McHenry County College Rolls Out Black Lives Matter Response

McHenry County College has the following on the top of its web page:

When clicked upon, the following appears:

Black Lives Matter

We are deeply troubled by the recent events in our nation. The atrocious killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless others remind us that we cannot and will not stand for any form of racism, discrimination, or violence.

We will use education and a collective spirit of listening to those voices, silenced for centuries, that can help us learn how to dismantle the inequities experienced by the Black community.

The symbol above has been added to our website and social media pages in solidarity with our Black community of students, alumni, employees, and supporters. MCC is here for you today and always.

Every voice heard. Every life celebrated. Every path honored.



McHenry County College Rolls Out Black Lives Matter Response — 14 Comments

  1. All this makes me want to write a dystopic novel.

    Like 25 years from now.

  2. Absolutely ridiculous. This public college should not be taking political stances. If they feel they had to make some kind of a statement, it should have explicitly covered all lives that matter. “Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, Eskimo, Fetuses with a heartbeat”. Period.

    Insofar as the killing of Floyd, the trial of the police officer charged with murder has not yet been held. That trial should divulge if the murder had racial motivation or some other motivation. The police officer and Floyd worked at the same bar as bouncers. Was there a grudge between them that had nothing to do with race? We need to know if that might have been the case.

  3. Dispicable…

    What is wrong with these people as a business which they are and funded by TAX payers they should keep their OPINIONS to themselves shame on them…

    i want my TAX $$ back they do not speak for us the taxpayers…

    All Lives Matter!

    again just shows you snowflakes and sheep everywhere can’t think on their own…

    follow the free cheese…

  4. Not to mention backing a criminal to Boot… role model NOT!

  5. They going to defund or dismantle their Campus Police department?

    They have an office, officers, vehicles, and the uniforms might scare students.

    Start there and then get back to us if they’re really serious,…otherwise its just outside agitators coming in and hogging the conference center giving speeches to suburban White kids.

  6. More lies to divide and cause chaos. How dare they promote Marxists! Get OFF my tax bill – you morons!

  7. Actually they ARE talking about getting rid of campus police.

    Have for years.

    They backed the Antifa student employee more than they backed the Turning Point kid the Antifa was harassing.

    MCC is Marxist Central

  8. MCC a glorified high school featuring remedial reading classes, LGBTQ sickness and 50% illegal aliens.

    It’s a ‘beacon of higher learnin’ the overpaid leftist professoriat chants.

    Why do we need that sh^thole?

  9. These sickos want to cry about atrociousness, how about reflecting on Black on White Murders, Rapes, Robberies!

    White lives matter too! A high percentage of blacks cannot live in a civilized society.

    That’s what the Brazilian president said, and he got elected!

  10. I’d be all for defunding any group that supports the BLM organization.

  11. When people or places say ‘Black Lives Matter’, they are stating that their lives need to matter just as much as yours.

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