GOP Holds Mini-Parade in Crystal Lake

What’s Independence Day without a parade?

Enterprising McHenry County Republicans decided to hold one even the usual blow-out in Crystal Lake was cancelled.

Before the kick-off, local Republican candidates and officials chatted as they decorated the vehicles.

McHenry County Board Chairman candidate Mike Buehler conversed with McHenry County Auditor Shannon Teresi.

Shannon Teresi and Mike Buehler

6th District congressional candidate Jeannine Ives had a truck with a four by four foot sign.

6th congressional district candidate Jeannie Ives and Coroner candidate Dr. Michael Rein were represented by signs.

The vehicles were almost ready.

President Trump’s campaign was not ignored.

Some discussion of county business was had between Auditor Shannon Teresi and District 1 County Board member Tom Wilbeck.

Shannon Teresi and Tom Wilbeck

The parade drove down Woodstock Street past City Hall.

Glenn Swanson was towing the big elephant, borrowed from Lake County Republicans.

The other vehicles followed, heading toward William Street.

Tom Wilbeck identified himself with yard signs.
Mike Buehler and Shannon Teresi drove by with American Flags flying.
Melissa Fischer drove the Ives truck.
Karen Tirio drove a vintage VW with a blow-up elephant.

Then it was off to Downtown.

The 4th of July Parade in Crystal Lake doesn’t usually go through Downtown.

One woman commented, “Better than nothing.”

I got a better shot of County Board member Tom Wilbeck on Williams Street.

Tom Wilbeck in his Mustang.

McHenry County Auditor Shannon Teresi gave me a double thumbs up as she passed by in Mike Buehler’s vehicle.

Shannon Teresi and Mike Buehler

The parade headed for Crystal Lake Avenue.

GOP caravan on Williams Street.

I followed the vehicles to Dole Avenue, the typical route of Crystal Lake’s Independence Day Parade.

Heading toward Dole Avenue.

Would they turn toward the lake?

No, the cars and trucks continued west, turning north on a street they did not go through to Woodstock Street.

I drove north and caught my last shot as they were heading toward on Oak Street North Middle School.

GOP Parade on Oak Street.

If you sighted the parade, let others know in the comment section.


GOP Holds Mini-Parade in Crystal Lake — 32 Comments

  1. Only the same 250 political individuals who go to the same political events (over and over) in McHenry County pay attention to which politicians in a parade.

    The politicians delude themselves into thinking it’s a MUCH bigger deal than reality.

    What a waste of time and effort.

    No regular voter gives a hoot whether a politician is in a parade….and most voters despise the politicians in the parade anyway.

  2. Why wasn’t local resident and jackalope Patty O’Kenneally marching as he pretends to be a Republican?

    This balding, pear shaped bun hole just loves it.

  3. These were the same people advancing Althoff, Reick, and Nick Provenzano, the GOP Congressional aide for the 4 term Congresswhore Hultgren.

    Provenzano was found shirtless by the cops with a high school boy in his Vehicle, a Grindr hookup.

    Why should I believe anything they say?

  4. Oh yeah, they also said Pat Kenneally was good, too.

    Good for who, the Miller crime dynasty?

  5. Sounds like you commenters got up on the wrong side of the bed.

    I think it’s great these people took it upon themselves and spent their time to celebrate a very important date.


    There were some Duds among the Republican candidates in the past, but today’s parade was a spontaneous effort, and not at taxpayers expense.

    And theyre the best people for the offices theyre seeking.

  6. Lots of the usual pissing and moaning from the local pinko socialists.

    Better luck next year snowflakes. Get a life !

  7. This is small town America!

    Love it!

    And No “Black Lies” not one of these people are RINOs nor did any of these people push Althoff, Reick, Provenzano!

  8. “These were the same people advancing Althoff, Reick, and Nick Provenzano, the GOP Congressional aide for the 4 term Congresswhore Hultgren.”

    What people are you referring to?

    Just Republicans in general?

    From years ago?

    Several different chairmans ago?

    I see pictures of Shannon Teresi and Mike Beuhler.

    Both are relatively new in the local GOP.

    I don’t recall them ever promoting the people who you mentioned.

    Tom Wilbeck was one of the conservative members on the MCC board of trustees.

    I get your frustration about the local GOP but these are specific people in these photos and you’re just making things up about them or at the very least offering no evidence of your claims.

    It’s not fair to good Democrats and good Republicans when you bash the whole party and are unable to distinguish the good from the bad.

    It’s not good for the country either.

  9. GOP discredited, Correcting. And it can’t be fixed.

    Surrender monkeys like Rauner made it so.

    Ok there are some good people like Ives.

    But Buehler?

    Will he turn out to be another Kenneally dud?

    DeWitte, The gas tax rat?


    the drunken atheist gay rights fool?

    CLM nailed it!

  10. Most politicos around here are lightweights.

    Take my County Board spacetakers: Althoff a crypto-Democrat. Kay Bates, crypto-Democrat. Chunky Cheese Wheeler a not too bright chap, likable, but given to tired bromides.

  11. If Buehler doesn’t get real campaign staff soon Frank’s is going to beat him like a Tom Tom…

  12. Correcting: Let me correct you for a change.

    There are no “good Democrats”.

    And there are scant few “good Republicans” especially here in the sick outlier Illinois.

    Sellouts like Brady and Rauner and Jim Thompson and Topinka aka Topinko and Daniels and Mark Kirk and Oberweis and Mike Tryon and Fat Al Jourdan, ad infinitum.

    An old Conservative Congressman called Crane long ago called the IL GOP establishment a sick bunch.


    That was 25 years ago.

    It’s high time to get out of this morally and financially bankrupt sanctuary state.

    My home is up for sale.

  13. Mini parades for mini politicians who enjoy losing because they stand for their own ambition and little else.

    When are these wimps going to take on real issues?

    When are these fair weather fools going to get spines?

    It’s clear that Juneteenth is about black people.

    That allows us to be clear that the Fourth of July, like most of American history, is about white people.

    Although black people refuse to accept it, most of American history (including the Civil War) is not about them.

    Steve Reich’s praise of the BLM ‘protesters’ makes me laugh (at him).

  14. CubsFan: “All Democrats are bad and all Republicans are bad; and elections are rigged; and I’m not going to offer any evidence that these specific Republicans are bad, just generalizations and examples of old politicians; and I am willing to trash every Democrat in local office downstate who I’ve never met; and there’s no hope at the federal, state, or local level; and everything is just bad.”

    You sound like a total baby.

    If you’re not a paid shill posting comments intended to demoralize local Republicans, then you’re the biggest defeatist I’ve ever seen and nobody is going to miss you when you move.

    That link you posted is from 2016 and said establishment candidates would be favored, yet Trump won the primary and general election, so your source sounds like BS.

    I’m still not going to take you people seriously until you offer evidence that Teresi or Buehler pushed bad candidates.

    You’re moving the goalposts from specific candidates to your general feelings about Illinois Republicans and many of the ones you listed have been out of office for years or decades.

  15. “Kenneally is bad and Buehler could turn out to be bad too.

    I don’t know if he will be good or bad but I don’t like him. I like Jeanne Ives who has no chance of winning.”

    You sound ridiculous, CubFan.

    I agree with you that Althoff, Bates, and Kenneally are bad.

    The difference with Buehler and Kenneally is that people tried warning Republicans that Kenneally was no good before he was elected.

    With Buehler, what evidence do you have?

    Kenneally had ties to the past administration (Bianchi).

    Who was connected to Teresi and Buehler before they ran for office?

    From what I can tell, they are a fresh start with no baggage from past regimes or factions, and they came out of the private sector, but I could be wrong.

    Wheeler isn’t the sharpest guy, but I don’t see why people drag him so much on this blog.

    He tries a lot harder than most of the county board members.

    You listed a lot of other bad Republicans from over the years, but again that doesn’t tell us anything about Buehler or Teresi.

    Here are my thoughts on the other people in these photos

    Melissa Fischer is irrelevant.

    Wilbeck: I haven’t followed him too closely since he got on the county board but he was good at MCC.

    Glen Swanson is a liability for Republicans and a dummy.

    Karen Tirio is a liability for Republicans (she is way too angry).

  16. It feels wierd to call this a parade.

    If anything they should have just parked the cars in front of city hall it would have been more effective.

  17. Galt has a valid point.

    Buehler needs to disassociate with all of these nutjobs because it’s hurting his image and message.

    He shouldn’t be associated with Teresi at all especially when Franks destroys the wine guzzling bimbo in the paper, and anyone associated with her (Buehler included) will look like an ass.

    He’s already targeted her position for elimination, and you can guarantee he’ll destroy her reputation like he did with Rein’s last year.

  18. Oh great.

    Now the Northwest Herald will blame the BLM caused spike in COVID cases on these Patriotic Americans.

    As we know COVID spikes have NOTHING to do with the Sanctioned Dem protests against freedom and Democracy.

    Darn these freedom lovers, how dare you.

    Vote Violence and Communisim.

    Vote Dem in November

  19. Correcting, I’m not a ‘baby’….. actually very far from it.

    I’ve been lied to, too much by the local GOP.

    Shepley, Mark Justen and so many others previously listed bear me out.

    All pieces of crap.

    DeWitte and Reick are two more for you.

    I’m sick of it all and moving on to spend my last year’s in a decent place far from this insanity.

    You can be ruled by the Dirtbag Durbans bugeyed creeps like Lightfoot, and monsters like Pritzker.

    I’m voting with my feet and cutting my losses.

  20. Have to agree with Cubs Fan. There are no good Democrats. Just consider the policies and nonsense out of the mouths of their top people Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Barak Hussein Obama, etc. And today, their top person Joe Biden shows signs of dementia and has a record of plagiarism, racist statements, stupidity on foreign relations, a long history of making unwanted touches and kisses on women and young girls including a rape charge from a former woman aide.

  21. Funny how the commenters of this blog dig on Buehler!

    You are worried about him being a bad Republican when he has shown no signs that he would be.

    Would you rather have Franks who still cannot be in the Capitol Building without an escort, recently appears to have lied about public commenters, takes a pension for being an politician, was found in contempt of court and has done nothing but try gain power!

    And you are worried about Buehler!

    Seriously idiots!

  22. I spent some time actually talking and listening to Mike Buehler.

    Yesterday He has some good ideas and I would like to hear how he would go about accomplishing them.

    I would hope people will take the time to identify the issues that candidates are proposing and how they plan to implement them and if the candidates are smart they will have actual knowledge and not try to snow the voters with political rhetoric and vitriol

  23. Bullocks, your comment about Teresi is just misogyny with nothing to back it up.

    Jack Franks wants to get rid of the auditor’s office, therefore the Republican running for auditor is bad?

    Jack Franks might say bad things about her in a newspaper so she’s bad?

    Jack Franks attacked Rein and he might attack Teresi so Teresi is bad?

    Jack Franks wants a lot of things, does that mean you should do what he says even when you think he’s wrong?

    Jack Franks has attacked a lot of Republicans, does that mean you should abandon all of them?

    Did it ever occur to you that he might be attacking these people because they stand up to him?

    And you just want to throw them under the bus, then you probably complain about RINOs too…

    Why don’t you just roll on your stomach and bite the pillow for Jack Franks while you’re at it, you invertebrate.

    How is he going to ruin Teresi’s reputation?

    She’s been in office for a year or two and if he has thrown any mud at her (not sure) then none of it has stuck yet.

    If Jack Franks tried to attack her, she would WRECK him so bad it would be hilarious!

    Franks would be wiser to just keep his mouth shut about her — or he is going to lose a LOT of support VERY FAST!

    If I’m not mistaken, Franks didn’t even want to appoint Teresi but he lost that fight, one of the few fights he’s lost since being elected chairman along with that lawsuit where Joe Tirio spanked him like a redheaded stepchild.

  24. I met Mike Buehler a couple weeks ago and he seems to be a stand up guy.

    I don’t know if he can do everything he says but anything is better than Franks.

    Especially considering that districts will be getting redrawn soon, no way should any republican want him in there.

  25. Neal, the problem locally is the GOP loser establishment.

    It’s all demographic change and the NWH.

    That’s why we have Franks.

    The GOP here pussyfoots.

    Won’t stand up for anything.

    Never said ‘boo’ about the 15,000 section 8 transplantees.

    Most of the mayors are communists like Jett and Sager.

    And the quality of life in this GOP area has collapsed.

    Why is McHenry Co one of the top overtaxed counties in the whole USA?

    Maybe Teresi and Buehler are great.

    But the GOP record around here stinks to high heaven!

    Complete feebs like John Jung and Pam Althoff?

  26. I think it’s awesome these folks got out there and did something in the age of COVID.

    And, no, this is not the RINO faction – these are the people who stand up to the Left and the RINOs.

    Did I see someone criticizing Shannon Teresi?

    Are you kidding?

    She’s stood up to Franks in ways no one else in memory has.

    She’s an example of the opposite you’ve said about her here.

    And pointing to Franks attacking her in the Northwest Herald is like pointing out that Franks can complain about her intransigence to his intimidation and illicit offers from his kitchen.

    In other words, the NWHerald makes Franks as comfortable in their publication as if he were pontificating in his own kitchen.

    As for Mike Buehler, the man has never been in politics.

    He’s challenging Franks because he’s seen the way Franks has run the government like his own little fiefdom.

    We know what we get with Franks, and it ain’t pretty.

    Buehler deserves a chance before you condemn him based on nothing but the experience with a few others.

  27. I like Buehler. However, working a parade is wasting time and money.

    Jack Franks is a bad guy and a power hungry, rich, slob who is nothing but an autocratic bully.

    However, all democrats now want autocracy – it’s coming.

    They’re using “racism” as a phony argument.

    Oberweis in a face mask?

    What a joke.

    No proof that masks help and yet the lemmings fall for it.

    Masks help the democratic party establish an autocracy.

    TRUMP is the only political force that can stop the madness that our country is headed toward.

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