Rezin Calls Out Pritzker for Coronavirus Penalty Double Standard

From State Senator Sue Rezin:

Rezin calls out Governor for double-standard in applying COVID-19 mitigation restrictions

On Monday, August 24, Governor Pritzker and the Illinois Department of Public Health announced state mitigation for Region 7 starting on Wednesday, August 26, which called for the closure of indoor dining in Will and Kankakee Counties.

The next day it was reported that Region 4 or Metro-East, who has been under state mitigation since August 18, would have until September 2 to improve their numbers before they would be forced to ban indoor dining.

Why the double standard?

Because Democrat elected officials from that region pressured the Governor to change his stance.

This double standard is unacceptable.

Backroom political deals should not be how public health decisions are made.

The same rules should apply to all regions, and they should be based on science, not politics.


Rezin Calls Out Pritzker for Coronavirus Penalty Double Standard — 2 Comments

  1. Hopefully we can keep them from destroying our cities for the next few months.

    Something tells me come Nov 4th, an end will be put to all this.

    Keep on rioting if that’s your thing.

    It will just get Trump elected to another term.

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