Mike Shorten Withdraws as Candidate for Nunda Township Supervisor

Former Nunda Township Trustee has withdrawn his candidacy for Nunda Township Supervisor.

And, there were no Independent petitions filed for Township office.

That means those winning the Nunda Township GOP Primary election will serve in the 2021-25 term of office:


  • Leda Drain

Highway Commissioner:

  • Mike Lesperance
  • Eric Dowd

Assessor – Mark Dzemske

Clerk – Joni Smith


  • Karen Tynis
  • Justin Franzke
  • Mark Daniel
  • Rob Parrish
  • Tim Parrish
  • Johanna Donahue
  • Robert Koidahl,


Mike Shorten Withdraws as Candidate for Nunda Township Supervisor — 6 Comments

  1. Iron Mike ‘ants in her pants’ Lesperance needs to be removed pronto.

    His stupidity is even greater than his cupidity.

    Why does office smell of feces?

  2. Leda Drain ran for supervisor 8 Years ago as a independent.

    Now she is a Republican.

    Also why do the have 2 brothers named Parrish running for trustee again.

    Don’t they have a wife for county board also.

    Parrish brothers is trouble for nunda also.

    Hope democrats ru


  3. Biggest joke is Mike shorty Shorten.

    2nd biggest is Mark Daniel.

    O my another bag of wind what is Mark going to do?

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