Nunda Township Republicans Holding Primary Election

Of the five townships eligible to hold partisan primary elections to township office, three are holding primaries, one a caucus and one i s so far not getting involved in next spring’s township elections.

First out of the box was Grafton Township.

Its Republican organization asked for a February primary election.

McHenry Township Republicans voted to hold a caucus on December 1st at the McHenry VFW.

Nunda and Algonquin Townships have decided to go the primary route.

No word from Dorr Township Republicans if they will sit out the township elections, as they did in 2017 or field candidates via caucus or primary.


Nunda Township Republicans Holding Primary Election — 8 Comments

  1. Unless Dorr Township Republicans filed their paperwork already with the county clerk, looks to be either a caucus or nonpartisan.

  2. Don’t know how to communicate to Lopez or Skinner other than this. The last article about the presidential election on this blog was the Trump rally in Schaumburg near Woodfield. Understanding that the blog biases toward local politics, but includes a lot on national issues, how about more about the doofus moron Biden and how he will destroy this Nation.

    Here is an article from the Federalist about how this dope Biden will destroy us:

    “Under A Biden Administration, Expect An Explosion In Illegal Immigration”

    Article opens with:

    “One of the big changes we should expect under a Joe Biden administration is an explosion of illegal immigration and a renewed crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. The reason for this is simple: the immigration and border policies the Trump administration has put into place over the past four years have succeeded in driving down illegal immigration, and Biden has promised to reverse nearly all of them.”

    The ahole Biden along with all of the dumb as a sack of rocks presidential candidates in a 2019 Democrat presidential debate said they would approve giving health care, paid by American CITIZENS, to illegal aliens. That includes those from nations to our south as well as from all over the world.

  3. I saw that Habib Haleblian is running for Mayor of Crystal Lake.

    He’s the last guy or any of the Aaron Shepley cabal the voters of Crystal Lake need.

    In my view he’s a slippery looking turd always grinning like he’s got a gerbil in his backside.

    The People of Crystal Lake needs to move on from these assorted Shipley turds that are like a anal cancer.

  4. Moron Doofus Joe Biden on a Chicago tv news station today at 6:25 PM stated:

    “Within 100 days, I am going to send to the United Congress a pathway to citizenship for over 11 million undocumented people”.

    Biden is a moron, a doofus, an anti-American who would and will promote illegal aliens from all over the Earth to flood into the U.S.

    How could Americans so stupidly have voted for this moron who would destroy the U.S.?

  5. I guess it’s a good thing the democrats would have to win both runoffs in GA for this to even be possible. It’s pretty unlikely they will pull that off.

    As far as domestic policy goes we are probably looking at gridlock and watching the democrats fight amongst themselves over what went wrong with this election.

  6. In 1986, President Ronnie Reagan allowed illegal aliens too. 🤔😮

    Ronnie called his wife, Nancy, “Mommy”. 😁

  7. Shempley is so right about ‘Habib’.

    He is yucko cubed.

    I heard he has a ghastly shrine to Aaron Shepley erected in his home.

    New flowers everyday.

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