IL-14: Lauf Sisters Featured at Republican National Convention Infomercial

Catalina Lauf with IL-14 Nominee Jim Oberweis 7/22/20

If the deadline for withdrawing from fall ballot hadn’t passed, one may think replacing Jim Oberweis with Catalina Lauf being pursued

With the apparent snub by the Illinois Republican Party on 14th district nominee Jim Oberweis by including Catalina Lauf on a live stream broadcast on Tuesday afternoon at 4PM CDT, more Lauf exposure took place during a 5-minute infomercial between speakers late Monday night at the Republican National Convention.

The infomercial featured both Catalina Lauf and her older sister Madeline Lauf of San Francisco talking about being successful in business within a pre-pandemic Trump ecomomy, and how the PPP helped Madeline’s business earlier this year.

Both sisters were born and raised in Woodstock.

In addition to the infomercial, a clip from this video was included at the 1-minute mark of the “Promises and Hope” video shown earlier on Monday.

COMMENTARY: And while the subtitle was more tongue in cheek, with all the attention Catalina Lauf has been getting by both the national and state Republican party during Republican National Convention week, one is wondering when/if Jim Oberweis, the man who beat Catalina Lauf in the IL-14 primary, was going to start getting some attention this week.

McHenry County Blog did not hear from the Oberweis campaign after inquiring about the state party not including Oberweis on a live stream during the Republican National Convention.


IL-14: Lauf Sisters Featured at Republican National Convention Infomercial — 11 Comments

  1. Yeah, let’s get rid of all white men and women and replace them with minorities.

    Brilliant strategy.

    Elections mean nothing anyway.

  2. It seems that many Republicans in Illinois are really just democrats who just put a R next to their name because they thought it would help them in the area they represent.

    Not surprising.

  3. You were warned about what a dud the milkman is, but you chose to ignore the warning
    and now we are stuck with this entitled multimillionaire .

    God save us from this fool.

  4. He did win the primary, and the 14th district should be a winnable race for almost any republican that has a half decent campaign. Like him or not he is the candidate and it would be nice to see the party support him.

  5. Did you see Lauren Underwood at the DNC?

    I sent Cal the screenshot.

    She was in the video for about 4 seconds.

    I missed the part with Lauf… knew I shouldn’t have gone to bed so early.

    I think the deadline to withdraw is tomorrow and the deadline to file a vacancy is the day after tomorrow.

    At least that’s what the DeKalb County Clerk website says.

  6. I don’t see Catalina’s role in the convention as a snub to anyone.

  7. ‘Oh’ Republicans love and defend democracy.

    The Demonrats are those who hate democracy, as well as liberty.

    You and they ascribe to the theory that vesting more power in government will ‘fix’ our problems.

    Even if you were correct in the short term, where you aren’t even close to being correct, are we to believe that we can trust Leftists in government with that expanded power?

    And even if we could, even if, in spite of overwhelming evidence otherwise, if ‘these’ Leftists would act with nobility and in the interest of ‘the public good,’ should we trust the next generation with more power?

    Democracy is safest when it has the most restraints on its power, no matter how disorganized this may seem.

    You’re barking up the wrong tree and there’s a bear up that tree you don’t want to meet.

    Jim Oberweis is a great choice to represent the 14th District. And a vote for Oberweis is a vote to take the gavel out of the hands of that lunatic Pelosi.

  8. The Lauf Sisters were featured, because people (especially men) like to view pretty gals. 😁

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