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