Northwest Herald’s Objectivity Questioned

From Woodstock’s Richard Rostron:

Diminishing NWHerald fails journalistic test in coverage of Back the Blue ride

The rapidly diminishing Northwest Herald further demonstrated why McHenry County is better off the faster this publication vanishes with the manner in which it handled coverage of the Back the Blue ride Saturday.

While close to 1,000 people turned out to support the embattled police in and beyond McHenry County, the front-page photo in the Herald suggested something completely different.

Motorcycles lining up

There were a handful of ‘Black Lives Matter’ protestors by the police stations where the riders stopped.

BLM at Veterans Acres.

Yet they were overwhelmingly outnumbered by those supporting men and women in blue.

Motorcyclists waiting for Back the Blue Ride to commence.

But the front-page photo and headline left readers and ‘glancers’ with an entirely different impression.

Before the Ride.

With an incredibly photo-rich environment (an almost endless line of Harley Davidsons and other motorcycles), the Herald chose a photo of a solo Honda Goldwing from behind as it passed a group of BLM protestors with their signage.

“Duty, Honor, Courage. Blue Lives Matter.”

And the headline read, “Rallies Converge(:) Demonstrations for Black Lives Matter, police support take place in McHenry County.”

Participants of the Back the Blue Ride.

Inside the paper, there were stories from both sides of the issue: the riders for the Blue on Page 4 with a small jump to Page 7, and BLM with large sections of Pages 6 and 7.

Motorcyclists and motorists Back the Blue.

Keep in mind that, in the previous two-plus weeks, there were at least five times the Herald dedicated the front page to Black Lives Matter coverage.

Before the Ride.

Almost everybody knows that BLM ‘demonstrations’ were taking place in McHenry County.

BLM picket line.

The Herald ran an additional story on Wednesday that gave the riders a greater share of coverage, including the front page.

But that doesn’t change the fact that, on the day after the event, the Herald turned the front-page coverage into a story that virtually suggested bikers were infringing on a BLM event rather than BLM protestors showing up during an event for bikers and others who support the police.

One organizer stopped counting at 1,500.

You may think this is a trifle and nothing to complain about.

Moving out.

Don’t kid yourself.

Awaiting the start.

All journalists, even those who have long since abandoned journalistic ethics, know that 90-plus-percent of ‘readers’ never read beyond the first sentence.

Ready to go.

That’s why the first sentence in journalism is called ‘the lead.’

Supporting spectators of the ride.

The lead is where journalists are allowed more words – as many as 40 words – while the rest of the story they shoot for around 25-words per sentence.

BLM supporter waves “No Peace, No Justice” sign.

I referred to ‘glancers’ above because I know, and the Northwest Herald knew when it published its misleading front-page photo and headline, that a vast majority of the people who saw the paper would never go beyond a glance at the front page.

The Woodstock Harley parking lot overflowed.

While the Herald gave generally balanced coverage inside, though more copy was dedicated to BLM on a day when they were only reacting to another group’s event, there is more than a tendency on the part of the Herald to accept the BLM argument of “systemic racism.”

“Don’t Tread on Me” truck.

But there is no sincere effort to challenge the idea.

In a holding pattern before the Ride.

America is not a systemically racist country.

Organizer Joe Alger and Mike Buehler.

We have laws, including amendments to the constitution and long-standing affirmative action, that prove the ‘system’ is not racist today.

Mike Buehler, organizer Karen Tirio, Pastor Scott Barrettsmith and Joe Tirio.

To the degree that there is racism, it is not embraced at the level of the constitutional and legal systems.

Pledging Allegiance to the American Flag.

This isn’t debatable.

Therefore, the real question is, to what degree, do we have extra-constitutional and extra-legal racism in our society.

Waiting to ride.

BLM and the Northwest Herald have demonstrated a complete lack of interest in an honest appraisal of racism in America today.

This is much like the attitude of slave owners who didn’t want to look too closely at the principles of liberty in the Declaration of Independence for fear that they would have to accept a truth that didn’t fit their narrative.

Ready to make tracks.

And whatever side of the issue you’re on, the Herald’s coverage is indicative of an equally dishonest approach.


Northwest Herald’s Objectivity Questioned — 125 Comments

  1. Why do the handful of BLM Protestors appear to be Caucasian?

  2. Not a mask to be seen in the entire 1000 person crowd but that would be giving into “Pritzker’s Purgatory”…right?

  3. The protesters are white because most black people don’t agree with blm.

  4. Still, it is interesting to recognize that the deranged BLm protesters are, perhaps deliberately, confusing the incapacity of blacks with systemic racism.

    In truth, America has made the greatest effort ever essayed by one race to uplift another.

    Reflect: In 1954 an entirely white Supreme Court unanimously ended segregation.

    Later it found the use of IQ tests by employers illegal because blacks scored poorly, then found “affirmative action,” racial discrimination against whites, legal (hardly oppression of blacks, this).

    An overwhelmingly white Congress passed the Civil Rights Act in 1964, the Voting Rights Act the next year.

    A white President sent troops to Little Rock to enforce desegregation.

    There has been an enormous flow of charity to blacks: Section Eight Housing, AFDC, Head Start, hiring/college admission quotas, set-asides, sharply lowered standards in police and fire departments.

    We now have free breakfasts for black children, then free lunches, in addition to outright welfare.

    In aggregate they resemble a distributed guaranteed basic income. Which is interesting.

    All paid by tax slave whites and some Asians.

  5. Hey Dinah…

    Actions speak louder than words.

    When you have to claim you’re not a racist….you are one.

    I’m an independent thinker and could care less about Jack Franks.

    At least I’m not a mindless whore for Donald Trump!

  6. That’s like comparing apples and oranges Cal and you know it.

  7. I’m a racial realist, not a racist like you Dianne.

    You must be another Trump derangement sufferer?

    I have no delusions about Trump.

    Or the Deep State.

    Or nitwits like you.

    Or the crummy victimology you traffick in.

    Put this in your crack pipe:

    Today black/white issues in the U.S. are fast becoming intractable, because black demands have become impossible.

    Not just impossible to accede to, but impossible to understand.

    There’s no logic to BLM, only a desire to destroy and terrorize.

    There was no logic in destroying the historically Fairfax District of L.A., there’s no logic in toppling statues of abolitionists and freed slaves and defacing busts of Ulysses Grant and Cervantes.

    There’s only hatred.

    And the lack of any “moderate” blacks saying, “Stop it, this isn’t the way.”

    It’s not that all members of the black community have decided to embrace jihad (jihood?), but enough have.

    And for any conflict to become intractable, you never need “all,” just “enough.”

    Yes I’m white Dianne, and I’m not going to be terrorized by an Antifa-BLM-Hollywood-MSM- LGTBQ Axis of Evil, of which you are a sickoid part.

    Yes there’s a civil war breaking out, but one side hasn’t started fighting yet.

  8. Credibility?

    The Northworst Herald is the biggest group of assorted dip shits ever assembled!

    Their management is just pathetic!

    Now they’re saying that they do investigative reporting.

    They couldn’t find their own ass with a search party.

  9. Dianne Miller- a hypothetical question for educational purposes only, not a baseless charge.

    So when the Rioting Dems come to you and ask: “when did you stop beating your children and abusing helpless animals?”

    Before you answer, use your logic on assigning racist thoughts to others based on protestations of obvious facts.


    Mob rule of the Democrat party will eventually impact all the useful idiots now supporting it as they are clearly following the Stalin playbook, it easy to see.

  10. So Dianne when you claim that you’re not a racist and in your mind you are one but if you are not out there protesting and just silent you are also considered a racist.

    Tell me how does one not be a racist if you just stay home?

    And since you care less about local politics and don’t voice your opinion on Jack Franks I’m trying to figure out what that makes you?

    Jack Franks has a sexual harassment investigation going on, found in contempt of court for not turning over documents asked by the court, belittled a principal in Union because he didn’t have the power to get information he wanted, getting paid by a lobbying group that the County hired, continues to apparently bullying everyone that might get in his way, getting subsidies from a so called lottery system to have solar farms on 40% of the lands awarded in McHenry County that was issued by Pritzker.

    The Franks family gets a nice state subsidy for that.

    You might want to start paying attention to Jack Franks and local politics because Jack brought Springfield to McHenry County!

  11. Dianne Miller: “When you have to claim you’re not a racist….you are one.”

    Funny that this analogy is only used to describe made-up racism by evil, nasty people who are parroting the Marxist mind control tactics.

    The people who push this lie of racism are those who are desperate to prove that some types of hate are justifiable and others are far worse than those that they commit.

    They’re wicked and hateful to the core and and want any excuse to rationalize their own hate by projecting the blame upon others.

    They live in hell and their end goal is to drag you down into despair along with them.

  12. One picture is worth a thousand words. We have all heard this sentence before. Did the newspaper very carefully choose the photo for the front page of their June 29th edition? Was this honest journalism? Did this one picture accurately reflect the totality of happenings on June 27 of both the Blue Lives Matter group and the Black Lives Matter group?

    The photo disproportionately highlights the BLM demonstrators showing their intimidating black tee shirts and masked faces with BLM verbiage on a sign held by a man and occupies about 50 percent area of the photo.

    In contrast, the much larger contingent of persons who turned out for the “Blue Lives Matter”, is represented in about 10 percent of the area of the photo with an image of the back of a motorcycle with the backs of heads of two riders.

  13. Racial realist?

    You show your true colors Dinah.

    Helter Skelter must be your civil war – right?

  14. No I don’t hate him.

    I pitty him.

    He is a sick man and needs help.

  15. Are Biden supporters racist? Biden is on record many, many times over the years of making racist statements. Biden represents the Democrat Party. The same party that opposed Republican President Abraham Lincoln’s efforts to free the slaves.

    Last May, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden said the following to an African American radio host:

    “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

  16. Dianne Miller: “At least I’m not a mindless whore for Donald Trump!”

    I think you’re a liar and just aren’t admitting to us that you have some very deep-rooted hate.

  17. Richard Rostron, do you subscribe to the NW Herald?

    If so, will you cancel your subscription now that you say they are not objective and they seem to be biased against your worldview?

  18. fools

    Trump has the same issues and characteristics you listed – so what makes you?

    Some Guy

    I hate no one – not even my ex husband!

  19. fools

    I’m a lot more involved in local politics than you think

  20. Dianne,

    I’m sure your ex-husband is a very lucky man to have lost you.

    And the fact that you are proud of this and have brought up the fact that you dragged him into court is very telling.

    Thank you for the insightful comment.

  21. Dianne Miller: “fools I’m a lot more involved in local politics than you think”

    Dianne is a an old radical-left “Karen” busybody with nothing else to do but shame you “racists”, because she and her husband are communist BLM and Teamsters supporters who loathe the 1%.

    You can’t trust people like that.

    They will try to take you down in order to get what you want.

    BLM and Teamsters are just different types of organizations run by thugs.

  22. Dinah_Mite: Well put.

    And if whites hadn’t taken up the issue, and fought the Civil War (there were some blacks fighting on both sides), we would never have ended slavery.

    An all-white Continental Congress unanimously approved and signed the Declaration of Independence.

    If America’s Founders hadn’t established America upon the principle of liberty, the nation wouldn’t have wrestled with its conscience for 78 years before the Civil War broke out.

    If a predominantly white America hadn’t continued to wrestle with its conscience, we wouldn’t be discussing the issue now.

    What has changed is that the Left, with its control of the media, education and the entertainment industry, has taught our children America’s sins while marginalizing the greatness of a nation born on the principle of liberty.

  23. What’s really funny about the photo of the front page of the Northwest Herald is that they actually charge $1.50 for the paper.

    Maybe they don’t want anyone to go beyond a glance.

  24. Richard Rostron: “What has changed is that the Left, with its control of the media, education and the entertainment industry, has taught our children America’s sins while marginalizing the greatness of a nation born on the principle of liberty.”

    That’s because they hate our children and hate our country, and the best way to tear it down is to brainwash the children in order to convince them to hate it as well.

    It all starts with myth of “systemic racism”.

    It doesn’t work on children who have loving parents who actually teach them about good and evil, but far too many children are growing up under single welfare mothers who’ve married the government and produce self-loathing children who’ve been taught to hate their fathers and hate God.

    You get modern-day radical leftists who are a perversion of traditional liberalism.

    Rational people who love their families and love God can’t support that.

  25. Correcting – I recently subscribed to the Herald.

    Someone I know recently indicated they thought I would be angry that they were watching CNN.

    However, I also saw that they watch FOX.

    Instead of responding with the outrage they seemed to expect, I complimented them on having the courage and wisdom to consider both sides.

    I do not subscribe to the Herald because I support it or its biased lack of objectivity; I subscribe because I think it’s essential to fearlessly challenge my own convictions and to monitor the Left’s latest actions, even on a local level.

    And it’s not my “world view” that BLM and the Herald have failed to honestly consider the question of ‘systemic racism.’

    That’s a fact no matter what angle you look at it from.

    Some, no doubt, will deny it, but it’s a fact all the same.

  26. No masks from the riders.

    BLM protesters all wearing masks.

    Such a shame Trump made mask wearing so political.

  27. PinocchiOH,

    No masks required outdoors, and a reasonable distance is necessary to keep the bikes from making contact.

    Furthermore, there is no law that requires the use of masks.

    Not sure what you’re implying.

  28. The sooner the Northworst Herald offices become a Thornton’s gas station, the better off McHenry County will be.

    It’s turned into nothing more than a propaganda rag for Jack Franks.

    As to the coverage of the ride, perhaps Jon Styf has an explanation.

    While you’re at it maybe he can explain why he’s placed an apparent embargo on news releases from the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department.

    Why is it whenever we read anything on the county LE level it’s to quote or toot the horn of his buddy/neighbor Chris Covelli from LAKE county?

    Does Jacko have a beef with Bill Prim or does Styf?

    In any event the people of McHenry County are being short changed by the NW Herald.

    It used to be that we never had a paper in this county fit to wrap garbage in.

    Now we do!

  29. I mean, the indigenous population was systemically oppressed to reservations by the american government.

    This country is pretty racist and prejudice, but blacks aren’t the only group.

    This country’s social problems have been obfuscated through time.

    And more keeps getting tossed onto it.

  30. Wearing a mask isn’t law, it’s a social policy.

    It’s a guideline.

    Go walk into a store without one if you want.

    I don’t see those people having service refused.

  31. I didn’t imply they were breaking the law or violating any orders.

    A lot of the photos show people talking at close distances.

    I just don’t understand why Trump and the Right made mask wearing so political.

  32. PinocchiOH,

    I may be blind, but there is not a single Trump sign in those pictures.

    Nothing indicating that they are “the right” either.

    Most sensible Democrats also support the police.

    Only radicals / criminals don’t “back the blue”.

    Are you a radical or a criminal?

    The topic is about Northwest Herald’s objectivity.

    But if you want to talk about masks, I suspect that the real issue is that most of the BLM supports are self-loathing and don’t like looking in a mirror, let alone have someone else see their faces.

    What are you like behind the mask?

  33. Wait… hold on… I do know.

    Trump didn’t want people wearing masks because if people wear masks then it’s acknowledgment of a problem.

    If people don’t wear masks then it’s much easier to live in a fantasy world where we are not in the midst of a pandemic.

    Also, this…

    The Right thinks wearing masks makes you look….. help me out here stupid commenters….. weak? stupid? silly? foolish? nerdy?

    Imagine is everything, even if it means having to lock down businesses & schools and spread a deadly virus

  34. Rob in Hood: “Wearing a mask isn’t law, it’s a social policy.”

    It’s not my social policy, and it appears it’s also not the social policy of most of those in the photos.

    These new rules, imposed by a few, are not supported by many.

    Riding your motorcycle outside, to support the police, is not the same as entering a store where a mask requirement is posted on the door.

    Do not confuse these very different things.

  35. PinocchiOH,

    Maybe you should just take a break and admit that your real problem is that other people aren’t doing what you’re doing.

    You want everyone to submit to your ruler in the same way that you have.

    You don’t seem to care if people are outdoors, on a hot day, maintaining a reasonable distance.

    You only care that they aren’t complying with a very loose interpretation on how and where to wear a mask.

  36. I wasn’t being exclusive to the motorcycle riders.

    Fun little tidbit, if you duck walk on your bike; I’ll chuckle and my gf even acknowledges why it’s stupid.

    Moving on from that, I’ve seen you say “what law” about the masks.

    So seeing as you’re sticking to your guns on the word law, I figured a social policy is harder for one to argue against.

    The longer we stay in this Corona environment, the closer I am to telling people to get out of my way and walk within their lane.

    It’s just cantankerous to be that guy who has to argue with mask use.

    It’s not killing you.

    By the way, is this second wave or we still riding the first? You said you weren’t going to be here for the 2nd.

  37. Rob,

    Just because someone tells you something, doesn’t mean that it’s actually true.

    Who cares which “wave” it really is?

    Does it matter to you if you believe that we’re in “Corona environment”?

  38. When viruses can mutate their genetic structures, yes it matters.

    A vaccine made from just first wave samples might be void if the virus changes enough.

  39. Rob,

    What’s it like to live in constant fear of the things that you can’t control, based upon what “might” happen?

  40. PinocchiOH,

    At least I’m not a liar.

    Are you really Dianne under a different handle when you’re not backing your Teamster husband’s failed lawsuit to get on the CL ballot?

    Dianne also acknowledged above about being involved in politics, as you have in the past when you’ve talked about your McHenry County Communist Women’s Party meetings.

    At the very least, you’re all a bunch of parasites who use the same tactics.

  41. Some Guy – I want schools to operate safely this fall.

    I want closed businesses to be up and running.

    I want restaurants to remain open.

    I want to minimize the chances that older & vulnerable/high risk people get this deadly disease.

    I want sports and concerts and weddings to resume.

    Wearing a F’ING MASK HELPS US ALL ACHIEVE THOSE GOALS. THAT is what I care about.

    So when you say, “You only care that they aren’t complying with a very loose interpretation on how and where to wear a mask.”

    you can seriously GFY.

  42. There was an underlying sentiment among over-supporters of this particular ride which suggested that the “Blue” need more support during these times to contrast to the growing BLM movement across the nation.

    The OP of this piece and the comments from posters here clearly show that population of supporters.

    In that respect, actions trying to market or promote this ride over the voice of BLM is appropriate.

    Don’t Kanye West the Taylor stage: BLM has the stage right now.

    Anyone seen trying to quiet that voice, invalidate the message, or promote other contrasting views is only perpetuation the systemic issues the movement is targeting.

    The initial stages of change is a lot of positioning.

    Many of you seem focused on the small details coming from fringe representatives or latching on to incorrect comments made by front line foot soldiers.

    Many of the people doing that are merely the front line foot soldiers on the other side.

  43. PinocchiOH,

    Businesses are already up and running.

    Restaurants are open.

    I went to the gym and also went to dinner at a restaurant this week.

    You seem to be behind on what’s happened in the world around you while you’ve remained locked inside while being a busybody old activist harpy.

  44. DC,

    That “change” sure worked out well, when 100+ police officers raided CHAZistan and arrested around 20 yesterday.

    Even “Summer of Love” mayor isn’t commenting on it on how she finally had to pull the plug after a child was killed.

    Furthermore, most people have wised up to the fact that BLM is just another corrupt Marxist organization in disguise.

    The people are waking up and see the liars for who they really are.

  45. DC, as I pulled out of the Woodstock Police Department parking lot during the ride, the BLM protesters were chanting “Black Lives Matter” and other such chants.

    I was in my car and rolled down my window to holler, “Challenge your convictions.”

    One of the protesters waved his hand downward in a big swipe that suggested he didn’t want to hear it.

    This, to me, sums up the problem – they don’t want to hear anything that challenges their convictions.

    If they had the confidence of their convictions, they wouldn’t fear any challenge.

  46. It’s pretty terrifying working outside.

    A bee could sting me and my auto immune system will attack my body until I die.

    But I manage I suppose.

    But honestly the people who don’t want any masks are the ones in fear.

    If they weren’t, they’d not care.

  47. That’s wonderful for you, some Guy.

    That’s also not the point.

    The stupidest takes I’ve heard since I started learning about this virus in January is that it’s not “staying behind on what’s happening in the world” but it’s trying to stay out in front of what will happen in the future.

    Don’t worry, Some Guy.

    You aren’t alone in that stupidity.

    Twitter and op-ed articles are filled with stupid takes from a even a couple weeks like… “things are great here!”

    What you did this past week is what people in Arizona and Texas and Florida did a couple weeks ago.

    Now those states are all closing up again because things got out of control.

    You seem to be behind on what is happening right now in the southern states.

    “Those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat past mistakes” applies to the stupid sh** that happened over the past 2-6 weeks ago in southern states.

  48. Why is the girl holding up the ‘No Justice’ sign throwing up devil horns?

  49. Rob in Hood: “But honestly the people who don’t want any masks are the ones in fear. If they weren’t, they’d not care.”

    This doesn’t make any sense.

  50. Just like the commies of past…

    propaganda and brainwashing …

    and anyone who has not figured that out yet must the of the same… intel

  51. PinocchiOH: “That’s wonderful for you, some Guy. That’s also not the point.”

    It is the point.

    You said that you wanted for businesses / restaurants to open.

    I indicated that they already have.

    Those states that you mention aren’t “closing up” in spite of how you want to portray the alleged spikes in positive cases.

  52. Some Guy – Reading might not be your strong suit but I said, “I want restaurants to remain open” and I said, “I want closed businesses to be up and running.”

  53. Now you’re just playing word games.

    Wearing a mask isn’t going to bring back businesses that were run into the ground.

    You also can’t eat with a mask on so there is also that little issue.

  54. lol… word games!!!!!

    My statement literally implied that restaurants were open and I said I wanted to see closed businesses to be up and running. that’s not “playing word games.”

    you either misread what I wrote or have a really tough time understanding what written words mean.

    no point in engaging with some guy on the Internet who cannot admit to misreading a comment or who doesn’t know how to read.

  55. It’s almost like, not everything is going back to “normal.”

    If you think we can have 2019 and before back, I feel sorry for you.

    An optimistic person refers to the nihilistic one as a realist.

  56. Rob,

    Things only aren’t back to normal for those who choose to live in Hell.

    Not sure what life is like for you, but not much has changed for me.

  57. Oh and Rob in Hood, this post wasn’t really about the coronavirus, but since you’ve decided to go there, let’s look at the ‘honesty’ of the media in its coverage of the pandemic and the need for masks (positions you seem to share with the Left’s lapdog media).

    The same media that, any chance it gets, is blasting conservatives for failing to wear masks, that attacks the president for not ‘setting the example’ for wearing masks, has headlines all over the place claiming that the protests and riots did not contribute to an increase in coronavirus.

    How is that possible?

    The question, therefore, is why should the political position of someone without a mask effect the contagiousness of COVID?

    And if there isn’t actually a difference, maybe the real question is why is the media lying to suggest there is a difference – why is the Leftist media trying to have it both ways?

    Or, maybe the real question is why should anyone take the media seriously about anything again?

    Why should anyone take your Leftist-media parroting positions here seriously.

  58. PinocchiOH,

    How will wearing a mask bring back the businesses that have already shut down for good?

    This is what it was all about; You claimed in the same paragraph that wearing a mask achieves that goal.

    Restaurants can only remain open if people can actually go inside and eat without a mask.

  59. Richard is far more diplomatic than I am with these people.

    I’ve stopped being nice at this point.

    But, yeah.

    It’s obvious that the mainstream media are some of the greatest liars of all at this point, and they seek to sensationalize and divide us for the sake of things that we are witnessing right here.

  60. Hi RR –

    Is Lamar Alexander part of the “same media that blasts conservatives for failing to wear masks” or “attacks the president for not setting the example?


    Senior Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander said Sunday that he thinks it would “help” if President Donald Trump wore a mask because it would eliminate political stigma around doing so as the coronavirus continues to spread across the US.

    “If wearing masks is important and all the health experts tell us that it is in containing the disease in 2020, it would help if from time to time the President would wear one to help us get rid of this political debate that says if you’re for Trump, you don’t wear a mask, if you’re against Trump, you do,” the Tennessee Republican, who chairs the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, said on CNN’s “Inside Politics.”

  61. Hey RR –

    What about Marco Rubio?


    Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida said that “everyone should just wear a damn mask, like you guys are, like I am right now.”

  62. PinocchiOH pulls this every time, bringing up some Republican who supports her argument as though it really matters, while simultaneously claiming that something has been made into a “partisan issue”.

    That’s so dumb and anyone with sense doesn’t believe that a single party representative is indicative of the whole party.

    Furthermore, not everyone who refuses to wear a mask is a Republican.

  63. How about Texas Governor Greg Abbott???

    “Every scientific medical study shows that, however frustrating it may be to wear a mask, if we all wear a mask — like this — every single day, we can together continue to help people earn paychecks,” Abbott said.

  64. Today, Fox News host Steve Doocy: “For some reason, over the last couple of weeks, a month, masks have become political.”

  65. Steve Doocy and Lamar Alexander are the ones “claiming” (no, admitting) the wearing or not wearing of masks are political.

  66. OH, your points about Lama Alexander and Marco Rubio really don’t apply to my comment about masks.

    Donald Trump actually recommended that people wear masks today (didn’t hear that on your media channels?).

    The point I made is the hypocrisy of the Left’s lapdog media, a hypocrisy you seem to accept without question.

  67. Media was lying to me when they said Iraq had WMDs.

    How is it any different now?

    It’s just a shift in political spectrum.

    The fact is that the media is run by parent companies that all lead to the same place.

    Republicans and Democrats run off the same political body.

    But yeah, sure, I’m a leftist liberal conservative Christian white male boomer, Gen Z millennial Islamist redneck soyboy. I’m whatever you want to define me as.

    Just don’t gloss over the prior conservative bias on reporting.

    My generation has been drug through conflicts in the Middle East that made us question the government more.

    It’s kinda like Vietnam, except rather than shaming the drafted soldiers were shaming people for being critical and resorting to “died for that flag.”

    The left hates Trump, the right loves him.

    But if anybody is critical of either Biden or Trump then they’re obviously on the other side.

    Rich, you can take your conservative rhetoric, throw it into a progressive dumpster fire and fan the flames.

    If Agenda 21 is a thing, who do you think is the more malleable group to incentivize political dominance for?

    The fact that you’re trying to play within the parameters of news being unbiased these days is hilarious.

    The news stories spread are the ones heard.

    (Unarmed black shot by white cop. This was real popular when BLM first started, helped get the groundwork out.)

    I’ve seen plenty of things for Cal to post here but he seems like he’s not interested in sparking conversations about w/e that may be.

    The omission of information is just as biased as the submission of inept info.

  68. RR – which media outlets didn’t express concern about protests leading to spokes?

    All the media I consumed expressed that concern.

    Also, who cares?

    I’m listening to the epidemiologists.

    That’s where I form my opinions on what people should be doing or not doing.

    If you are outside then you don’t need masks if you can keep distance.

    The riders and promoters of this rally were in close contact and not wearing masks.

    I think I saw one mask in all those pictures.

    All the BLM protesters were wearing masks.

  69. RR – what media do you consume? On your Facebook page you like Fox News, Tucker, Hannity, Greg Gutfeld, etc etc etc…..

    Do you really want to have a discussion if the people who run those programs are hypocrites?????

    I’m hear for it if you want to go there….

    Let me know…..

  70. Rob “Media was lying to me when they said Iraq had WMDs.

    How is it any different now?

    It’s just a shift in political spectrum.

    The fact is that the media is run by parent companies that all lead to the same place. Republicans and Democrats run off the same political body.”

    There is no shift in the political spectrum.

    Maybe only to people who perceive that Dubya and the media represent something different than they do now; But not to the rest of us.

    I don’t believe that the media now is any different than the WMD fearmongering media at all.

    We can all safely acknowledge, in retrospect, that our politicians and media lied to us and they could lie to us now.

    For the record, I always opposed Dubya and there is no denying that his family were part of the deep state problem that still promotes the same “New World Order” today.

    I am not trying to hate on you Rob.

    To be honest, I think that you’re helping to acknowledge that much of the rona’ stuff is going to prove to be a lie.

  71. To further illustrate what I’m talking about: If we were told that we’d “save lies” with Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Patriot Act, should we all comply?

  72. “Save lives” even, but it must be a Freudian Slip.

    Or at least a typo.

  73. One thing about the people who came out to support “Blue Lives Matter” is that they are good people who support law and order and are not afraid to show their faces and be photographed. Unlike the supporters for the other side who some over the last month have taken to arson, looting, anarchy, insurrection and vandalism. Many of them readily wear masks to hide their identities.

  74. I wear a mask in stores in order that others feel comfortable.

    Say whatever else you will, but there’s nothing wrong with being gracious to other people.

    Some really are terrified, and it’s no big deal for me to make them feel comfortable shopping.

    Some store owners have also been gracious by waving me in anyway when I realized I forgot.

    Outdoors, different story.

    But then the timid aren’t “out there”.

  75. Herman Cain hospitalized with covid hours after blasting on twitter, “Masks will not be mandatory for the event, which will be attended by President Trump. PEOPLE ARE FED UP!”

    This guy is a doctor???

    73 years old….uh, good luck there Herman, you dumba**!!!

    I will not be keeping him in my prayers.

  76. That blue line flag needs to be retired.

    It’s a violation of the US Flag Code to alter an American flag, and the argument that the blue line flag is not an alteration but a completely different flag really doesn’t hold any water.

    A lot of people take flag etiquette seriously, and most of those people are the type who usually support law enforcement.

    It’s not a good idea to alienate your friends for no good reason.

  77. Mellow Monk: “Some really are terrified, and it’s no big deal for me to make them feel comfortable shopping.”

    Are you saying that it’s your job to appease people who are terrified because you’re a nice guy and will bend over backwards to help those who are paranoid nutcases?

    What else would you do to avoid rocking the boat?

    Don’t worry, nice guy.

    Others will stand up an oppose the liars so that you don’t have to.

  78. I mean, doctors still think circumcising is necesssary… Wouldn’t surprise me if there was conflicting view points.

    The side of who’s wrong is going to be a lot more complicated than the W years.

    We have people who think the virus is completely made up and a whole mile more.

    Others think Trump deliberately let Covid hit the U.S.

    People also think it’s old people getting sick vs what my parents are being told in FL which is people in their 30s.

    Every state is spinning a narrative doing things way off sync with the rest of the states.

    I’m not certain if a truth will actually be exposed, we still argue about 9/11 and now we’ve got people born after that event who can vote and spill their narrative out into the political atmosphere.

    The bonus army never received their war bonds and nobody ever brings up that injustice of using citizens as war fodder.

    So, I played this game called Detroit: Become Human.

    Strong story telling, choices affect later decisions yadda yadda.

    In it there are magazine articles you can read and some of them talk about WW3 nearing.

    The year is 2038.

    The game was released in 2018.

    I almost feel like war would be the thing to make things FUBAR again.

    I mean, if we can have holocaust deniers why can’t we have Corona deniers?

    My uncle has it, he’s asymptomatic but has been locked in his nursing home since he contracted it.

    Something is off with the Covid, but I’m pretty certain it’s there and has the potential to be lethal.

    Add in some genetic augmentation performed by humans and you got a virus that the world probably can’t get over from quickly.

  79. You people are all missing the biggest hoax show on earth while you are arguing nonsense. Every single one of you is programmed by the tripe you put in your own head. TURN OFF YOUR TEEVEES! Your brain might just come back.

  80. Rob, it’s really not that complicated.

    Coronavirus exists so anyone saying otherwise is wrong.

    It’s origin in China is up in the air, might be from wet market maybe accident at a lab.

    I’m sure some people think it was released on purpose or something like that.

    At first it ran loose and our response was slow.

    This would have happened no matter who was in the white house because our federal government is a huge bureaucracy and sucks at almost everything it tries to do.

    So it was spreading in the wild and mostly older people in nursing homes were dying from it.

    Young people got sick and didn’t have more than mild symptoms and spread it.

    At the same time some states were also sending positive patients back to the nursing homes.

    Fast forward to the beginning of June and we see many large protests, mostly young people in attendance.

    By this time we know a lot more about coronavirus and nursing homes are better protected.

    People also get it that if you are doing something risky, don’t go visit grandma afterwards.

    Now today we see a large spike in cases that are mostly younger people.

    The deaths have not yet gone up to match the new case rate even though the spike started a month ago.

    Older people and vulnerable people are probably still staying home and are unlikely to get sick is the logical explanation. Our behavior is different than two months ago so the results will be different.

  81. If deaths don’t spike with the new cases eventually, and I understand they still might, it just shows it’s possible for people at low risk to be out doing things and still protect our vulnerable population.

  82. Hey Some Guy –

    It’s not fear for Rob In Hood, nor for myself.

    I’m on the page with him.

    INDOOR masks are just a purely practical matter.

    It’s a social… custom now.

    And this custom is appreciated by others.

    If only because it allows everyone to avoid having to see the Jerry Springer Show in aisle 4 and get on with their shopping.

    And it probably does a great deal to hamper spread.

    It’s kinda like recycling. 🤷‍♂️

    No biggie.

    But custom it will become, at least for a while.

    We are all familiar for more than 20 years now, of news photos of all those masked Asians scurrying off to work in their crowded cities.

    Well, now we have THAT kind of shit show over here.


    No one likes it – I don’t.

    It’s just one more turd to bear in what becomes a pretty big pile.

    I think what irks some is it becomes a useful tug toy for political sides.

    For some of us, it’s not political.

    It’s not fear.

    We just see a practical reality, nothing more.

  83. The incredible stupidity in here is astounding. THERE IS NO VIRUS!!!! You new world order trolls are insane. Real humans with a soul understand the lie and know what is going on. You Satanic filth are terrorists and you are fooling no one with an IQ higher than a pigeon.

  84. So, Cindy, what is your explanation for all the extra people who have been dying lately?

  85. Court case today found Pritzger’s orders since 4/8 all null and void. It’s over!

  86. While I agree with the court it’s not over.

    This is an issue that likely will be decided by the Illinois Supreme Court.

  87. Neal, quit masturbating to Fauci fear porn.

    The deaths are negligee at best .

    The many covid tests are rather unreliable.

    The MSM hypes the hysteria to trash Trump.

    And Dianne Miller is a Wiccan.

  88. What extra people, Neal? The thousands upon thousands that are committing suicide because of what these evil beings have wrought? Oh, that’s right. No one is telling you about that. How about the dissidents they are killing? Or the elderly they are killing so they can trump up their Covid numbers while genociding as many as they can for their new world order quotas? Or do you mean the desperately ill people that died in their quarantined homes because they couldn’t go to a hospital because they are all mostly closed and understaffed? Who are these extra people you are referring to?

  89. Cindy, I believe the reason why the young lady is holding up the “No Justice, No Peace” sign throwing up devil horns is because she has a dark soul.

  90. Cindy, I agree with you that the lock down is worse than the virus.

    You however are claiming there is no virus when it’s pretty obvious there is a virus.

    Yes, they are padding numbers, yes they are convincing everyone this thing is far worse than it is.

    That doesn’t mean there is no virus. It means the left really means it when they say never let a good crisis go to waste.

  91. Neal? How is it obvious? Germ theory was NEVER proven. It was a lie since the beginning and even Pasteur backtracked on it! A virus is NOT alive. It doesn’t exist outside of your own body. In your body, it is a TOOL that your OWN body uses to clean out your toxins. There is NO SUCH THING AS A VIRUS outside of your own body! You have been lied to. You CANNOT “CATCH” A VIRUS. IT DOES NOT EXIST. It CAN’T cross species. There is no such thing as contagion! What part of those statements do you NOT understand?????????

    Do ALL of you people understand that the governor’s orders were ALL declared null and void yesterday 7.2.20 and everything he “mandated” was unconstitutional? Do you understand that the court just declared BULLSHIT on all of this? Do you understand that the court just gave you all your freedom to go where you want and do what you want with no restrictions mandated by the governor? OR are you all going to line up and wear your muzzles and be afraid because nitwits think it will keep you safe from the bogeyman that DOESN’T EXIST?

  92. OK, so you now think that everything we know about infections for the last 100 years or so is made up? Maybe it’s possible some virus might be helpful but we know some are bad. By definition a virus is not a living thing, that is not disputed since it can’t reproduce without a host. If you actually want to get through to people you would be much better off not making crazy claims. Sure I’d believe that the government is taking advantage, lying about how serious it is and so on, no way is ANYONE going to listen to you if you claim no viruses exist at all even things like the flu.

    Yes we won in court for now. Hopefully it sticks. At this point though people are so freaked out its not going to matter much. No matter what the courts say, things won’t get back to normal until the average person calms down. Claiming all viruses are fake does nothing to help accomplish that.

  93. What part of viruses are tools do you not understand? Your body MAKES them. They can go NOWHERE on their own! What part of the truth do you consider crazy claims? Because you have been brainwashed to believe in lies? That makes the truth crazy?

  94. OH, there are media outlets I prefer – that I find more honest and more dedicated to journalistic standards.

    That doesn’t mean I don’t monitor the others.

    I do.

    As for which I saw that were playing down the spread of coronavirus through the protests (and riots), these include CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, AP, etc. (the Left’s lapdog media generally operates off the same script, often put out by Media Matters).

    It was a crazy position they were taking.

    It’s only recently that they seem to be accepting the absurdity of the notion (the joke at the time was, “What’s the cure for coronavirus?” “A Riot.”).

    But it wasn’t just the media.

    Mayors and governors who were all worked up about the potential spread of COVID when conservatives were protesting against the lockdown actually took two interchangeable positions on the matter.

    One was the virus wasn’t being spread by protesters/rioters and the other was that the cause, as they see it, was sufficiently justified to make the risk of spreading the disease reasonable.

  95. The mostly left wing media on network and cable tv has biased and even faked news events at times. A couple of examples. Many many years ago NBC admitted to staging exploding gasoline tanks on pickup trucks and misrepresenting this on one of their news programs. CNN earlier this year settled a defamation lawsuit with a Kentucky teenager named Sandman. This was in regard to an incident at a location in Washington DC where Sandman was portrayed as the bad guy standing in front of a Native American.

    Every American should be very watchful, skeptical at times, regarding the integrity of information from the news media.

  96. Oh on? Are you insinuating that medical school produced gods that know everything? Because they do not. They have their heads beaten against desks to give the “correct” answers in order to pass their classes. Do you see how wonderful that worked out for anyone that attended any kind of public schools in the past fifty years? We have graduated and doctored huge numbers of nitwits that only know what big pharma tells them. In order to really study anything, you must be looking on your own for truth. Now, do you want to rephrase your snooty question?

  97. RR – what honest media outlets do you consume?


    Where can I get this honest media?

    Please do tell.

    Cindy – You don’t think there have been medical advances in the last 50 years?

    Yeah that’s a solid point.

    No argument from me.

    I can’t think of any medical advances.

  98. Oh on posts a very relevant question to a poster at 10:14 AM.

    “where did you attend med school?”

    Let’s see what is the response. Unlike famous web sites that censor comments, Cal let’s everyone express their thoughts and ideas. Reckless and irresponsible web sites want to take down and eliminate the comments of our president in this year 2020. Would they have done that with the previous worst ever president, Barak Hussein Obama an his sidekick Joe Biden when they ran their 8-year regime?

  99. Did Biden just say the Soviet Union is our greatest threat?

  100. Bred, you’re the best!!

    Cindy, you’re on target!

    Oh on, you need psych therapy, but the libtards prohibited ‘conversion therapy’ for your sexual dysphoria, so you’ll have to go Brazil for help.

    PS: why do you keep blacks on the welfare plantation?

  101. bred is a huge idiot and doesn’t understand what a waste of time it is to be trumpeting their hero that is NOT EVEN AWARE that you exist let alone give a hoot about what you argue with others about. bred gets all their info from teevee and still believes in the divide and conquer crap that is politics. Slowly evolving into a Karen type snooty person. Sad. Sad that you actually think this false paradigm is your life.

  102. Oh on? I never said anything like that. You have trouble with reading comprehension, huh?

  103. Cindy, you are taking the way that virus work and then using faulty logic to explain how the don’t exist.

    Just because they can’t move around by themselves doesn’t mean that they don’t exist or can’t infect people.

    You actually contradict yourself when you say they are not real and then in the next sentence state that they are tools.

    In reality they are little pieces of dna/rna that if they get into your cells, take over and make more copies of themselves. Not a living being by definition but they exist.

  104. That’s what happens when you don’t have a father to teach boys how to be men.

    Crap like this has much more to do with racist leftist policies that destroy families and social structure than what color someone’s skin is.

    Stop encouraging single motherhood and you will see violence in black communities go down.

  105. BTW Oh on. Why would you staunchly stick to heeding medical and life advice dispensed from Bill Gates(someone who has a degree in NOTHING!)?

  106. Neal? You are an idiot NEVER did I ever say viruses are not real! You are putting words there that were NEVER said. Do any of you know how to comprehend WHAT you are reading without coloring everything with your false belief systems? What you have been TAUGHT including what they teach in “medical schools” is NOT A VIRUS! What you believe in DOES NOT EXIST! I contradicted NOTHING! They are NOT little pieces of DNA! Where do you get this junk you spout? For over two-hundred and forty years mankind has known that this is NOT what they are looking at yet you are sticking to the false theory just like they want you to believe. Their propaganda is working so well! Do any of you people know how to read or do you just get all your “facts” from CNN and Saturday Night Live? TURNOFF YOUR TEEVEE! It has brainwashed you into circular thought processes. In other words, made you an idiot!

  107. I go to Bill Gates for my annual physical every year.

    He’s a great doctor.

    He gives decent life advice too.

    I was trying to figure out which brand dishwasher to get and he came through with a GREAT Samsung recommendation.

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