Derek Lee Files as Independent for Algonquin Township Road Commissioner

To no one’s surprise, Algonquin Township Highway Department Foreman Derek Lee filed for Road Commissioner as an Independent Monday.

Derek Lee

Lee was one of the sons-in-law of former Highway Commissioner Bob Miller whom newly-elected Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser fired upon taking office in 2017.

Lee and the other dismissed employees had joined Local 150 of the International Union of Operating Engineers right before Miller went out of office.

Miller had signed a contract with the union that covered all of Gasser’s four-year term and part of his successors.

Gasser and the union engaged in a multi-year suit costing hundreds of thousands of dollars which Local 150 won.

The result was the re-instatement of those dismissed in May of 2017, plus another who was fired subsequently in contravention of the union contract.

Lee will face off against the winner of the February Republican Primary Election:

  • Robert “Bob” Bragg
  • Danijela Sandberg

Should he win the April election, Lee would be the fourth member of his family to hold the office.

Julian Dvorak was the first. He was the reform candidate, strongly backed by former union organizer and Cary resident Julie Covert, promising to put the Township logo on the Commissioner’s pick-up truck.

Dvorak refused to close Three Oaks Road when Vulcan Materials sought to mine the gravel under it. Crystal Lake annexed the highway, closed it and the next day traffic on Route 14 increased 10%.

Next to hold the office was his son-in-law Del Miller, who rose in prominence to lead the Township Officials of Illinois.

When he died, his son, Bob Miller, whom he had hired, was appointed to the office. Miller followed in his father’s footsteps, also rising to the Presidency of TOI before narrowly losing the 2017 GOP Primary to Gasser.


Derek Lee Files as Independent for Algonquin Township Road Commissioner — 11 Comments

  1. We need to keep the Miller dynasty out of office.

    Pure corruption.

  2. The top reason to vote for the referendum to consolidate Algonquin Township in April.

  3. The township offices will still be on the ballot so vote AGAINST any Miller ties, just in case the township survives the referendum.

    Vote Theresa Fronzcak, Danijella Sandberg .

  4. Derek Miller Lee.

    A guy with a law degree, working for a township.

    That should tell you everything you need to know.

    Wow that Road Commish position mus’ve really paid off for the Millers!

  5. Derek Lee and Rebecca Lee are Algonquin Royals.

    How dare people post such despicable comments here!

    The Miller crime syndicate has done so much to enrich our lives with their altruistic public service.

    The Lees are true entrepreneurs, of a kind.

    The see taxpayers as Australian sheep in May in need of serious fleecing.

  6. In a normal place the Millers would be in jail for their many crimes.

    Perhaps displayed in cages.

    Bob Miller parades around Cary and FRG like a mafia don, giving sweets to the kids and making weird grimaces when words like ‘Gasser’ “TOI” and “Disneyland” are spoken.

    The Lees must be driven out of McHenry Co.

    Before it’s too late

  7. Derek LEE isn’t so bad.

    His father in law even said Derek had a lot to learn when it came to milking the township teat.

    First question to LEE: how many lies have you uttered against Gasser and Lou Bianchi?

    Did your wife know you regularly frequenteda Wisc.

    Hooters with Daddy in law on the township credit card?

    No pinching Derek!

  8. We’re is your road commits now?

    In Mississippi?

    Danijela knows were he is.

    She is going to b a puppet for gasbag.


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