Vote No on Eliminating Elected Coroner Campaign Surfaces — 15 Comments

  1. How about also making the McHenry County States Attorney position minimum wage?

    Patrick D. Kenneally has established it isn’t worth anymore than that.

  2. I’m just curious – where is this lit being used?


    GOP events?

    Somewhere else?

  3. When one goes to the Keep Elected Coroner Facebook page there is not a single post from the page.

  4. NGRI, Not Guilty By Reasons of Insanity is a very rare ruling for hearing voices in an aggravated arson and 35 years for killing your son is a pretty soft sentence IMHO.

    Is this the kind of justice we can expect from this Judge or is he just having a gullible bleeding heart Liberal month?

  5. Can’t seem to find the advertised Facebook page…

    Anyone else able to provide a link?

  6. Sounds like Alabama Shake is asking for “you know who” so he can report back to him and attack dogs go after the source of the Flyers.

  7. Oh, good god Spectator.

    I asked a simple question because I’m curious.

    As for “you know who” – I can guarantee you I font talk to the guy.

  8. Wasn’t Mar Lantz a lesbian GOP coroner, charged by Bianchi for failing to get rid of an infant’s body found mummified in a file cabinet. But Kenneally let her go.

    Lantz was elected, remember that. Kenneally dropped the hard fought charges of Bianchi.

    About 2 years later Lantz died, so the truth will never come out.

    My question: Who was the dead baby? Why was the coroner paperwork false and forged? Why was the body kept hidden by Lantz (and apparently forgotten)? Was it an ‘insurance policy’ to blackmail by Lantz? Was the body the ‘product’ of an occult ritual? Who else knew about the body, concealment, or Lantz’s false statement?

    Why did Kenneally engineer the dropping of charges? And why does Bianchi keep bringing what a travesty Kenneally pulled after Bianchi fought so hard and beat off so many of Lantz’s legal tricks to scuttle the prosecution?

    Answer Kenneally boy! This is serious sh*t!

  9. As much as I hate democracy and acknowledge that being elected by people can make you susceptible to “politics” as much as an appointment, it would probably be worse with wacky jacky franks and the board of nitwits.

    At least in theory we could get rid of a really bad coroner.

    With wacky jacky and the board of nitwits, who the heck knows what would happen.

  10. Correcting, Franks is bad,sad news to be sure.

    But the dumbed down Board of Idiots only took 4 yrs to figure out how to try and reign him in.

    And John Jung is the 600 lb RINO in the room defecating all over the place.

    I say eliminate them all!

    Get rid of liar Kay ‘Sweetums’ Bates, Witch Yensen, Racist Carlos ‘La Raza’ Acosta, Crazy Wagner, Puppet Vijuk, Braindead Doherty.

    Bring Ersel and Orville back!

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