Zane Seipler Recounts Problems in Sheriff’s Department

On his Facebook page yesterday, former McHenry County Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler, revealed a bit of his story:

Several years ago, there was a police officer that saw some concerning things that his fellow officers were doing to minority communities.

He collected evidence and reached out to his administration and was fired by an ELECTED OFFICIAL popular with both DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS.

Before being fired he reached out to other ELECTED OFFICIALS (Republican, Democrat, white, black, brown) and they did NOTHING.

He reached out to the FBI, they did NOTHING.

The officer kept pushing and reached out to Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition, LULAC, the ACLU and other “civil rights” groups.

They did NOTHING.

A couple of good reporters were found here and there and a little stir was created but the community, the affected minorities, the elected officials, all did NOTHING.

Zane Seipler campaigning for the Republican nomination for Sheriff against incumbent Keith Nygren in 2010.

The officer even got involved in politics and ran for Sheriff against the guy that fired him and again all of the above did NOTHING.

By the end of this saga payouts were made, employment records were restored, the officer left Illinois and ALL the evidence, which expanded from racial profiling, excessive use of force and police misconduct to bribery, child sexual abuse, human trafficking, drug trafficking, murder for hire and corruption, was all sealed in Federal Documents never to be seen again….allegedly there’s a trunk buried in the back of a garage that holds it all.

Moral of the story….

Good cops are all over the place and they try to do right…

but YOU….WHITE, BROWN, BLACK, DEMOCRAT, REPUBLICAN, keep voting these scumbags into office with no idea how bad the people you stand behind are.

They are the ones that set the tone for your police departments.

They approve the hiring officials, the tests, the promotions and the direction of law enforcement.

They are bought and paid for by the police unions and special interests.

The politicians get the kick backs from companies that provide the training, military type gear, and a host of crap you wouldn’t believe.

So start being realistic.

If your city’s police are a problem, the problem starts and finishes with the people YOU elected to manage the department.

Study suggests racial mislabeling skews McHenry County sheriff data


Zane Seipler Recounts Problems in Sheriff’s Department — 10 Comments

  1. Interesting.

    Yet the Sheriff’s Dept involvement with a ring ferrying illegal aliens to Canada deserves investigation too.

    The ‘rest station’ near Hebron saw tens of thousands run through it until it was halted ahead of Prim being inaugurated.

  2. Ah, the good ol’ days.

    And David Bachmann.

    The good guys all left the state.

  3. Seipler tried to change it and these were the results from the primary.

    Nygren 16952 68.13%
    Seipler 7930 31.87%

    The incumbent, Nygren, then won the general election with over 58 percent of the vote in a 3 way race.

    I believe that was while Nygren was still under investigation from the FBI or Illinois State Police.

    When asked why people voted for Nygren they said, “I know his name.”

    The democratic process is supposed to fix these problems, but the democratic process gives us these people in the first place and the inertia usually keeps them in power for a long time.

    Perhaps we should be asking how do you have an informed electorate.

    Because if we don’t figure that out, the alternatives are either just to have stupid and easily manipulable people voting (which is the status quo that people complain about) OR it’s how many people who don’t agree with me can I hit in the head with sticks and rocks today.

  4. Mayors hire the Police Chiefs.

    That practice may need to stop.

    Let the people elect them.

    The current way of doing things only leads to corruption.

    You think in McHenry County all is wonderful.

    There is more graft and corruption here than there is in Cook Co and it has a lot to do with THE MAYORS!

    Nygren was awful and guess what?

    ….heeee’s baaaack working to get Democrat Mayor Brian Sager elected as state rep!!!

    Hasn’t Sager done enough damage to Woodstock with his failed Democrat Policies?

    Now he wants to go to Springfield and aid in the destruction at the State level!

    We are very fortunate to have the sheriff we have NOW.

  5. Seriously?

    Nygren is backing a democrat for mayor?

    How sad.

    Everything we thought about Nygren is true.

    What’s amazing is that Sager is a pathetic joke – I guess it’s the malleable losers who the power enforcers like Nygren really want elected.

    Nygren and Franks are real beauties.

  6. Wasn’t he sanctioned by the court for lying and violating court orders by using his wife’s account to share some “evidence” that was ordered to be kept secret by the court?

  7. Nygren was always a Democrat.

    Old school KKK sheet wearing Democrat.

    Sager has been forced into the Democrat name because the Republicans no longer wanted him.

    And Sager isn’t a racist.

    Nygrens support will hurt Sager more than help as a Democrat because those morons like to think their racism and misogyny is hidden.

    They won’t stand for an overtly racist supporter within their ranks.

    Seipler may have had a good impulse but he was damaged goods too.

    The inertia against taking horrible stories against cops seriously is due to the oh so many horrible stories people are willing to tell whether they’re true or not.

    Prim is damaged as well but the kind of damaged the majority is willing to tolerate apparently.

    There is very little virtue in Law Enforcement ranks anymore.

    When the FBI cannot be trusted anymore it may be time to rethink the org chart and training of all LEO’s.

  8. I find it interesting that Seipler (you DO realize that’s he’s writing his own saga above, don’t you?), by his own account, took his story to anyone who would listen.

    I think that he may have missed going to the UN, the Department of Defense, and Scotland Yard, but he pretty much hit everyone else including Jesse Jackson and the ACLU who never met an allegation they wouldn’t run with.

    He also created, or attempted to, garner support in any news media he could find and yet, with all this effort and alleged “evidence” NONE OF THEM DID ANYTHING.

    You should believe what Seipler says because he is the man with the evidence, the man making the complaints to the authorities and he says they did nothing.

    He then goes on to say that after doing nothing, these agencies sealed all of the super secret documents and placed them in a trunk in the back of some garage.

    Is anyone getting just a wee bit skeptical yet?

    Now, with the posting of his latest manifesto, we witness a resurgence of the “tin foil hat’ squad talking about the investigations that never were, still being ongoing.

    Now we hear that Nygren allegedly was up to his butt in smuggling illegals to Canada by the thousands through a “way station” in Hebron.

    Yet, at the same time period, Seipler complains that the department under Nygren was racist.

    Oh, wait, I know, it was just an elaborate cover so no one would suspect that Nygren was involved in smuggling all those aliens to Canada.

    Lest you forget, that loon who ran for coroner at one point also kept adding fuel to the fire with stories of Nygren’s misdeeds and told us how many times that he’d been assured by the FBI that they were hot on the trail of Nygren and his days as a free man were numbered.

    Well, it’s probably been seven years now and we’re still counting.

    Is there anyone else reading this crap who thinks that perhaps there was no evidence of any wrongdoing other than what existed in the minds of a few disturbed individuals and malcontents?

  9. Robert Miller east maim Cary Illinois and Anna we’re huge supporting him ?…?

    Restitution for personal consumption over $1,000.000 why are they not in jail?

    Exhausted 💤

  10. Nygren has a bad ticker.

    How long will he be trudging around Florida and Hellinois?

    The stories about running illegals throughHebron are real.

    Supposedly the Sheriff’s dept was all in on it.

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