Libertarian Party First to Utilize On-Long Petitioning, Brought on by Coronavirus

From the McHenry County Libertarian Party:

Petitioning Rules Eased For Minor Parties Due To COVID-19

A copy of the petition can be found and your signature submitted here:

James ‘Jim’ Young for Auditor and Kelly Liebmann for Coroner are soliciting social media and email contacts for electronic signatures. 

Currently both the Auditor and Coroner races in McHenry County are uncontested— current Republican Auditor Shannon Teresi and former County Board Member and Republican Coroner candidate Michael Rein are on the ballot.

Jim Young and Kelly Liebmann

Rein lost the primary to Mark Justen who passed away after the primary election; Rein was slated to fill the vacancy by the McHenry County Central Committee  

After an appeals court rejected an attempt to delay easing of third party petitioning requirements, the Libertarian Party of Illinois declared a victory for candidates running in the November election. 

Libertarian Presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen and US Senate candidate Danny Malouf of Woodstock were automatically granted ballot access in 2020 and state and local candidate signature requirements were reduced by 90%. 

This year third party signature requirements for countywide office in McHenry County were reduced from 5,870 valid signatures to 587–the same signatures needed by Democrats and Republicans. 

No Democrat stepped up to run for Auditor, Coroner or States Attorney. 

The petitions for Young and Liebmann can be found here.


Libertarian Party First to Utilize On-Long Petitioning, Brought on by Coronavirus — 6 Comments

  1. When do we know if their petitions were approved and if they are on the November ballot?

    Same for Marty McLaughlin?

    Didn’t he have a Libertarian woman opponent who was circulating a petition a few weeks ago?

  2. I almost cried when I heard Justen died. I hope he repented in time.

  3. Nice chin guards, people.

    I can’t imagine why cases are surging.

    Looks like I won’t be voting for Jim Young.

  4. …or Kelly Liebmann. Attitude towards science can only reflect logic in other important situations.

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