February GOP Primary to Select Algonquin Township Supervisor, Assessor, Clerk & Trustees

With Algonquin Township Trustee David Chapman’s not filing Independent petitions for Algonquin Township Supervisor, the winner of the 2021-25 term will be decided by the very few people who vote in the February Republican Primary Election.

The candidates are


  • Elaine Ramesh, now an appointed Township Trustee from Barrington Hills
  • Randolph “Randy” J. Funk, who has been active Crystal Lake Lions
  • Kirk Cole, about whom I know nothing except that he is from Algonquin

To be elected without opposition are the rest of the Republican Party’s slate:


  • Richard S. Alexander


  • Maureen Huff


  • Edward J. Zimel, Jr.
  • Millie Medendorp
  • Teresa Sharpe Decker
  • Therese Fronczak

The term of office, however, would be cut short, if the referendum to consolidate Algonquin Township into McHenry County government is passed in April.

If passed, Algonquin Township would go out of existence as a separate unit of government at the end of 2021.

Real estate taxpayers would see a 10% cut in what they pay for the Township services provided by McHenry County.


February GOP Primary to Select Algonquin Township Supervisor, Assessor, Clerk & Trustees — 11 Comments

  1. I’ll be voting for Randy Funk as he’s done a great deal of charity work for the children of Crystal Lake.

    He’s helped a lot of kids with getting glasses or contacts to help them with school, reading and playing sports.

  2. Get rid of Algonquin Township.

    The stench of the Millers is impossible to disinfect.

  3. Elaine Ramesh is a fabulous and qualified candidate!

    Thrilled to see her name on the ballot.

    She is an active volunteer at a local Crystal Lake non profit where I work in assisting children with special needs.

    An asset to our community and a wonderful woman to boot.

    She has my vote!

  4. We will be voting for Randy Funk as he’s proven himself a Public Servant doing decades of work for the Crystal Lake Lions Club.

  5. Elaine Ramesh is pure poison.

    Watch your wallet with her around.

    Ask her why she supported Biden.

  6. I am so happy to see Elaine Ramesh on the ballet for Algonquin Township Supervisor.

    She is an intelligent hard working woman and an experienced leader.

    Elaine is an independent thinker and very capable of moving Algonquin Township to do many great things!

    She Elaine definitely has my vote.

  7. What a bunch of fake comments.

    As bad as the NW Herald letters to the editor.

  8. Please tell your favorite candidates that McHenry County Blog will publish their press releases.

  9. ELAINE RAMESH has our votes!

    The ONLY candidate with actual PROVEN government EXPERIENCE.

    Check her fiscally conservative record for yourself.


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