Circulating Petitions in Marengo

The following people have taken out petition packets from the Clerk’s Office of the City of Marengo:


  • John Koziol
  • John Sakis

Ward 1

  • Nikki DeBoer
  • John Sakis

Ward 2

  • Steve Mortensen

Ward 3

  • Matt Keenum
  • Darin Mobley

Ward 4

  • Mike Proffitt

City Clerk

  • Connie Boxleitner

There is no guarantee that these people will file petitions and there is the possibility that others may have obtained petitions from other sources.

Petitions need to be filed from December 14-21.

Be sure to file a Statement of Economic Interest with the County Clerk’s Office and include your receipt stapled to your Statement of Candidacy and petitions. Petitions must be numbered or you could get thrown off the ballot.


Circulating Petitions in Marengo — 3 Comments

  1. Another note, the people listed may have picked up the petition packet for somebody else.

  2. Who is John Sakis?

    I know he is a big supporter
    of Marengo antagonist Kristin Ottolino who ran the now banned Facebook Marengo Town Forum.

    But really who is he as he hides himself from others.

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