Dems Don’t Want Cheeseheads Working on Public Projects in Illinois

From the JB Pritzker Administration:

IDOL Alerts Local Officials on Hiring for Public Works Projects

State Law requires hiring Illinois workers during times of high unemployment

SPRINGFIELD – Due to the high unemployment rate caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Employment of Illinois Workers on Public Works Act will take effect beginning July 1st.

Wisconsin’s welcome sign north of Richmond.

The state law requires the workforce on all public works projects to be comprised of a minimum of 90% Illinois residents.

The Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL) administers the Employment of Illinois Workers on Public Works Act, which was enacted to alleviate unemployment in Illinois by ensuring that most workers on public works projects live in the state.

The requirement to employ 90 percent Illinois workers applies to all labor on public works projects or improvements, including projects involving the clean-up and on-site disposal of hazardous waste.

The law comes into effect following two consecutive months of a state unemployment rate above 5 percent. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Illinois’ unemployment rate during the COVID-19 pandemic increased from 4.2 percent in March, to 17.2 percent in April, and 15.2 percent in May.

Given the unanticipated and large unemployment increase, IDOL wants to alert public bodies to the details of the law. 

“As we all deal with the far-reaching impact of this pandemic, the Illinois Department of Labor wants to remind public officials and employers of the requirements of this law, which has not been triggered in recent years due to low unemployment,” said IDOL Director Michael Kleinik.
Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul pledged to work with IDOL to enforce the law.

“As the nation faces record levels of unemployment, the people of Illinois should be assured that government is using all available tools to put Illinois residents back to work,” Attorney General Kwame Raoul said.

“The Employment of Illinois Workers on Public Works Act requires contractors on public works projects to prioritize Illinois workers, and my office stands ready to work with the Department of Labor to enforce the law and ensure that public works projects – which are funded by Illinois taxpayers – are completed using the best workforce in the country.”

The law is intended to ensure that projects funded using public dollars employ Illinois residents.

That includes public works projects that are funded in whole or in part with state funds or funds administered by the state of Illinois.

Any public works project financed in whole or in part by federal funds administered by the state of Illinois is covered under the provisions of this act to the extent permitted by applicable federal law or regulation.

More information about the Employment of Illinois Workers on Public Works Act can be found here:

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It’s OK, however, for Illinois residents to work on Governor Pritzker’s Wisconsin horse farm.


Dems Don’t Want Cheeseheads Working on Public Projects in Illinois — 15 Comments

  1. How can this be legal?

    Has this ever been challenged in federal court?

    How can you tell someone where they can and cannot work?

    Prevailing wage is open to everyone but saying you have a cap on workers from outside a state should be unconstitutional!

  2. Now is the time for the cheeseheads to rise up and tell the Dems ALL OF THEM TO STAY OUT OF WISCONSIN especially Lake Geneva!

    No Cheese for you!

    Go Home …. stay out you swampers… of our state..

  3. Don’t forget the prevailing wage law.

    Is it $38.00 an hour?

  4. What if you’re neither Republican or Democrat?

    Cuckservative or Libtard?

    Do you stop those people from getting into Lake Geneva?

  5. Paul Revere, Chicago area laborers now make $44.40 per hour with a fringe benefit rate of $31.45 per hour.

    Laborers make less than operating engineers, electricians etc.

    Why would anyone come here from another state to pay those wages?

  6. Under this scheme, a white male Russian citizen who is residing in Illinois would have preference over a female African-American and citizen of the U.S.A. who lives 20 minutes to the north in Wisconsin.

    It’s strange that Pritzker and other Democrats have a problem with hiring people from a different county or state, but have no problem with hiring people who are foreign to the nation: they want to increase work visas, they are against border security, they want to increase the number of legal immigrants and refugees, and they oppose deporting people who are here illegally while constantly demanding papers, licenses, and documentation for hairdressers and lawn care workers.

    This is not a coherent set of beliefs.

    Any organized labor or government official who tells you otherwise, that foreign nationals are good for labor but people from a different county or state are bad, is straight up lying to you.

    You can’t support hyperactive globalization while also supporting hyper-local protectionism and expect to be taken seriously by workers you claim to represent.

    Advocates of prevailing wages should be able to question these contradictions without fear of blacklisting and other forms of politically motivated retaliation used to silence dissenters.

  7. This law has been on the books forever.


    – Should the state not enforce the law?

    – Would you prefer your IL tax dollars going to fund workers that live in IL or another state?

  8. Why does correcting use a ‘Russian’ and not the ever present illegal Mexican or Centra American who comprise 93% of all Illinois illegals?


  9. Sleaze Antifa-Alabama, isn’t creating a sanctuary state against the law? Can’t wait to watch your trial. I’ll volunteer to be the hangman.

  10. No Terminator, just a millstone and Lake Michigan.

    Cultural Marxists like Alabama are like rabid bats spreading pathogens whenever they bite.


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