McConchie Sends Email to Constituents about New Role as Senate GOP Leader

From State Senator Dan McChonchie:

McConchie elected Senate Minority Leader-Designate


On November 5, members of the Illinois State Senate Republican Caucus elected me to serve as Senate Minority Leader.

In this new role, which won’t become effective until mid-January, I will work every day to rebuild voters’ trust, weed out corruption, grow our caucus, reform our spending and revive what makes Illinois such a great state.

Illinois voters sent a powerful message this election by overwhelmingly rejecting the constitutional tax hike amendment and sending the message that they do not trust state government with broader taxing powers.

We Senate Republicans hear you loud and clear and are ready to act.

During my tenure in the legislature, I have made meaningful reform my top priority.

Our caucus will embrace a fundamentally new direction for Illinois.

We need balanced budgets, smaller and smarter government, lower taxes, economic reforms, and a world-class education system that prepares our next generation to stay and succeed here, not flee to another state.

I look forward to partnering with my House Republican colleagues to give voice to the message voters sent us signaling their distrust of state government and to fight for the reforms they so clearly want.

I look forward to continuing to represent you and the entire 26th District while serving in this new role. I firmly believe our best days are ahead of us and will continue to work to reform our great state.  

= = = = =

The email contains an opportunity to provide feedback.


McConchie Sends Email to Constituents about New Role as Senate GOP Leader — 8 Comments

  1. Of course none of this will actually happen because the democrats pretty much own Illinois.

  2. Super minority pinhead RINO .

    McConchie is a sweet pea.

    He is meaningless and idealess.

    A perfect GOP leader in Madiganistan.

    He Pritzker’s ‘good friend.’

  3. I’ll repeat what Sadman said in another thread:

    the comments on this blog are just loony.
    republicans used to be the grownups in the debate.
    now they’re just frothing trumpists with no ideas except hate.

  4. Dianne, Democrats like you are the loony ones who have no clue about what they’re talking about.

    Democrats are nothing but frothing “BITERS/Bidens” with no ideas except lying hate!

  5. McConchie is a phony.

    Started out do well, but came to reek of the RINO smell.

  6. McConchie needs to retire or at least switch to Democrat Party.

    He’s a lib, although supposedly ProLife.

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