Ride in Support of Police Starting in Woodstock

A couple of shots shared by Republican McHenry County Board Chairman candidate Mike Buehler:

Riders in Crystal Lake:

There were some counter-demonstrators from Black Lives Matter in front of Veterans Acres in Crystal Lake.

John Pletz sent some photos, too.

John Pletz

And Pletz saw this sign, too.

“Pritzker Sucks” sign.


Ride in Support of Police Starting in Woodstock — 37 Comments

  1. Great turnout…talked to a CL officer while the bikers rode by on Walkup…said it was 2,000 estimated participants, on bikes,cars, trucks.

    Metra Train Engine tooted his horn multiple times while the bikers waited at the crossing, everyone was so upbeat, positive, waving honking flashing peace signs to the Officer watching.

    Then it was over the tracks and on going by the BLM group.

    All dressed in Black, many soy boys among them shouting at real Men and Women riding by.

    A Jeannie Ives Billboard in the back of a truck was the last car in the Group of Bikers.

    Officer said it was estimated that 1500 BLM protesters were going to show up based on Facebook “interests” and, lucky if there was 40 actually who did show up.

    Good Guys and Gals win again.

  2. Did anyone get photos of the BLM people by Knox Park in McHenry?

    They were supposed to be there as well as at Veterans Acres.

  3. The communist newspaper said around a couple hundred. They also claimed a hundred for BLM. Hmmm. The propaganda is so thick over there that they have an interview with a doctor that claims face masks are good for you. Everyone has already told us that face masks are extremely dangerous to your health and the new world order communist paper is toeing the line. Reminds me of the politicians that claimed fluoride in the water is good for you while we all finally figured out that it is a neurotoxin that makes us stupid.

  4. Both sides are stupid.

    The BLM people should be mowed down by the cops.

  5. Mike Tauler is the Antifa chieftain in McHenry County.

    Put that name out to the cops.

  6. Don’t let the Jewish psychops MSM and corporate thugs illusion of BLM and “all whites are racists” and “we are all to blame” and “we must apologize” lies get into your head and brainwash you.

  7. Notan?

    A Wonder Lake Satanist is their leader?

    My, my.

    Color me surprised?

  8. Tauler is satanist warlock.

    But he’s also claimed to be an atheist too.

    Go figure.

  9. Looks like the purple-haired Marxist fatties and the milquetoast social Democrat “nu-males” that they drag around on a leash were vastly outnumbered.

  10. Kendall County Republican Chairman James Marter shot video from Woodstock yesterday as riders set off and he says he counted 570 motorcycles, plus many driving cars/trucks.

    Video posted on his old congressional Facebook page under @marter4congress

  11. Horrible write up from this event yesterday by the NW Herald and the usual suspects “writing” over there..Alex Katecki and Cassie Buchman—let me guess they’re BLM members and have a bias to anything written regarding that group.

    Yo Journalism 101 students—the story was about “Back the Blue”, and how people came together to show support for their local PD departments after so much negative news has been about them.

    Instead they give a near recruiting drive write up for BLM—less than 100 people showed up for BLM, yet they and that group garner the Headline and the bulk of the written story and quotes within it.

    Cancel all things associated with the Northwest Herald–do no advertising with them and time to oust that Editor who I thought took a job downstate, then changed his mind and we get stuck with his one side Lefty Lunacy.

    Read this story and tell me this isnt a feel good story for all things BLM, when the real story was the mass gathering and support for local Police.

    Missed the mark NWH, as usual–or did you hit the bullseye for all things Lefty.

    Your reporters are biased.


  12. I support the deportation of the illegal Mexican. Where and when is that ride being held?

  13. Antifa chieftain? Wow we are stretching now.

    Oh and a Satanist!!!

    More baseless accusations from anonymous cowards.

    Tell you what “NotanOstritch” you go ahead and file that police report, I will wait.

    As for “Cindy” you think everything is a Satanist plot, and have shown that you are incapable of distinguishing between fantasy and reality.

    But for the record, I consider my self an Agnostic Deist – Basically I see no evidence of a higher power but if there is one they do not intervene in the world.

  14. As with the 60’s protesters, I predict the BLM’rs will also wind up in some sad half-abandoned strip mall, selling Kudzu Jelly or Antique Clothing.

  15. Tauler, you and your bovine wife were indeed Wiccan weirdos at the former labyrinth at Glacial Park. I saw you both.

    You can’t deny it!

  16. Bob? Did you not see my 6/27 post? Cal, this really sucks that no one can read anything in a timely fashion. It really puts everyone at a disadvantage.

  17. Mike? That would be a Satanist. Period. You said it. I didn’t. Go read the article all about your glorious activities. It says it, too. If you cannot see God’s hand moving in ALL of this, then your soul is lost to eternity. Period. Not a good time to poke your thumb in God’s eye while He’s warming up for the wrath to come.

  18. Mike Tauler is a real piece of sick work.

    He fantasizes he’s a ‘community organizer’ and IT genius, but he doesn’t get up until noon and has ‘issues’ of a gender identity and overeating sort.

    I agree with Lady Zahorik that he’s ‘unreliable’ and ‘dogmatic’ in a satanic sort of way.

    Why can’t he get a real job?

    Welfarites make me mad when they are big fat losers.

    What are we to make of his zodiac rituals?

    Agnostics don’t dabble in the black arts typically.

  19. Bob Wire and John Lopez

    I was counting participants off of that same video. It ended prior to all the vehicles falling in and exiting. I was in one of those vehicles.

    I sent the NWH “reporters” the following email- which is only in part.

    The primary reason for this email is to take another look at the numbers of participants reported in your stories and to beg the media to report facts, equal to ALL stories.

    Should we say ALL STORIES MATTER?

    As I understand it, this was a simple ride, not a protest, but the media turned it into one.

    You repeatedly state below the pictures “a few hundred participants”, which is incorrect.

    I tried counting them all and got to about 545 or 645 bikes- I lost count.

    Probably ½ have more than 1 rider on them and there were probably 40-50 vehicles in tow with multiple occupants.

    I was in a vehicle.

    So, more accurately there were probably over a thousand plus participants.

    BTW- when the ride took us down Walkup and past Veteran’s Acres, I saw only about 20 BLM people.

    It is sad that the media is the catalyst for “causes” that are becoming an attempted overthrow of our entire country.

    Where do we draw the line?

  20. Bob Wire at 1:29 PM has accurately described the reporting by the County newspaper of the two events in McHenry County. The report by the Herald so-called reporters was disgusting. Many recounts and quotes from the BLM contingent but not too much quoted from the motorcycle group. The motorcycle group initiated their ride in the publicity and then proponents of so-called BLM wanted to counter their “ride”. The local newspaper reporters (?) quoted mostly the BLM and had very little from the motorcycle group. Very stupid and very unfair. The newspaper should be ashamed of their reporting/coverage. I suppose we know where the newspaper stands and it is not FAIR AND BALANCED. It is Highly biased.

    The BLM protesters will never have credibility until they go and march in the neighborhoods of Austin, Lawndale and elsewhere in Chicago where hundreds of African Americans have been killed or injured by gunfire. THAT is where the marches and protests need to be held.

  21. Mike Tauler,

    What’s with the J.R. Bob Dobbs avatar? Nothing “subgenius” about your comments.

    “Agnostic Deist” means that you just don’t want to believe in anything but also don’t want to be wrong.

    And what’s with “anonymous cowards”?

    You aren’t on SlashDot.

    This is real life.

    The types that you support do not take kindly to opposing views.



  23. I got my 2,000 count for the “Back the Blue” supporters from the CLPD Officer standing next to me during their ride along Walkup across from the CLPD.

    Maybe that was the number that committed to come via Facebook, or maybe it was a number given to him by Higher Ups…

    I dont know…

    what I do know is I havent seen so very many motorcycles, cars and trucks coming and coming since I participated in the Four Corners motorcycle Rally some years ago…

    it was a tremendous amount of participants, vs the puny soy boys and fat girls who stood along the sidewalk at Veterans Acres for BLM…

    btw, when I went by there was a Soy Boy on a megaphone, standing under a canaopy asking “has everyone had a water and snack, and if so we’ll get started”….

    only thing missing was the Nap.

    God Bless Our Police.

    NW Herald needs to leave this County and go write for some Left Wing Town.

    Totally Biased Publication—sad.

  24. Looks like Mike Tauler, formerly head of McHenry County Progressives and RevolutionNowMcHenry,

    Now running Indivisible McHenry, a Wiccan fool and satanist wannabee, has been officially outed.

    Yes Mike, you are a creep

  25. Tauler was in my class of2002 atJacobs.

    He was a total misfit and goth.

    And he was a fat boy who was in the drama club w a bunch of other gender confused saps.

    He never did anything to me; I kinda ignored him.

    His parents were always getting him reassigned to different classes bc he was bullied a lot.

    Some bullies were pretty mean to him, but he did try and provoke some of them too.

  26. In McHenry there were a reported ‘2 BLM participants ‘

  27. We stopped counting after we hit 600+ motorcycles.

    Then there were the cars, trucks, minivans, and specialty vehicles.

    We stopped counting heads at just over 1500.

    We took pics of the BLM’rs on Walkup and I’ll be Very generous and say their count was 75.

    It was a good day to honor our local men and women of Law & Order, who leave home never knowing they’ll return, who WONT get gold plated caskets, with movie stars in attendance to their goFundMe $Million funerals, and whose names won’t become household words-yet risk their lives anyway, whose faces won’t become icons, those who are brave and who serve who are every ethnicity under the sun and who represent America.

  28. Tauler lives in Wonder lake.

    He refuses to mow his grass.

    Is it because it’s too strenuous or he’s at every BLM demo in a 350 mile radius?

  29. I guess Mike is really getting under some skins in McHenry County, given the fantastic attributes posters here have assigned him, and that so many are engaging in character assassination rather than substantive argument.

    As an American, I do find it offensive that he is attacked for his presumed religious beliefs, here in the land of religious freedom.

    I find it offensive that he is ridiculed for his body type and his wife is slandered.

    I find it offensive that he is criticized for having political opinions in the land of political freedom.

    As this is also the land of free speech and press, I don’t call for such voices to be silenced, but I nonetheless call them out as offensive.

    They themselves reveal the poverty of their arguments when they engage in ad hominem attack.

    I also find it hilarious that they claim the NW Herald or its editor is leftist -or even close.

  30. Mr. Beltran

    It goes both ways!

    Masking offensiveness, and other deeds, behind the “cause” tops all.

    (I’d say trumps all, but you’d find it offensive)

  31. Who is Beltran? Democrat? figures!

    Is this Taylor some god?

    I find it offensive you want to silence free speech!

    Fakenews herald not leftist? Wow, you are a Commie!

  32. If some useful idiot like Buttran defends satanism what does that make him?

    A Bernie Sanders type?

    An accomplice in ruining the country?

    A BLM thug?

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