“No Time for Democracy Fatigue”

From the Daily Herald’s Jim Slusher comes a column encouraging people to run for local office.

This stands out:

Even in the best of times, local elections do not usually produce the level of drama and attention that a presidential race generates, and coming on the heels of an emotionally exhausting national campaign, you may have even more temptation than usual to rest on the sidelines.


Let me add that 90% of one’s property tax bill is levied by those up for election in April.


“No Time for Democracy Fatigue” — 47 Comments

  1. Slusher’s column is nice and a good reminder, along with Cal’s shout out about 90% of property tax bills units of government up on April 6th.

    What Slusher should have done was chastised the IL General Assembly for not taking the reasonable and proactive step of pushing back the 2021 elections to the fall, given COVID will still be a concern, and will hamper the usually anemic turnout we’ll see on April 6, and where applicable, February 23.

    The earliest a widespread COVID vaccine will be available is mid-year, to a November 2nd Consolidated Election could have been set for 2021, and if a primary needed, a a September 7 date could have been set.

    Extending an elected official’s term after-the-fact has precedent, and who knows, maybe odd-year elections SHOULD be later in the year in order to not have election/democracy fatigue so soon after even-numbered hyper-partisan elections.

    But again, Springfield missed a chance to be pro-active, and look to single-digit turnout on February 23 and April 6.

  2. Republicans hate democracy.

    Been saying on this blog for awhile.

    Now it’s as out in the open as it’s ever been.

    Mitt Romney’s statement says it best:

    “Having failed to make even a plausible case of widespread fraud or conspiracy before any court of law, the President has now resorted to overt pressure on state and local officials to subvert the will of the people and overturn the election,” Romney said in a statement posted to Twitter.

    “It is difficult to imagine a worse, more undemocratic action by a sitting American President.”

    Now we have more Republican Senators with COVID who acknowledge the results of the 2020 election.

    Congrats Republicans.

    You belong to the stupid party.

    You are the stupid people.

  3. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1329871775707107335

    The President of the United States and his pressure campaign on local officials is on full display for anyone who isn’t wearing GOP blinders.

    Take your “democracy” battle cry elsewhere.

    Republicans don’t give a S*** about democracy.

    If they did they would be enraged by Trump’s attempt to pressure local officials to overthrow the will of We The People.

    If you really care about democracy then speak up now about what Trump’s trying to do to local state officials and state legislatures.

    Otherwise, S.T.F.U. about democracy.

  4. Trump’s efforts to discredit American elections will have a lasting negative effect of depressing Republican turnout.

    It cost him Georgia and may end up flipping the senate to the Democratic party.

  5. I doubt it will depress republican turnout, as long as he accepts the results of all these legal challenges.

    Seems to me that calling Biden president elect now by our media is actually more dangerous.

    It basically says this – we don’t care about the process or that Trump does have a right to bring legal challenges, we said he won so it’s the truth.

    Honesty I do find it highly suspicious how quickly they just want to keep moving forward.

    If I were Biden, I would INSIST that any doubts were fully investigated so that we could put an end to any questions.

    In the end, he can only be viewed as legitimate if the other 75 million or so people who didn’t vote for him think he won fairly.

    In the end Trump probably will lose but he is following the law and processes in place.

    The democrats and the media are the ones showing no respect for democracy by rushing over any and all questions about the election.

  6. Wait a minute.

    I thought the Dixiecrats favored states’ rights.

  7. Neal –

    Keep up, Neal. Listen to what I’m saying instead of using your standard defense.

    What part about “the President is pressuring local officials to overturn and not certify results” do you not understand?

    He’s losing all over in court.



    the process is playing out and he’s losing.

    Also, that’s not what I’m talking about.

    Trump is taking it a step further than your standard, “he’s just trying to follow the law” and present his case in court.

    Another straw man argument.

    Are you defending his pressuring of local state officials in Michigan and Georgia to not certify the election??????????????????????

  8. That’s why they schedule these elections right after the Presidential.

    Low turnout events for mooks!

  9. “the process is playing out and he’s losing.”

    That’s fine let it play out.

    There were some very specific charges made yesterday, and evidence was promised to be forthcoming.

    Time will tell.

    I want every vote counted and a fair election just like everyone else.

    We spent 4 years chasing a Russia hoax with zero evidence.

    This thing will be resolved in at most a couple weeks.

    There is no actual harm in investigating and if what is now being claimed is even half true we need to know.

  10. Why are Democrats even here commenting if Biden won?

    Why would they care what anonymous internet people say?

    If Biden is going to be the president, acceptance from internet people is not necessary.

    Look at Trump — there were people who viewed his entire first term as illegitimate.

    He was still the president without their approval.

    Only people who doubt themselves (and by extension, their political team) behave this way.

    I heard CNN’s Cuomo kvetching last night about a supposed Trumpian coup…

    This guy was getting really worked up.

    A few days ago, I started worrying that maybe Biden would win, but after hearing Cuomo screech like that I think he is worried.

    Seeing Oh insult people marks her with the same look of desperation.

    She knows Trump is the president and she knows that there is a chance of a second Trump term.

    That’s why she’s on here acting like a crazy person: because she is scared.

    Nobody is scared of “distrust in the democratic process.”

    They wouldn’t be saying that if Biden were down, refused to concede (as Hillary advised him), and asked for a recount.

    They aren’t scared that fewer people will vote (we still shrug at 10 percent municipal election turnout).

    Nobody was “scared” in 2018 when tens of thousands of votes went missing in McHenry County and even after the “fix” the numbers didn’t make sense.

    No, it only matters now…

    All this talk about democracy is a ruse anyway.

    If Democrats actually believed in democracy, they would favor voter identification.

  11. Dude. He just tweeted out that voter fraud WILL be shown. So that means no fraud has been shown. Congratulations on being in the bottom 25% of gullible Americans. Impressive.

  12. “Will be shown”

    People have ALREADY been arrested for voter fraud. I’m sure there will be more arrests.

    Do you get all your news from the TV and Donnie’s tweets?

    Like Neal said, the process will play out, and yet here you are acting nervous…

    The only people who demand to shut it down now are a few scared Democrats.

    Why are they scared?

  13. Oh wow!

    That’s nuts Correcting! They arrested PEOPLE like 500,000 people to flip the three different states Trump needs or like a couple people?

    Tell me more!

    I’m freaking the F out now.

    I just 💩 my pants when I read that.

    I come here for my news.

    My real news.

    Not the fake news that juts informed me that Biden/Harris popular vote total now 2nd win since 1996.

  14. “No fraud!”
    (finds out there is)

    You are moving the goal posts. Pathetic.

    Next week you will be saying there are not 6 million fraudulent votes.

    -Georgia’s margin was like 12 thousand.
    -Wisconsin’s was like 20 thousand.
    -Arizona’s was about 11 thousand.
    -Those margins are just as close or closer than some of the swing states Trump won in 2016.
    -We have found counties where there were “glitches” resulting in thousands of votes being recorded wrong.
    -These states aren’t even listed as done counting, let alone recounting, according to the AP.
    -Trump got three SCOTUS picks.

    Why in God’s name would you find it implausible that Trump could win given all these circumstances???

  15. Here is what is actually being claimed for those of us who only follow the MSM. I have not seen evidence to prove this as of yet but supposedly it is coming. I don’t expect them to make a case during a press conference, a courtroom is the proper venue.

    According to Sidney Powell, the Dominion voting system was programed to switch votes from Trump to Biden. The algorithm basically crashed only election night because the vote was overwhelming for Trump and that was the reason counting stopped. At that point she claims preprinted Biden ballots were brought in that appear to have come from the printer already filled out. She goes into the ownership of the company and claims the software has been used in other countries. She also alludes that the software was also used in other races for candidates to purchase “election insurance” and that there may be people on both sides of the aisle that are involved.

    So as crazy as it sounds this is the claim. All I can really say is you better have some really big evidence if you are going to make such claims. I do have to think one of two things have to be true here. Either she is right, or there is something she thinks is wrong that she is mistaken about. I simply can’t see anyone making claims like this with zero to back it up as obviously her life if ruined if she is lying.

  16. Neal –

    “this Court has been presented with strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations… this cannot justify the disenfranchisement of a single voter, let alone all the voters of its sixth most populated state.”

    Wake up.

    More to my point.

    Here is Trump asking the state legislature to overturn the will of the people.

    Explain how anyone who supports this BS give a S*** about “democracy.”

    He does not care about elections.

    He lost by a lot and now he’s asking the state legislatures to do something that cannot do.

    He’s asking judges to throw out hundreds of thousands of votes.

    Your mind is shot and you have to be a zombie to believe anything that comes from Trump.


  17. I don’t believe anything I don’t see evidence of, I have been very clear about that.

    My position has been and still is that he has the right to make such challenges.

    Regardless of what you think about his claims, once they are made they need to be looked at or else it APPEARS that something funny is going on.

    If I were Biden I would insist that every single accusation was investigated just so that I would appear to be legitimate and have nothing to hide.

    Strangely the reaction from the democrats has been the exact opposite.

  18. All of this is especially funny because it’s coming from the people who have been claiming Russian interference in 2016 with zero proof.

    Why should anyone care what the democrats have to say about questioning an election after that joke.

    Or how about “governor” Stacy Abrams who still goes around claiming to be the governor of Georgia but was cheated by voter suppression?

    To room to talk if you ask me.

  19. Look, she’s mad.

    You have to ask WHY she is mad.

    And why is she so mad if she is so confident Biden won?

    I won’t be rioting if Biden wins.

    I’ll hardly notice.

    Clearly that’s not the case for Oh who insists that Trump lost and we MUST recognize that!!!

    We don’t have to recognize anything hahahahahahahahaha.

    What are you going to do about it?

    Cry on the internet more?

    Nag your husband?

    Make more meaningless demands?

    Actually, your argument is trash, Oh, and you’d know that if you thought about anything instead of just parroting what the mainstream media tells you.

    What you’re saying is, “You can’t invalidate an election, even if there is a lot of fraud, because many people voted and that would be inconvenient.”

    That’s the argument you think is so great. Lol

    I’m saying I’ll wait and see what happens because I’m old enough to remember the year 2000.

  20. I’m crying from laughing so hard at your stupidity you dumb gullible Trump boy.

    Nothing about what’s happening now has anything to do with 2000.

    They weren’t trying to toss 200,000 votes in 2000 because a poll watcher had a worse vantage point than the key witness in the My Cousin Vinny trial who made a misidentification you f’en moron.

  21. Oh, the real allegations are a little different than that and you know it. They actually are claiming the whole voting system was rigged. I have seen zero proof of this but that’s the claim being made. Pointing out little cases here and there just means you were distracted from the main allegations as it seems was probably the idea. Either Trump has proof of the greatest scandal ever in our country or he leaves office looking like a big cry baby. I have no idea what the truth is but I sure as hell want to find out.

  22. Neal –

    At the end of your 5:41 post you seem to put a lot of stock into the Trump lawyers and how if they are wrong it will ruin them.

    Here’s a Trump lawyer making small d*** jokes to Frank Luntz


    What’s worse is that she is the lawyer to the president of the United States or the President of the United States will see that and approve of her making D*** jokes.

    This is why he lost in a not close election. He’s a national disgrace. That’s why he lost. It wasn’t close. He’s a national disgrace.

  23. Oh, you are just a brainwashed fool.

    What a link to Jenna Ellis on Twitter has anything to do with what I said I don’t know.

    You really should try getting your information from places other than Twitter.

    You sound extra foolish when you call the election not close.

    Even if the current results stand we are talking about very small margins in the swing states.

    Don’t give me any bs about popular vote either.

    It counts for NOTHING and is meaningless.

    The simple fact that you never even address what I say but point to something unrelated on Twitter says more about you than anything else.

    You are afraid the allegations are true.

    We might get four more years of Trump.

    What if the GOP takes the house in 2022?

    With ACB on the court I’m sure the first thing they would do is overturn roe v wade.

    After that, we can maybe work on shrinking the federal government.

    We can also continue to work on peace in the middle east and bringing troops home.

    Oh yeah and let’s double the police budget.

    The lefifists worst nightmare is if she is right and has the proof.

  24. Jenna Ellis is Trump’s lawyer. Why is Twitter a bad place to get news?

    It’s a way to get news articles, interviews, and quotes from politicians.

    Biden will have the 2nd largest margin of victory in terms of popular vote in a presidential election since 1996.

    He will have a larger margin than 2000, 2004, 2012, and 2016.

    That’s a fact Neal. Deal with it. It wasn’t a close election.

    How is it foolish? Very small margins in swing states or not, WE THE PEOPLE gave him the 2nd biggest mandate since Clinton’s 2nd term.

    Trump claimed a landslide electoral victory in 2016 and Biden’s is just as big BUT IN ADDITION TO THAT Biden actually won the popular vote by the 2nd largest margin in the last 24 years.

    Not close by any measure.

    I’m laughing at the absurdity of the allegations.

    I watched an interview of Sidney Powell (THAT I FOUND ON TWITTER) where the Newsmax guy asked her how many people had to and known about this conspiracy and she said thousands.

    Thousands? Thousands? Thousands!!!!

    So according to the person who has all this evidence, thousands are in on it, including Trump ally Gov Kemp, and they haven’t produced anything nothing nada, zero in court.

    That’s what she said.

    I’m afraid of a lot of things (GOP taking the House in 2022 is way up there) but Trump winning the election is somewhere between getting killed by a lightning strike and getting killed in a plane crash in the middle of a pandemic when I’m not going to get on an airplane.

    You are so gullible and dumb.

  25. How is he gullible for saying he doesn’t know what’s going to happen?

    It’s not like we’re living in a wacky year where weird things have happened…

    One person here (you) is trying to bully others into accepting their version of reality.

    The others are saying they will be patient, at least let the legal and political processes play out first. They’re saying, “We’ll see what happens.”

    We’ll see what happens when those electors meet on Dec 14th, 1212 days before the 2024 solar eclipse, 1212 days after the 2017 solar eclipse, and during another eclipse.

    Within a week from that point, Jupiter is entering Aquarius on Dec 19th and there’s going to be a Grand Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on the 21st which is also the winter solstice.

    Should 2-3 states get tossed, Biden doesn’t get to 270.

    Then we get a States election, where each state gets one vote according to the will of their U.S. House reps.

    If this happens, Trump will be risen as the new Congress (which will have more Republicans) is seated on the third day of the New year.

    But we don’t know.

    We’ll see.

  26. “How is he gullible for saying he doesn’t know what’s going to happen?”

    He’s gullible to the point of stupid.

    “Should 2-3 states get tossed, Biden doesn’t get to 270. Then we get a States election, where each state gets one vote according to the will of their U.S. House reps. If this happens, Trump will be risen as the new Congress (which will have more Republicans) is seated on the third day of the New year”

    First off, if PA and GA gets tossed, Biden wins.

    Second, they aren’t getting “tossed” because that’s not how this worlds.

    Third, Trump will be risen? Interesting choice of language.

    Fourth, the states have already certified the results.

    It’s over my crazy dude. Go cry and spout your conspiracy theories on Parlor or somewhere else.

  27. “Gullible to the point of stupid” Not an argument. Just name calling.

    Searching the internet for five seconds revealed that many key states have NOT certified elections.

    GA and PA being tossed out would leave Biden at 270 which leaves no margin for error.

    That’s why I said 2-3 states.

    What’s crazy is how you come on here and LIE and then call us crazy.

    Talk about a lack of self-awareness.

    I can wait until December 14th. If Biden does win, there will be no crying from me, but I’m positive, based on your emotional reaction, that you will cry if Trump wins.

    I will be disappointed if Biden wins and then move on just like I existed fine when Bush and Obama were in office even though I didn’t vote for either of them.

    It’s telling that you can not wait a few weeks and you order people to leave a blog (which you did not create, and quite frankly you aren’t very well liked here) because you feel entitled to a safe space.

    It sounds like you are not a winner.

    It kind of sounds like you are a loser. :/

  28. It sounds like you are delusional gullible stupid Trump boy who doesn’t live in reality.

    Get off Parlor Trump boy.

    The election is over.

    Chris Christie called president’s legal team is “a national embarrassment.”

    Get a f’en clue dumb dumb Trump boy.

  29. “Quite frankly, the conduct of the president’s legal team has been a national embarrassment.” – Chris Christie.

    Are you willfully being stupid or can you not help yourself because you’re stupid?

    You’re probably too stupid to know, stupid.

  30. HEY NEAL! YOU WROTE, “According to Sidney Powell…..”


  31. NEAL! Are you still waiting for what Sidney Powell has to say you dumb guidable person? What’s the latest on this big conspiracy? Let me know. I can’t find it ANYWHERE on Twitter of the Lame Stream Media or Fake News sites I go for news. Help me out here Dumb Neal.



  33. I think that anyone putting their neck on the line should at least be listened to and if she has evidence it should be looked into.

    Either the have at least what the THINK is the goods or Powell, Giuliani and Ellis are literally insane and should seek psychiatric help.

    If they are completely empty handed then all three of them ruined their lives for what?

    Because they are are just that loyal to Trump?

    I just don’t buy that they are all nuts.

    This isn’t Alex Jones yelling with a megaphone. These are actually serious professionals.

  34. Also her accusations have detail and are not limited to just Biden.

    She has now claimed the Kemp is in on it and that it was used in the 2016 primary to help Hillary defeat Sanders.

    I am not making these allegations, the Trump legal team is.

    I have no idea if they are true.

    They absolutely should be investigated.

    If you think otherwise the only reason would be because you think there is at least a chance it’s true.

  35. And now Sidney Powell has been fired.

    We really need to fix our election system after all this so that all this craziness is not possible again. That much is clear.

  36. “Either the have at least what the THINK is the goods or Powell, Giuliani and Ellis are literally insane and should seek psychiatric help. If they are completely empty handed then all three of them ruined their lives for what? Because they are are just that loyal to Trump? I just don’t buy that they are all nuts. This isn’t Alex Jones yelling with a megaphone. These are actually serious professionals.”

    “Also her accusations have detail and are not limited to just Biden. She has now claimed the Kemp is in on it and that it was used in the 2016 primary to help Hillary defeat Sanders.”

    “And now Sidney Powell has been fired.”


  37. I just can’t get over Neal saying that Powell, Giuliani and Ellis are “serious peruressionals”

    Serious professional Ellis is tweeting out that Frank Luntz has a small d***

    Serious professional Giulliani is holing press conferences claiming poll watchers had a father back vantage point that the witness who made a misidentification in the Trial of My Cousin Vinny

    Serious professional Powell thinks that Dead Hugo Chavez worked out a deal Trump ally Gov Kemp of Georgia to help Biden.

    It must suck going through life being so stupid.

    Luckily you are too stupid to realize and appreciate how stupid you are.

  38. Doesn’t Casten also have a problem with commenting about people’s d****s?

    I said they have something or they are insane.

    That seems like a reasonable position to me.

    I’m dead serious if they really have nothing they should get their heads checked out.

    It’s also reasonable to say wait for the legal process to play out.

    I already said that Trump probably has nothing.

    So why you think that means I’m gullible and believe everything I see is beyond me.

    I have never said anyone stole an election, the only reason I am at all suspicious is because of how the democrats and media are responding to what Trump is doing.

    If the media just went here baby here is your bottle and let Trump just do his thing it would look much better.

    Seriously, if you guys hate him so much, why not just let him embarrass himself as much as possible instead of trying to rush?

  39. “I already said that Trump probably has nothing.”

    There are some people who just won’t accept olive branches or nuance.

    “Seriously, if you guys hate him so much, why not just let him embarrass himself as much as possible instead of trying to rush?”

    An excellent point.

    The answer is because they are scared.

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