DeWitte Urges Legislative Involvement in Coronavirus Response

From State Senator Dpon DeWitte:

DeWitte Commentary in the Chicago Tribune Calls for Legislative Involvement in COVID-19 Response:

Governor continues to go it alone, despite COVID surge and tanking economy

Don DeWitte

The numbers are staggering; there’s no denying it. With increased COVID-19 positivity rates and hospitalizations across the state, now more than ever, we need the Governor to be transparent and allow the Legislature to be involved. 

Throughout this entire pandemic, the Governor has chosen a go-it-alone approach, leaving the Legislature, a co-equal branch of government, in the dark.

Requests for data go unanswered, and calls for public hearings and special sessions get brushed off.

Unfortunately, this strategy has proven to be dangerous and oftentimes contradictory.

For example, with the recent spike of cases, the Governor decided to solely target one industry— restaurants, forcing them to completely shut their doors even though the Governor’s own data shows that much of the spread is happening at community events and private gatherings.

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DeWitte Urges Legislative Involvement in Coronavirus Response — 4 Comments

  1. Which raises the obvious question, “Why hasn’t the General Assembly entered this fray ?”

  2. The stupidity is breathtaking. The MK ultra mind control the maskholes are under is stupifying. The arrogance of those that are pushing this New World Odor agenda is tyrannical. It is sheer abomination to call any of this fakery strategy.

  3. May be because Fred f. Is a power tripper ?

    Who should watch and take note of what is taking place with the MI gov …. impeachment a coming her way…

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